Thursday, March 12, 2015

Day 608 We are resonant beings, what we allow we become.

I watched this interview with Noam Chomsky here.
What I see is that he follows a principle, within taking that which is good and does no harm, as in pointing out actions that are not beneficial to humanity. This crosses all racial, class, nationality borders.  This practice in itself exposes  the spin of a media controlled by the law of profit before the principle of respecting this earth. The earth, just like a child, was here without religion, without human language, without borders. Today, we have financial/corporate systems  of control in limited self-as-belief-construct interest that divide values created from freely given resources through the labor of men, and animals into a forced value system that is against life, via the media, All men were born without religion, without language, without judgements that one man was more than another, that a man was more than an animal, that a man was more than the soil. Our young children have no judgements about such things until this is placed as an idea within them. What children do is investigate, they put everything into their mouths, they touch everything, they explore, their natural drive is to understand the physical, what is here, this life information.
The sins of the fathers, an old term that has been around for a very very long time tells us something; it tells us that we are resonant beings, and that what we allow as the forms accepted and allowed as belief, opinion and idea within us, can be transferred to others, to the next generation.  We see this same understanding in cultures of a belief  that if a man sleeps with a woman, she is then dirty. So something is being passed around resonantly. Is it ironic that in both phrases, these being ‘ the sins of the fathers’ and this belief that once a man sleeps with a woman she is dirty, that the blame is placed on something other than the object speaking the words or carrying the blame for the consequence!?  That is like saying I am  not responsible for what is within me!
Also, our education system, as education, is what enables us to ‘ climb’ the ladder of success. Education systems do research and that research makes it clear that exposure builds awareness, because exposure is building awareness of what? Of practical reality, or- and this is part of the smoke and mirrors show- learning a code, as language and numbers, to move imaginative structures around on paper as a way to separate what is real from one another, which is what actually happens on the ground. I mean, that plant grows because of that seed planted, and that seed grows when it has exposure to sunlight, and water, etc. etc. So, we know, that children become what is placed within them. And we know that lack of opportunity means a person who has had little opportunity to direct themselves in this world. Those babies in the orphanages in Romania, the ones that we left without care, their development was non-existent, at three they were still lying in bed as though they were new borns. This is a crime against life. Punishing that three year old child for acting like a new born, what does that do? It does nothing, absolutely nothing. It is a crime against life. The only solution here, is to take that child, and rebuild, through slow and steady, repetitive exposure, with care, with space and time to expand, and yes, it will be slower than had this been done from the beginning,  but it can be done. And, there may be a few, who don’t make it, but more than likely 85% percent will make it, as studies/experiments suggest, that when homeless are given money, at least 85 percent will go and spend it on basic needs, the rest, those who are probably to far gone and have given up, will spend it on things that are not what is best for them. And within this, if 85% of those who are in lack were given the opportunity to expand through doing, through opportunity,  then so many of those objects of blame the rest of us see these beings as, would become self responsible people who no longer could be the object of ridicule, an act that hurts the person ridiculing too,  because it is an act of continued ignorance of reality and not an action of investigation into understanding how this world works. Which is a very important point Noam Chomsky pointed out; that when reactive and potentially and real destructive behaviors become the expression of men, it is to understand why and how this came about, especially since we know what develops a child, and because we know that children are not born with language and we know that resonantly what we allow in one generation remains and expresses itself as the sins of the fathers, because we are resonant beings. There is no mumbo jumbo about this, the reality of it is here right in front of us through so much of our understanding and our research as to how we form etc.
And yet, we have allowed a media, that is the voice of a corporate structure that follows the law of profit before life and touts it again and again through limited perspective - like a false representation that because of how we humans work and absorb, becomes  dis-information that is mis-information - which agains means we are resonant beings that learn through or absorb when EXPOSED to forms!.  Look, our present system is the same as communism, but with a more  layered system order. We have a government that touts democracy, and a financial/corporate system that divides and conquers using religion ( which was a earlier layer of division - of the soul- into a belief that there is something more out there, somewhere that no one has ever seen - with any consistency, and measured through science - so it does not exist this afterlife, which is ironically called an after-life, lol - where supposedly we  can go and listen to an old man on a chair talk about what ? I don’t really know because no one has come back with any consistency to tell us- and or, a place where there are lots of clean woman ...... to make dirty? I guess - lol. This makes no sense really.) and national borders based on regions that developed traditions based on agricultural practices that then define someone, and have to be maintained, and on and on and on goes the spin, and science cannot be for real because we would lose our traditions, because we cannot change traditions. But traditions were developed from practice, and things change, so this is also a separation from presence, here, being in resonance with reality, here, moving with creation here, this place that is of afterlife. Does this make sense?  Anyone?
Back to the present layer of the onion, an opinion onion. Interesting, ‘ opinion’ has pi in the onion. So, opinion is circle upon circle. Sounds like this could be the halo effect, maybe when we could still see it, as in the medieval period where people painted this?!  And, you know those saints were the educated, the ones with time to think, to think from paper lines ( earlier misuse of media?), to build inner constructs of thinking, as abstractions of life, as imaginations of IDEAS- sounds to me like what television does today! You know, that veil that eastern religions say we have to remove. Is it not interesting that Jesus said to forgive. Perhaps it was to forgive this onion pi we carry that is the things placed into us we allow to define us because in the original sin sense we each accepted and allowed ideas to define us, in lieu of practical reality, instead of taking that which is good and does no harm, living the principle of doing what is best for all, where one is not for or against any group, but is a practivist, a principled person, who points out what does not work, and what does work, and takes the time to understand that we are all the same, and that our basic needs as physical resonant beings, must be met, and that with opportunity we can learn, and that change happens and that joy of life is to interact and discover, and expand and grow and that no one has to be left behind, as we are all parts of this expression that is THE life, here, this earth, this is it. We decide.
Change yourself, equalize yourself to life. Be the change you wish to see. DIPLite 

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