Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 610 Remember in School when you really just wanted to particpate?

Remember in school when you really just wanted to participate? Remember wishing you could speak up and interact?
I think this is the real nature of men. I see it in my town, outside the local morning coffee and talk watering hole, a local store. Someone had a problem with their car, and the locals joined in to try and help. When we are in certain situations on the ground, everyone wants to join in and help, wants to participate. So that nature within remains.
Why do we not apply this to global news stories on the other side of the globe? Why do we not realize that we would not want what we read about happening to others, happening to us? And if we were there, would we not, just as we are inclined to do, at times, reach out and help? In our cities, people are inclined not to help, each a stranger to one another, there is a distance between our nature to help and actually reaching out that shows an accumulation of separation from our original natures. 
One thing I found in standing in front of a class of children is that they all want to participate. Even when there is resistance they look, specially when they have become comfortable, all their eyes move to the front of the room. They are ready.
As they move into the third grade they begin to form groups and borders build as to whom they will associate with and who they will not. By middle school, they build behaviors, to hide their lack, or to act superior when they have more of the means to participate in the instruction. I remember a boy who would get himself up every day and go to school, even though there was no parent doing this for him, He would only act up when he had to read. Somehow he could not get around this process, his embarrassment and fear were too great, and yet he managed to get himself to school, to be around people, to have community. 
In a small town, when  situations comes up directly, people will help one another. In a city, the borders are already up. I bet it takes work to keep this ignorance up, I mean, we are all aware of needing to get beyond the veil, so given that our behaviors of judgement are learned, and our behaviors of wanting to participate are natural, our veils of ignorance are created, accepted and allowed by us. We are the cause of our own judgements because we accept them, we allow them to accumulate and define our behavior, which means that our thoughts create who we are as they are value accumulations based on separating ourselves from ourselves, our real desire to participate.
Is this desire to participate that same initiative we have as young children to learn to walk? At this stage, we are not rejecting, we are learning about the world, using  our senses. How have we come to be a person who ignores what is happening in Syria in a practical physical way, as something that we would not want to be happening to us? How is it that the impetus for justifying such horrendous acts of violence from a country, the United State,  that has become a military arm for large corporations grabbing resources has been in any common sense way justified? These people in that land are just like us, they want to enjoy their families, and food, and community and nature and discover things about the world. That the cut of their clothes is different and something that had developed over time according to the climate and environment in which they live, does not define them as less than our own traditions based on our own climates and living environments. Even if we look at religion, they all follow the golden rule to treat others as one would want to be treated, which is a formula of valuing life, a starting point of realizing we are all the same, because the principle in doing unto another as one would have done unto one’s self, is the equation in word, of equality, which is realizing that the physical is life. The veil of separation is accumulated judgements creating borders composed of thoughts of that one thing “is bad” and another “is good”, and they are to hide a belief self accepted that has forgotten, or hides, that initial desire to participate and sense this physical life.

We have to stop allowing a media that feeds our own allowance of separation from ourselves as life. This media is only a reflection of what we have forgotten, which is our desire as life, to absorb and communicate and participate in life, to understand it and become more aware of the functional means of the world around us. If we are so caught up in defending our beliefs, we have separated from this sensing-of-the-physical-world ability, consequentially losing our own connection with life. If we stop, the media image-and-likeness-story will end, and the abuse of life in another country where there are people just like us will come to an end because it will no longer be accepted from the starting point of its conception which is each of us. We are the matrix that has created the conflicts that separate what exists on this earth that would life, which means to move in thought, word and deed within and as to take that which is good and does no harm.

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