Saturday, March 7, 2015

Day 606 Where is your presence? Journey to Life.

I realize that so often I find myself imagining worst case scenarios, or having a conversation covering an imagined reaction in facing limitations. Limitations being ideas about what is real and what is not real within one’s perspective of life. Mostly this is how one defines oneself. That self definition being a value to remain in the ranks of surviving believing that change is losing something, forgetting that to be where we are here in this moment, meant change.
The when something comes up as voices in the head, as back chat within me, I have to stop and slow down and look at the measure of this and how I am placing my presence within this, and if what I am being is something that can withstand the test of time, as in asking myself the question “ is this sound enough to remain stable, is the nature of what I am speaking as in making a statement making a connection that leads to self trust and self honesty, where I need not defend but live.” By this I mean , something that has no secrets, something that can be said to be constant.

Years ago I had a Pharmacist lean over the counter and whisper to me that I should not touch a single thing in that pharmacy. This was on the ground, actual real life advice from a professional person.
He did this in a whisper. So, do I think of this as being a conspiracy? Because it was done in secret? Or is this the real story, and what glared away around me, as all the constructions created with the play of chemicals, appearing to be of import simply by the bully of their existence what was false?  Was that small voice who had studied chemical interactions in detail, who needed a job to survive, and who would lose his job if he spoke up about the detriment of all those compounds surrounding him, what was real? I mean he had to go and learn his craft and pay to learn that craft, before he could build an overview of that craft and then look at what he had learned in relation to physical reality as he came out of the bubble of study in a lab, a narrow focus. So, once really learning how chemicals interacted, and how chemistry actually works, he then had to go out and get a job to pay for having had the time to learn his craft. At this point  he had no choice, the choices of how to apply his craft were determined by a systemic design. He was stuck, left to once in a while leaning over his counter and telling those who were ready to listen, to not use the things he had learned about, because having built an understanding, one day he realized what was being sold chemically was not what was good for the body.
So, we are born in a world that has a media working with the way we all learn, through exposure, and through spaced repetition. So, when a form, an in-form, an abstract, an idea, is touted again and again, it becomes our inform, our information, our abstract picture about this world because humans become what is perceived around them.
That statement that something can become a truth if stated enough follows this way that we learn, this way that the human images within themselves through exposure. If the real, total story of the physical world is not the information given, then the human becomes a limited story.
What do we use to inform ourselves, this species? We use words. Words are composed of nouns, verbs, adjective, and adverbs. These show object, action, quality of material form and action. 
A picture can have a thousand words, and pictures with words can bring certain aspects of that picture forward for consideration. When this is done consistently, it follows the way we learn, that repetition to build a focus on certain inform we become as belief, opinion and idea. 
If we go to school and we spend out time making  problems abstractly on paper with numbers and digits we are creating a focus that is developing a behavior of being busy in an abstract bubble as our minds. This is not a bad, but when  we by nature learn through a spaced repetitive behavior, this becomes our inform in movement, in understanding in our inner abstract constructs. We become these physical forms, busy in our heads moving things around abstractly. If we do not have the structural practice of this in realistic terms as in cross referencing physical outplays, then we miss reality, we become the parts we played with only, we become busy within a narrow focus as well, in consistently practicing image deconstruction and reconstruction ONLY!  A real divide and conquer measure, using how we learn, taking our focus from equal consideration of all things, as this physical world in which we must live our lives. Depending on how much practice one has, within the language and number flipping, and how much one has the time and space to relate this to actual physical reality, will determine one’s capacity to direct one’s self in productive ways ensuring one’s survival. If we look around, we can see the varying degrees of this, and , ironically, this is done with that very same presence that shows the capacity of men, and builds/accepts  the limited constructions of belief, and reveals the depth of detail a human can reference. But this referencing ability, as our common sense, is focused on ordering in a comparative way within an overall construct divided into a pyramid scheme of survival that is in separation from the practical physical world. The orders, as the structure of bubbles of belief built in a classroom box with pictures and narrowed focus that builds a behavior of abstract play in mind only. And this has been going on for generations. Hence the slow encroachment of childhood dis-eases whose names  reveal the problem, attention dis-orders! lol- it is so absurd that no wonder there are pharmacists speaking up to those who will listen! The problem is that this effects all of us, even the elite. 
It is also interesting that children are not taught about how the money system works in this world, how taxes work, how numbers are moved in the system of finance built by humans. Now, why would this not be what is taught? It is obvious really. If children were taught how the monetary system really works, they, just as with the pharmacist, would as is the natural capacity of the human to inform the structure of a thing, it qualities etc., these children would realize the limitations over all in the very structural design because that is the capacity of men! Thus, a system that uses spaced repetition within a narrow focus, is by design, a system of purposeful limitation!  Which begs the question as to why such suppression is within the systemic design? Why suppress the great capacity of men? And who is keeping this in place? Such cannot be held in place by a few benefitting from this because they happen to have the chance to have exposure to enough spaced repetition to begin to see the whole an the parts, AND to cross reference reality, as the physical. There simply are not enough of them to hold this in place, they are a few people, a few bodies, and they only control what moves through the media as knowledge and information. They by design do not really hold any power over anyone but by a light image, a transparent picture. A transparent picture has no real strength, it only has the strength of suggestion! It is in reality just like a ghost! it is a paranormal Image! It is each of us, on the ground, that either accepts this as real or not!
If we listen to what our politicians say, and I mean listen to the actual words, are there ever any real details about what their suggested actions become in practical reality or is it always value touting? Are they always talking about the good side and comparing it to a potential bad side? This is taking dimensions of things and comparing them, suggesting outcomes, building a picture through words, informing you, through the means of spaced repetition as the media, to provide a one-size-fits all scenario that is soon informed as a truth, because it is the only form one is exposed to!  After coming out of our schools, we are all caught up in thinking, in magic making as our minds, a con-science through manipulation of the thing that is the real capacity of men as how we all learn. hence we become zombies of limited inform caught in an abstract reality! And those who control the media, are the vampires that never die, accumulating wealth, dividing this world into monocultures that destroy the soils and our health, driving people into cities, corralling them into cities because what supports this monoculture is the only thing allowed by the ones who have this accumulated wealth means as money to tout on the media that then inform us through spaced repetition! I mean, we, each of us, accept and allow this if we follow this, no one can make the masses follow this, each part of the mass has to concede to this in order for it to work. And mean while, right under our feet is the ground that shows us what works and what does not work and this capacity to see form and function that is so capable and able of seeing form and function with a built in presence as life as the human physical body!  This presence so caught up in the mind ONLY - which begs the question - Does this not sound like a zombie hood?  lol. If we are taught to live up their in our minds ONLY, then we can no longer see the ground. We become separated from reality.
We humans must understand this bubble composed on limited ideologies as mind that we have accepted and allowed, we must realize that this is what we have become and that in so doing we are the cause of our own demise, our separation from life, our abdication of our gift of sensing and moving with creation as this physical life. If we realize this, and stand together and change the system, we can ground ourselves back into our true natures and equalize our presence to life, the physical, accepting equality to creation, here. What we would find is that each part would fit perfectly into the whole. It is only the spinning in thinking only as our accepted inform as mind consciousness ONLY that is separating us, and the veil is very thin. bring yourselves home, come back to life, equalize yourself to the physical world as this is creation information.  Sound self forgiveness to quiet the illusions of the mind of limited information, a ghost in the machine, a voice in the head only, and write out the mental constructions to forgive them, to quiet them, to open self to seeing directly here, equal and one to the gift of life, which is physical creation, write out what would construct that presence that is you, that is unique, back into creation as the physical. Walk the DIPLite free course to ground yourself here.
Expedite getting life in order. let us begin the journey to life, all standing together, bringing our presence here, as this presence, when equal to the physical actual real world, is the gift of life.

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