Monday, March 16, 2015

Day 609 The limitations of our thoughts as knowledge and information only, and the suppression of our presence.

Accepting the form of sound structures and aligning them to the whole.
I live in a world of information given through words, as human language. Words describe, they paint pictures of things. They sound what is here, be it the physical or some  ideological metaphysical construct. We know this because we know that  when something  is repeated enough it comes to be believed as fact, even Machiavelli realized this, and politics uses this, in self interest. This is the use of limitation for personal gain, not telling the whole story, manipulating through this. The parts are not necessarily bad, just limited- which can become a violence to life because it is not considering the physical and respecting it. I mean, people can shatter glass with sound, so what we sound is our responsibility.
Structurally, as a human being, as a man, I am responsible for what I resonate, I am responsible to be present here, which means being self honest, which is to not act in my own self interest only. A limited form places pressure on the presence of a child, human being, and this causes suffering because it forces an innate conceptual ability as the physical of the physical into a narrow limited description. It is like forcing something that is too big into some very tiny jeans that are two sizes too small- you know, where one cannot even walk or move because the legs are so constricted!
And the difficult part is that what is presented cannot really be argued against, because it has a truth, but the truth is tied to an only this or that one sided conversation, with the threat of doom and gloom if one steps out of this, like a bullying through limitation, that then creates a morality of good and bad, as the limitations that do not tell the whole story limit and cause consequences, and since this is the only information that defines the self, change becomes a fear, because limitation has to stop its mis-take through limitation and correct which takes time. Like a train racing along, where one cannot see outside the window because the train is moving too fast, this is what a mind of limitation can become in practical application, not realizing its own demise.

I think of the platform of our media, where our so-called representatives present through a one way stream and announce limited information with this or that gloom and doom scenarios. Think terrorism and the  supposed extremist Islamic people, way out there on the other side of the world, where satellite pictures show there lights in the cities are dark. Makes me wonder what resources are there that the chaos is created for to sneak-under-the-radar/chaos-and-grab. And meanwhile, the children are suffering, as opportunity to grow is denied because someone believes they are god, some one believes they know how to social engineer a world that was already here, that functioned in symbiotic ways and managed to expand without some human social engineering through the suppression of presence, which is through the suppression of awareness, which is the suppression of life, that creative spark, that desire to absorb everything about the world, that child. Somehow, the suppression really makes no sense, because the plants and the animals that were here before man, all developed sensory abilities to expand the expression of life, so why suppress when the nature of life is to expand? This means that the answer is not to suppress the presence, as absorbing presence of men, but to allow it to flourish, to reach its full potential! 
So this starts with myself  which means to accept every form, be it physically existent or a metaphysical construct  of limited idea, or belief or opinion and transform that into equality and oneness with practical reality, to become what sounds life, as in what tells the whole story.  On a more global scale, this could be done with a more direct democracy; I mean with our technology, we could do direct voting, where people could even opt to have the vote be made public! This would be sound transparency! And, because this is how logistical fallacies could be cleared up! This is how we can realize how present we are in fact, as in realizing the limitation of the metaphysical story that is a pressure on us that causes suppression of this innate ability within as how much of the story of the whole one has.
There are farmers who realize that the health of their animals means that the animals must be outside on the land to live a humane existence, one that is of more benefit to the natural world- the health of the physical form, and not a shock in forcing the form of life into some scenario that does not fit the form. The consequences of humans allowing this is causing massive harm to life on earth, it is causing the presence of life to fade and the structure to weaken, just look at how the density of wood for building houses no longer has any real density, nor the nutrient density of our meats. 
Thus, placing our children into confined learning spaces that have no connection with the physical world, is placing pressure on the presence to fit into a limited story, a story that is not the whole story of which that presence as life within the child as the form, is beautifully designed to be and do. To suppress this causes massive suffering to the life within, the presence innate in the form as he child. It is a crime we all allow when we continue to accept this and / or expect a school to solve the behavioral problems of a child, because it is us not being present here and looking at the nature of the forms we have accepted and allowed as our public school systems and our belief systems, and our political systems. These systems mimic the very pressure on our presence that each accepted in fear of standing up as life.  The only choice is to move outside the box, and become present with what is real, as nature, as this actual real physical world
How do we remove the pressure done through limited story? We deconstruct our belief systems and reconstruct a system that regards all things as their inherent structural nature to change the present limitation into what allows that presence to reach full awareness of this physical life, because thus is where a child lives that life.

We remove the limited story, and ground ourselves back into the real story of what it means to live practically on a physical planet. A Basic Income Guarantee, a Living Income Guarantee would expedite this change into opening up the life presence that has been suppressed through limited stories because it removes the pressure of survival caused by two competing limited stories that have separated from their presence as life. We know all these limitations, the parts not “ bad” simply limited. These are the confines of our borders, our class system, our nationalities, our race delineations, because under the skin color and the national anthem, we are all the same, we have basic needs that support our natural sensibility as life, our presence to focus here, in reality, to enjoy being physical beingness on a physical planet.

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