Saturday, March 21, 2015

Day 612 We are all holding this system of abusing life in place.

Do I practice and become the measure of here as this physical reality? Or, do I become inferior to it based on an idea, a belief or an opinion within and as me. How focused am I here in this practice of living, a physical living where all outcomes are obvious? Do I react as belief, because I spent so much of my childhood in a box, learning to abstract number and words away from physical reality? Did I allow the drug of thought only, using parts that were placed within me, as supposed truths, where ironically, the object did exist and did move around, but I have no direct experience with such objects because they are the past, and the parts given to me in story only, in a box, are whatI  have because this is what was placed within me, which I accepted.
And for what, to divide me from reality, using my common sense, my ability to measure spatially what actually really physical exists here. And then the television, another story teller with scripted words and arranged pictures. And outside the window, the waters are polluted and the water companies tout their life saving tactics of refining the water, and needing to pay for the failing and aging infrastructure, of which is placed on men, men who formed a government and paid taxes for such services, but somehow over time, with divisions in justifications, for salaries etc, for war- to grab more- the governing systems seem to be systems of justification for salary increases, and the failing, aging infrastructure replacement costs are on the users. But then, again, if perception of reality is lost, the whole picture of all of this is not realized. And, we sit in our entertainments of thought only, and praise our inner fantasizing, because in effect this is what this is only. 
This reminds me of the tolls on some of the highways around Boston, in Massachusetts. If one does not have the change, as I have been in the situation of, because I do not travel too much west of Boston, for the tolls, then one is fined way beyond the cost of the toll. I mean the toll is, in some instances 1.25 and the charge , in one instance, for not having a dollar and twenty five cents, because I use a debt card all the time, is now 50$. I wonder how many times tourists run into this problem. I have asked other people in the area, if they notice an excessive ticketing system in Boston, and they say yes. I mean one time, my son exited the city, and evidently turned from one road onto another, into a bus lane. he does not know the city too well, and sometimes there is a lot of traffic, so it is easy to turn onto a bus lane, where the yellow ground markings are worn. There are cameras in these areas and they take a picture of your car, and then you get a 50$ fine in the mail, WTF! I started to say, gee,  that kettle at the end of the rainbow was PLACED there by MEN, and then made  into a fairy tale. lol.
With all our modern technology, there really is no excuse for this practice. One could use a debt card to pay the toll, and thereby reduce the costs overall, and reduce the labor of a man, in doing a tedious collection of money ( or lack of money ) and, as the present situation is being used for, punishing people who find themselves in a new place, which is really just collecting money in self interest.
My local politician, state politician, voted to have the salaries increased for the government officials, because if the salaries were lowered , then less professional people would be in the offices of governing, But i have to ask myself, given what is going on in Boston with money collection that is not being changed, with  modern technology, all of this could change, the whole way of directing money could change. It is all really a measurable thing. And this is the point, the  roles people play in the system, ones that do not in any way use the full potential of people, are being used to get money, without any consideration for living, thus, what we are calling professionals are not professionals in the title name, they are really professionals at flowing money to themselves in any way possible without any respect for life. And my local state rep. is participating in the game. It is money before life, before common sense. And, as I said earlier, common sense was distracted, was placed in a box, taught to conceptualize mentally ONLY, with limited knowledge and information. It gets pretty obvious after a while if one takes the time to look at form and structure. In America, after being in the New York area, I notice that so many of the roads are crumbling, they really are a mess, parched and bumpy, crowded and congested with traffic. I can’t see much difference in our roads, in some instances and the roads in Africa! 
So, while our so-called professionals are collecting through ancient infrastructure that has no money for change because it is all flowing to administrations who have no conceptual ability ( because if the really really did then what is here would not be here!)  our world is crumbling around us. 
We really have to wake up. We can take all that ability of men, that ‘ labor’ used in war, that story where roles of killing “ enemies”  comes to define us and are aggrandized and maintained through television and story in boxes and end up costing us our lives, punishing us for the self interest of some over others when we are all the same, and come back down to earth in practice. That labor, can be used to build systems that do not harm the environment, creating water companies who tout the good they are doing without thinking about how the earth really works as a system that recycles water in ways that clean it, without needing these huge systems to clean the pollution caused by building the systems that themselves did not work with the earth in ways that cause no harm. It is that we are placing systems on earth that are about collecting money, and money really has no value, none, because we cannot live without the water, we cannot learn and expand without opportunity and connection. 
Common sense is important because it imports what we see, and if what we are placed in front of to see, is in separation from reality, then we lose our common sense to very narrow conception, and this causes a pressure on the human ‘ spirit’ of common sense, creating uncertainty, which is the disease of depression, ADHD, ADD, to name a few.  All of these are because our common sense is not equal to the volume of life here, the physical, where we actually physically live our lives. As we can see our lives are not being lived, they are being lived as fantasies in our minds only, a fantasy that does not match life, a fantasy that is layered over time into the flesh through repetition, because life would accept all things. 

Thus it is the measure of our common sense within that is the cause of abuse on this earth. So, we as humans are holding this in place, because we accepted and allowed a separation from reality and we maintain this separation in jobs that are no longer needed given the technology developed by that same common sense that is ingenious when given opportunity to live, because that innate sense within will expand when placed in front of what is real, it is the nature of life, as what life would be and do. What happens to another human on this earth is the fault of us all, if we do not pay attention , read what is going on, understand the systemic structures. I would have to say, it would be better not to send your child to school, and instead to teach them about the real world from home.  I would also say to support a Basic Income Guarantee, a Living Income, because this will allow the form of the present abusive systems to change, as so many fear change because they see no other way to have an income, because we have allowed money to determine life. Turn money into something that allows opportunity and development, choose life, choose what is best for all as this is best for self.

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