Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day 607 Mindfulness follow through into writing out thoughts, self forgiveness and corrective application.

I listened to a talk about a practice of ‘ mindfulness.’ This is where a person slows down and breathes as thoughts come up in their head. It is to realize that the thoughts coming up in one’s head are not who one is.
This was likened to a globe filled with water and something that looked like snow, one of those globes that one shakes and watches the snowy looking substance fly around, creating a mini snow storm in a bubble of glass that is what the mind is as thoughts. The act of breathing is the practice of ‘ mindfulness, “  to slow down and remain in the breath, until the snow settles, allowing one to ground oneself here and not react as the thoughts that are analogous to the flying snow. 
Evidently this works better with children up to the seventh grade, I believe. One practice is to take the index finger from one hand and trace the outline of the other hand while breathing, which is a practice of physically grounding oneself here, and thereby distracting one from the thoughts that may lead to an action based on the thought that when acted upon becomes what defines one, because one has to then face the consequences of one’s thoughts acted upon in real time. 
I have to ask the question here as to why this is not as successful with older students? Of course, prevention is the best cure, and teaching this act of slowing down and breathing , grounding oneself here, allows the space and time to realize that one’s thoughts must not be what one becomes in action.  If our minds working as thoughts become much like the globe analogy, why is this practice not as effective with older students? Do we over time become a constant snow storm, as the thoughts become the directive of who we are, when allowed to remain without being cleared overall? Meaning do our thoughts, when not cleared, become who we are? This would mean that humans are programmed by what they think.
Does our media teach us to think in ways that teach direction in this world that brings us no harm? And are we taught to chase false positives that do not tell the whole story, and lead us down a path where we chase the dream, the limitation of an only part of reality, to find that so many things were not considered and that dream becomes clouded by having to learn the details of living that were never taught?
Even this practice of mindfulness, though a good I thoroughly support, is not enough. That ‘ snow’ has to be cleaned up, because that snow is as snow does, it is crystalized thought, which is our beliefs, our opinions, and our ideas, accumulated from an environment that is in separation from practical living, from reality, That snow is - so to speak- the partial story of existence made huge, so much so that it becomes a square peg forced into a round whole, meaning that the partial story is a limited story, that is not equal to practical reality, and because it is not equal, it is too large to fit into the cells, it programs a human who does not fit into practical living and the consequences of this cause a human  body to act in mis-informed ways, causing a dis-association from actual living, leading to existential problems because of processing limited information that does not dignify the human, and thus suppresses the full potential of each man on the ground. Who are we to blame? We cannot blame anyone but ourselves because we accepted it.
Our schools and our lives have become a regiment of separation from practical reality. Our children do not have the time, and the space to slow down and ‘ read’ practical reality, thereby building an awareness within that has practical ability in living in common sense, which is being in communion with life as the physical. A sense is of hyper-sexuality, of wanting fame without understanding the steps necessary for development and the joy in building this development. They have no sense of nature, of where what they eat comes from and what happens with the ingredients as the waste from what we eat moves into the physical natural world around us. They are not taught that they have a natural learning ability, and that learning the words and the numbers is simply learning a code of communication that is how humans communicate, and that one must have the exposure to this, and the time, the space to understand it, and that we can all learn this if given the time, and that therefor, we are all the same in how we learn, but different in our expressions as some have an interest in this, and others in that.
The consequence of this is a manifested financial system mirroring this state within, that rewards only a few and punishes lack without addressing what is already known, that humans become what they are exposed to. This understanding that humans become what they are exposed to is used in self interest for a few as well, to maintain power and control. And this control is an illusion, because it abuses life to play a game that is in itself a separation from life. So, the few are the extremes that model what each is allowing as thoughts. One could say the few are simply protecting themselves from those who have accepted and allowed thoughts that are oneself not investigating and looking at the whole and the parts. The means to realize this are here, always right in front of each of us, so the blame for what we allow and act upon, is within ourselves.

Our thoughts are what we believe, and if our thoughts are not considerate of all things, taking the time to investigate reality, then what actions we take based on what we have accepted ourselves to believe, are the fault of what we have allowed ourselves to see and to not see, because we chose self interest over life. The other extreme end of this, are those who are starving as a consequence of this system that mimics this self interest before life. If one owns a car, and has a table and bed to sleep in, then one is the elite of this world. One has the responsibility to breath, to slow down and look at one’s thoughts and how they were formed and the value judgements they contain, and to forgive them and self correct through writing, self forgiveness and corrective application, as this is how that snow in the bubble of our minds, our buy-bill , can be cleared and structurally grounded back into life here, as this earth is life information. In other words, the water in that bubble, must be clear, because this is a clear memory, this is a mind as thoughts that sees directly here, and thus is equal and one to life as this is respecting the physical world that is the means of life.

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