Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day 626 Cat Punching and a Cup-is-a-Cup.

Cat Punching and a cup-is-a-cup.
We go to school, in a box, and we follow. We become the experience that reflects our focus and with repetition, we become what we think about. What is the model of our schools? We spend hours and hours in our childhood, in our developmental years, following knowledge and information, every day, again and again and again. Until we become the measure of this, we become, with our presence, up in that part of ourselves where we abstract things, as thinking, only. The information we receive, as we follow, becomes our lego blocks. We build things with the in-forms and walk in this world in a bubble, directing ourselves as this focus built of repetition into thinking, and we use the blocks of information imparted. Education has the word ‘ educe’ in it. this means to draw out. What is it that we are drawing out? And what is it that we draw with this stuff that we use to draw that comes from within us? Is this the ‘ stuff’ children use to rapidly learn languages? Is this the ‘ stuff’ that we are/ become/allow, and use, to be educed into a form as our memories? 
It is like playing a piece of music, one follows and follows the musical piece, as the information. If one person in the group, questions, or adds, of misses the ‘ music’ as the information in the moment in a space and time moment, all the other parts are going to react in that closed moment- so -to-speak. Of course, there will be reaction. If the music is against the grain of the music/information being per-formed- that is scribed to express, there will be a reaction. Also, to note, if something is added that actually supports the music, there can be reaction because an idea of how something should be as in following the notes exactly can cause reaction where the added expression in a moment could be beneficial. If the mind-set, if the mind is set, on one way ONLY, then the addition, after a skill is developed, will be rejected without consideration of the whole and the parts and form and function, movement and flow. Thus, things can be added. I think of Brahms here, he did not always flesh out his development sections, and playing them sometimes, over and over again, it would dawn on me that the theme was really cool, but maybe that day, Brahms was occupied with something else and was not in the mood to flesh out the theme. lol
In tandem with becoming followers of information lacking equal development of objectively looking at the measure of it, we do not understand that when we move against the information we get the flow of information having to adjust. This appears as reactions. Either this resists that change of flow, or moves with it - and here this can also move into limitations of information flow. These reactions can be a fear of a loss of outcome expected, as in a lesson that is supposed to be taught, or the loss of a momentary gain.  So, we learn at a young age when our information is a scaffold being built, that interrupting information, the song, can cause reprimand, or upset as the person getting off track, from their habituated flow, their ‘ song’ so-to-speak. If this is repeated, then we can end up judging ourselves, and fearing to cause this to happen. Now, we are not only that habituated flow and presence in thinking only, we are also fearful of upsetting that ‘ song’ - flow of information. Meanwhile. a grounding in the starting point of realizing that this is what is happening is lost. Our starting point being a man in a body, of the same as that body, that was born and started to inform our presence into the experiences we encountered. These ‘ encounters’ becoming the measure, the ‘ count’ of us. And we become the personality, the projection of this ‘ count.’
We grow up. That ‘ count’ either directs us in effective ways, or it does not. And, we are impulsed to fear addressing the informed count around us, because we have memories or counts, of reactions and believe that there is no place to go, because we have also been impulsed to believe by the numbers of others doing the same around us, that there is only one way. We go to school, and we learn. Which does happen, so it is not a lie. Yet, it a lie, a lie by omission, because the informing, as the educing being done, conditions our behavior, and the forms themselves are only  a part of the story. Some of the behaviors are not to upset the ‘song’.

Obviously, punishing the form is not the solution. Punching a cat is not the solution. It is no different than punching a cup. Punching the physical does nothing to change what has been informed. If we want to blame the system and punch parts of this physical world, nothing is being done to change  the limitations that created the frustration. The only way to correct is to reform what one is as information. No amount of anger or fear or reaction as venting and releasing via smashing the physical life forms around us is going to change that behavior. One must ‘ educe’ from within, and move against the habit, as the song within, as the information flow within, forgive it, reground it and begin to express one’s self here in respect of the physical, realizing that one’s information is like a ‘song’. One’s memories are like a song. And that song has voices in the head of blame and spite, because the limitations as the information are not equal to what is practical, and because we are taught to remain in the abstract - where all manner of ways exist to manipulate- we reflect on this information up there in thinking only, trying to sort this all out, rejecting this, accepting that, projecting the faults of our educement on beliefs, opinions and ideas, because we don’t realize through those years of transition from a natural sense of the world around us, is away from the forest, from life, and into standing in front of one tree only, and that ‘ tree’ is our accepted and allowed habits, because each participated in this, as being in thinking only. We are the cause of our accepted and allowed educement. So, cat punching is more of the same that one hates. It is using one’s greatest strength and continuing the weakness accepted. It is more of the same. The only way out, is to re-educe self.  To ground oneself back into the real life that we live here, which is a physical life, obviously, this is a practical life. How else would life be? That substance that is what is educed into a form, can be educed back into the practice of living, where a cup is a cup, and a cat is you, the same as you. Punishment cannot be a solution, it is only more of the same. The solution is to realize how this all works and to respect the physical, as the physical is life in-form-ation.  That effort of existing as the rage of an abstract mind information, is consuming your flesh, and it takes great effort. Your natural state of ease, is being grounded here equal and one with the physical.  The acceptance of limited knowledge and information only, communicated in endless abstraction only, will react when questioned, thus it is not something to take personally, it is only to stand, forgive the allowance of self being educed into this limited measure, this para-normal measure, within and without, and to question what it means with every breath, in every moment, to live here. Because here, is life, the physical. Ground yourself back into the practice of living, and pet that cat, they will give life in return, one can hear it, just listen for the purr. That purr, is ‘perfection’. 

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