Sunday, May 24, 2015

Day 630 Looking at Authority as the Politeness of Society

Looking at Authority.

As I move around in society, I realize so much is expressed through emotional values, like a really long duration of touting good, and/or bad. The impetus of value touting. The whole construct of ‘ politeness’ when talking with others, a good, taking up space and time overall. It is cool to acknowledge things we experience as pleasant, and to speak up about new ‘ measures ‘ of reality we have not encountered. Like, seeing a combination of colors in an outfit, finding it pleasant and making a comment about it, sharing in our joy of discovery.
Yet, this same state of being, as expressing a emotion and/or feeling about something, can be used to hide, to occupy, to evade, to distract as in quibble about one detail turned into a segue to avoid really looking at the whole and the parts. One way I see this, is how I have used this myself, to avoid looking at something, turning a conversation away from really looking  ( rejection), because I was inferior to what was of real value, not wanting to be responsible for understanding something because I feared an idea as to how I would be defined, and the consequences of my imagined label/story/outcome. So, it is like I feared to look, and then I practiced this non-looking, and had to continue to hide my own accepted lack of response ability. And, because I learn through spaced repetition, and program myself as such - as in how one learns to play an instrument, I became that movement, as that measure! And simply because I feared being labeled as an idea only! Then, that mis-take, as in not looking, as in fearing what was real, of facing this same action in another because it is supposedly not-polite to go into detail, to clear understanding, as this is a counter movement overall of that same politeness touting as a huge out of proportion social value, I am going to have to practice being straight and spend time correcting this, as correcting a mis-take that has been practiced, takes longer to learn that having learned something correctly in the first place! 
So, not being responsible, and hiding a fear, which is not having enough information to be clear, can accumulate as a behavior, and will take more time to correct than if one had been honest from the beginning! 
One could say that one loses one’s authority, because one becomes insecure because the value touting, has no real responsibility in practical application, it is only pointing out qualities, like being a state of critical thinking only, and endlessly so, never moving into creative rebuilding, or creative possibility, realizing the value, the quality and living it. Thus, the values, within society become smaller and smaller, because so much time is spent on values of what one is only, as in points of definition, in comparison, never moving back into the real value being in expression, in form, as life, as physical reality, here. Of course, such a system would become smaller and smaller in what values were considered a ‘ value’ because the practice is only on a singular value in a moment, thereby losing a sense of all the values that compose this world around us. A lack of practice into the whole and the parts, means a lack of building perception of the whole and the parts. We become what we practice, if we practice, as repeat, limited insights, then we limited our perception. And when we limit our perception, we become insecure, because we are not equal in understanding to the whole. And then, that insecurity feeds on itself, because we are secure when we are grounded in the whole and the parts, and insecure when we are not, we are secure when we reference what is real, and insecure when we are a reference of ONLY limited parts. Thus hiding reality as this physical state of being, meaning to not consider all values as qualities of physical living, leads to more and more insecurity, and as a behavior, a society that has a social etiquette of touting values about little things endlessly, over all-ways bringing back what is noted, as brought forward in communication into the whole, into what is practical, as in what supports each and builds a security in living a life of full potential. Thus in every act each of us lives, we decide to choose life, a full life, or to choose that limitation, a value that is a value, but when used as a screen to hide, to manipulate, we end up only creating insecurity, and very limited comfort zones- these we can realize in how we remain within very limited social circles, which is fearing to let go of our limited values that we have allowed to define us, and instead becoming a behavior of protection of those values, seen in the borders of class, culture, nationality,  etc.. So, we become protectors of limitation, rejecting anything that does not fit into our practiced idea. Thus, the very words we speak, will always, in all ways, reveal the very accepted and allowed measure of and as us, because it is what we have practiced.
Overall, when I face this, I find I sometimes have a hard time moving against this ‘ storm’ of value touting in limitation without moving into what the value leads to as a consequence on a physical world overall, because what I do effects the whole. It is like I go into this grey area, having to move against what is considered polite, as this elongation of touting a value, which turns a value into a protection screen, which is no longer a real value. I have allowed myself to be so conditioned as this, meaning being excessively polite ( because there is nothing ‘ wrong’ with acknowledging what is awe inspiring around us - I am talking about measured length here) that is at times feels like this huge entity that I have to move against and I get lost in the idea of this because I did not slow down enough to realize what a spaced repetition as this does to the building of a person and their expression on earth. I created my own resistance of the paranormal, the metaphysical state of being in the people around me, because I did not remain here, present. I was too busy wanting to tell my own story of hiding, using values to make sure I am defined in ways that allow my own survival, not slowing down to realize others were doing the same. Creating resistances to seeing directly, so busy with my ideological self. I separated from myself as life.
Yet, this means, though it will take time, that I must reground myself here, looking at the parts and reconstructing,  myself, my reflection ability of life within, and taking the time to look at the real world around me, respecting it, and realizing that the behaviors of those around me are the same, different measures, but caught in the same process of separation, into limitation, where the parts are not “ bad’ but within being in limitation, an action that is destructive, because ignored qualities are left behind, in a world where one size does not fit all that is needed to support a physical world filled with so many qualities to give all of us the palette needed to reach our full potential as life.

There is no competition. There is here, and the measure of here, as accepted and allowed separation from what enables a practical action that considers all things, is right here in front of us, and usually it is what moves with ease, gently, like water.

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