Friday, May 29, 2015

Day 632 Why do we teach our children the story of the princess ?

Why do we teach our children the story of the princess instead of the story of the physical body, as a starting point? I seems to me to be backwards that we teach a little girl about being a princess before what she really is, and the magnificence of what she is,  all those cells that enable her to look at you, and move her legs and arms and fingers.
What is it that allows her to listen to the story of Cinderella, for example? Is not that which listens and takes in the form as the story that what it is we build as expose to the measure of something?
Do we not, so often, as we get older and have to start taking care of our bodies because we begin to notice things about our bodies only when something does not seem to function as well as it did when we were being read the story of Cinderella?
Could it be that if we understood our bodies as well as we began to move our legs, we would not have to back track and learn of the details of what we are BEFORE we learned of an idea about being a princess? Is there not time in space for that gender role later in our lives? In all, telling a story about another time in life, instead of what we are in the moment, is backwards. And spending time later on to rediscover what could have been learned with joy in the first place makes no sense from the perspective of what we are and how our memories take in the form of what is placed before us.
Overall, we disrespect the means of being, and we abuse our memory to place in a very limited measure that separates us from real living, and we pay the consequence later in life, only to realize that we have done everything backwards. And yet, this means that we can restructure and change. We can remeasure ourselves, our memories that are a measure of our experience and exposure, to what senses what we really are, as physical beingness.
In essence , this backward measure ( hidden as being a ‘ good’ because we are all princesses!), is self accepting and allowing an authorship that misses what it means to really live. And, this begs the question as to what is the cause of so much attention deficit disorders we see growing in measure every day, in our children. Have you ever heard of the term ‘ the sins of the fathers’? 
We are the measure we accept and allow, that becomes the belief, the opinion and idea as our inner experiential map. Are you allowing another measure to become the author of you, or are you building a measure within that is a story equal to what you are as a physical state of being? And then, would it not be true that you were ready to partner with another and actually live happily ever after, not even  having to think about it, because your trust in understanding all of you was so stable.

What is more constant than that idea of being a princess? It is the physical, and this is creation in measure. One must walk one’s self, as that inner sight, back into being in equal measure to what is real, the physical. which is right in front of us, and what we can move with and as, practically. Thus it is time to practice what is real, and to author our within to be equal to the without. The Physical world.

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