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Day 303 Advertising uses the learning capacity of man and abuses it in self interest

Advertising uses the learning capacity of man and abuses it in self interest

We go to school and we learn to see structures of things and then we are tested on these things learned.
Advertising is placing images, as structures all over this world. How many of us can drive down a road and not miss that ad, that symbol running along the side of the road? And even in our homes, there are images flashing by, on products and clothes, on the tv, and the computer. It is incessant, always there, ubiquitous. And we accept it and allow it.
Some have said we are now living in a porn culture. Is this the influence of the pictures we have allowed within our world? How else could this have come to be what we follow?
So, we send our children to school to learn forms and structures to interact within this world. We send our children to use forms. On the one hand we teach this way, and on the other we indoctrinate this way. And, we have become so ignorant of ourselves that we do not even put this together, and realize how much this really influences us, and it is very obvious given how many products are sold in reference to fitting the images advertised. We have come to fit an image and not the very form of ourselves as life in a human physical body. How many men pay attention to a woman who comes for a job interview who does not wear make-up and heels and skirt, in comparison to a woman who looks more like the ads placed all over this world. This is the extent of a lack of really looking at that person in totality and only seeing an idea of what is “more than and/or less than,” a state of judgement based on limited values.
What is lacking is the awareness of the consequence of the building blocks of that image, thus there is no real ability to read that image for what it is, the consequence of form reading of a one dimensional image as picture. And this same thing happens with children in the schools, some are more agile with the material presented and others falter,missing an awareness of the con-sequential building blocks.
Thus they cannot participate and this lack accumulates as they move through school, until this lack overwhelms and they give up.
As, well, there are many very capable people, who do not have those straight perfect white teeth, and the type of figure touted within the advertising media, and even though they are educated, they are somehow not seen, because the employer is transfixed by an idea, an image that could potentially satisfy an addiction, as a energetic reaction, that he really has no understanding of, he/she has no awareness of how this was created, because they cannot “read” themselves as the consequences that lead them to be what they are in totality, as the mind, physical, spirit relationship, this which is used by advertising to corner the desire of the consumer in self interest without any consideration of both the consequences leading to the image/form and/or the consequences of the effects of chasing such an image to both participants involved within the roles adhering to this business of attention grabbing denying the physical and spirit, addressing only the mind with the bling and promise in a picture of limited value.
So, if the ads are influencing our behaviors, consuming us, to the point where we no longer see reality, and cannot even see the ability of a person, as their living expression and ability to conceptually see what is here, because the one fitting an image is all that we see, as we follow the very forms embedded within and as our minds, could this have something to do with the children that have a hard time learning the building blocks as what is presented in schools? Are these children somehow possessed with images and past events that block seeing reality, seeing what is presented?
Is that which is used that which stagnates?
It really is that what we are is simple, and yet so absorbed are we with any number of commerce-cially monopolized metaphysical imagined ideas, beliefs, opinions, past events influenced by this system/form, the words and emotions and feelings and thoughts expressed within these events, creating inner dialogues that come to be what directs each of us, that naturally some have this imagery of chaos, and since there is no understanding taught about this, and yet this is used to teach, we can see that to get this world in order, the nature of ourselves and how we function as mind, physical, spirit relationship needs to be looked at in detail and cleared up. Which means, as obviously how we learn is right in front of us, that there are some that have difficulty means we are not taking the time to look, as we are all lost within imagery, to the point where we no longer see what we are in fact, and again, even though how we are is because of the images we have in front of us. A starting point of compound images, is hiding a step of ourselves, is hiding the building blocks of what we are. How can we become what we are in totality, if we do not know what we are?
Obviously, a child that cannot read, is a child missing a comfortable stance within the building blocks of words, and what blocks this, is what came before, just as that employer cannot see the ability of the person, and only sees the potential employee that fits their image and likeness sexually. And believe me, I have seen the Harem effect playing out in my local public schools. It exists, and if it is here, it is everywhere, just as these ads are everywhere. There may be some employers not caught up in this trap, but they are very very few, very few.
The problem of what is presented within the advertising world is that it does not tell the whole story, it does not reveal the consequences. It does not create an awareness of ourselves, in fact it does the opposite, is uses what we are and enslaves what we are as life, into limited values. The consequences of a system of inequality, as to maintain inequality, are a distorted reality, because, reality as life, would mean clarity within understanding this world, thus the nature of humans is the product of a vieled reality creating an imposed form on society that binds separation from life, that denies the nature of life, as what the human is in fact, a human capable of understanding the building blocks of life, were this what was in fact presented.
So what would the solution to this problem be, how could this distortion be removed? By removing a system of inequality, by removing indirect voting, by removing secondary ideas, beliefs and opinions as what does not start from the very substance as the building block substance that is one and equal in all existent in/on earth. To realize this as the value, as the starting point, to build awareness of self as life instead of this present system of image without consequential understanding of all the parts composing that image. The solution is to support all life, where life as what we are as humans can learn to self direct within understanding of what we are in totality, as how we learn, as how the mind works in tandem with the physical body and the spirit/self of ourselves as life, in detail, here. When we began to realize this in detail, what is placed as pictures on this world, could bring us closer to an understanding of nature, and then perhaps the rewards would lead to a world where nature, the environment becomes the only picture necessary, no lighted screens, no billboards, just oneness and equality with what is here, that is real, that is the physical, which is the gift of life.
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