Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 305 The quantization of empathy

‘In an eye-opening new research paper called The Conceptual Separation of Food and Animals in Childhood, University of Bristol researchers Kate Stewart and Matthew Cole explore how we, as a society, teach our children a separate morality for food animals that intercepts a child’s natural tendency to protect and empathize with all animals. As the paper points out, when we explain to children for the first time where meat comes from, their first reaction is often revulsion. Parents confront this moral quandary by explaining to children why farm animals have a different role in our lives than other animals.’

Interesting that the opening of this article talks about the quantumization of perception taught to children, where a morality of relative values are given that place what is here on earth into levels of accepted attitudes and behaviors within what is allowed and accepted in opposition to a natural empathy towards all life as being equal.
Within this article referencing another study, a man tells of his empathy with a pig, where as a child, he takes what is accepted behavior to life, and becomes fearful that his could happen to himself, because as a child, he sees no difference between himself as a human and the pig, they are both equal in and as being life.
Yet, there is a process of morality taught that places what is here on a scale of more than and less than, justifying this with happiness as a promise, which is really a thin veil hiding what is essentially abusive. We destroy a natural empathy and quantify it through media, through story within what serves the interests of the human only, without regard for life. This is system of division to supposedly conquer and yet the outcome is destruction, the exact opposite.
So busy are we in teaching this, imposing these relative values, to build a diamond grid of divisions where some behaviors are allowed towards some and not allowed towards others, becoming this within and accepting this without, with a sheen of glee for what we receive as an idea of happiness and hiding what such actions are in physical consequence, instead of taking this natural empathy and building on it, to work with this substantive empathy being what sees no division and would not want done to others what is not wanted for self as life.
Judge not lest ye be judged. Judgement is limitation, and the outcome is a limited life, lacking all empathy with the natural physical world, the gift of life, shown to us in our children before systemized inequality separates us from life.
The problem is in placing a grid of morality onto this natural empathy, this being of self as equal and one to life , here, seeing no difference between different forms of expression as animal and man. Given the problems existent on earth, perhaps this natural ability when retained and used, and lived, is the key to solving what is rampant abuse on earth!
Thus the solution is retaining this empathy that sees no difference and using this to realize what is best for self is best for all, which is the principle of “give as you would like to receive”, which is the principle of oneness in equality.

The rewards of using what is natural within a child would mean an end to the treatment of life into abusive roles, such as slavery into the sex trade of children, poverty, starvation, use of earth’s resources within a law of profit that then places humans into categories of class and race to justify a lack of development for some and abundance for others creating a system of limited development in life in totality on earth and disrespecting resource in a drive to maintain this grid of inequality, as judgements of more than and less than.

The rewards of removing this grid, this quandary, and supporting all life as the value, as one and equal to and as us, are allowing life to flourish and interact, communicate and express. A system that supports all life as the value, an economic system that ecologically values all forms of life is a system that gives to all in creating a life of dignity for all, using what is here, as the resources of life, and the present systems, to distribute what is needed to support this physical existence and realize what is best for all. Equal MoneyCapitalism, become what is natural, as what exists within a child before a limited system of inequality teaches a quantum systemization of a morality justifying a separation from self as life as a being naturally empathetic as life, here.

Time to step outside of a box of limitation, to remove this quandary on earth. Begin by self forgiving accepted and allowed separations into limited judgements taught during the first seven years of life with a free course DIP Lite. Realign yourself equal and one with the gift of life as the physical world. Support a system that gives support equally to all on earth - Equal Money Capitalism.

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