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Day 316 What are memories? What is consciousness? A bubble of separation?

When I react to what is said about another within and as being a judgement, as in not looking at the details of what is here becoming equal and one to them, without making any assumptions or value judgement, looking at the values for what they are and the forms of what is here, how disconnected humans are from what is happening to life on this planet, life that is the same in all of us here, all being everything, it is easier to see how reaction is a blind spot, where all one exists as is separation from actual physical reality.
All justifications are in fact self interest in not wanting to look, in not wanting to see, in not picking self up and becoming life of absolute compassion, looking at as manyconsequences as one is able to grasp, through investigation. This done within asking questions, until a point is reached where a realization exists that any suffering is self in a state of disease, as self as life cannot be here as life, until all life is here, as life, meaning self directive. Self directive means no judgement, no sense of one thing as being more than another, and is anything realizing that an emotional reaction is a disconnect from self direction, which is a disconnect from life here.
I looked at someone today and said to them, “You are a resonant being” and they laughed. Then i asked them if they had any memories, and what memories were, how were they held onto, what would this quality be. So, the fact that we have memories means we are able to resonate with imagery, and imagery can have values attached to it. Ever heard of the word “ nostalgia”? And would the emotions and feelings attached to memories not be considered “good or bad”? And would not soldiers suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome be the effects of horrific experiences/memories caused by war? This is to say a memory is a resonance within us. And depending on the memory, there is a value of good energy or bad energy, thus the memory can have a value as positive or negative.
Then, to take this even further, why would a memory be needed that triggers either a good nostalgic feeling or a bad traumatic feeling? And why have such an occupation as self as life here on earth? Is this necessary and does this allow one to actually be here, I mean why wallow in a “good” memory when one could be here actually being such an experience as what one lives in every moment, meaning directing oneself here on earth without the need for a postcard as a resonance from the past? And why would a trauma exist with energetic emotions of fear and terror? What would create such a thing, especially knowing that memory exists! And if that memory is one that is unbearable, why has it not been seen in common sense that the action that created the memory is an unbearable state of being, and therefor unacceptable, why program such? And if such programming exists, what would happen if the absence of traumatic program were the presence of all of us?
Are our memories showing us where we have run to values, and as such removed ourselves from here, as what exists on earth is an actual removal from looking at here, because for each of us, we would not want the atrocities that exist to happen to us; can’t imagine any of us wanting a child born with horrible deformities such as the ones caused by depleted uranium used in the Irag war. Not one of us able to read this blog would want this, so how and why do we allow this to exist? And would not images of such haunt us? And would this not then be a memory, a resonance as a picture made of wavelengths and vibes and pixels embedded within our flesh, and if this is what happens to the human, then would it not be for the human to ensure that such does not exist on earth, so that what is here is cared for and “clean” of any potential resonance that causes trauma and/or a reaction of disgust/shame/horror/pain/disbelief, and many more?
Even if we wanted to hide from this, and believe that such should not be posted on FB, then can this be a solution? I mean, such abuse exists and it is not going to go away.What if it is like the debt that just gets bigger and bigger and bigger, that is the outcome of usury, that which we were warned against and Jesus was “shut up” for exposing - and others as well?
If the human body is seen as a machine, one that holds resonances, and is given the gift of life but abuses this, all consequence of accepted and allowed actions that are not supportive of life - something that can in no way go unnoticed because it is not in ACCORD with life, , because the separation from what supports all life remains resonant within because it was an action that had not considered all life, then what would remain that shows the separation? Would it be memories that are values of supposed “good” and what then would happen as well, as this is how the machine works, memories of “bad” events are also embedded, as this was the actions allowed on earth, and as the actions this is what is mirrored within? So, what we are, is what we become within, what we allow on earth is what we become within. What we create as the voice on earth, as the actions we allow, is what we become, what we mirror within.

We can run and hide from this, we can run and hide in the good memories, but eventually there is no escape, because meanwhile, the physical world has not reached an expression where what becomes resonant within as the human has no polarity of a good or a bad, and there would be no need to have a memory to be something pulled up to entertain oneself, because here, as the physical world would be absolutely fulfilling in and as existing one and equal to and as life. There would not even be the need for a separate “heaven”, or an alternate reality, because here, would be the sounding of life, absolutely, no need for a re-sound, or even if there were such a thing, it would be as what memory is, a map of what is here, to then be used to perhaps help learn to be here, equal and one to and as the physical, all life equal here, within and without, above and below.
The can be no escape from this. If we take the time to look at this, it makes so much sense, it can be no other way.
Thus, the present system without, is a reflection of the system we have allowed within. it is a system of abdication., it is a system where we believe that a value makes us, defines us, but this cannot be, because this is just a state of being, it is not being the action of being, accepting self as experiencing life, so because we feared losing one “state” we held onto this, and within this became an action of self interest in relation to a value, thus dividing life into fixed states, so to speak, and no longer moving as life.
This is judgement, believing one thing to be more than another. A me-more eeeeeee ride. The starting point of fear of loss, as a negative, moving into a justification to create a happiness, and thus a positive “idea” around the me-more eeeeeeee joy ride, in separation from equality and oneness to and as life, here.
So, the hierarchy on earth is a reflection of this separation, and we are all grabbing resources to allow a few to have more, and others to have nothing, and in our fear of loss we are destroying this earth, as we grab resource in self interest, so we can pass our limited values down generation after generation, as we have come to believe that these limited values define us, and that these values have some kind of meaning, and that all our knowledge and information is taken in in separation from life, because it is used in justifying the more than, the state of ourselves holding a value instead of life being the value, where the expressions of life and all the relationships of expression, the ways of expression as the forms of expression, as what is here on earth, being the experience of being as the value and learning to realize this totally as self, to move as this, to be one with this, thus there would be no death. There would be transformation, expansion in awareness.

This makes so much sense with what has been said to us, as the words of Christ, which were so impressive they could not be denied, a religion was built around them. And then this religion, built by men in separation from life, was used to limit and control, so that some hierarchy could exist dimensionally, this unseen by the eyes of men. A whole existence in separation from life. A system we have all accepted and allowed in abdication of life. Our memories showing us how we are not equal to life. Our memories our idol worship, as consciousness, as mind, as image made huge, a resonance into and as energy, as the division of values made more than and less than, stagnant, unmoving, and thus destructive and devolving instead of living. Earth is showing us our separation and thus abuse we allow on earth, the consequence of our accepted and allowed separation. Memories as collections of thoughts singularly lived again and again compound into emotions and feelings, the consequence of perpetual separation from life, from the giving of ourselves as life equal and one within and as what is best for all as the actual physical world.
Thus the systemic inequality, as profit, this belief system placed next to the principle of the understanding and need to do what is best for all, is the limiting “spoke in the wheel that is life,” remove this, and give as one would like to receive, and life can begin, and the resonance of what we are, will equalize itself to and as life, being here, as it is only here that we can actually be, no need to move and wallow in memory, because here, will be life, and the word will become the living word.
A system of profit, of division into more than and less than, a starting point of a fear of loss, because of a separation from life, cannot work and this, evident with what exists on earth, which, in America, is hidden from view, because if Americans would take the time to look, instead of so much denial - which is really just fear of loss - what would be lost would be realized for the limitation that it is - would mean the end of the very need to deny. Life, real living would have no need to deny, would not have the need to tout transparency as a presentation, the presentation of which admits the existence of non-transparency.
A lie has no other option but to scream its existence, to place what hides around it . So, there is no way out. Humpty Dumpty fell and shattered because he built a wall from which to fall, thus Humpty Dumpty created his own skyfall. lol
Individually we are in pieces and collectively we are in pieces. These pieces must come together within and without. This is done alone and all-one together within respecting life, here, so that life can begin.
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