Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 322 The Global Mind of Self Interest: Bernanke and " It's Complicated"

I am reading this article about the supposed financial crisis and the need for a new global system and it dawns on me, in all common sense that the whole financial crisis is a scam and it does not take much to realize this.
This is a planet with resources we use to sustain ourselves, men move this resource around and create things with it to, hopefully, improve our lives, to allow us to live. We build machines to move this around and develop this. We all participate in this process, well most of us do, there are many that are born and starve, some more quickly than others and some over a longer period of time.
And then there is this thing called finance. And this thing called finance evidently determines how things move around on this earth. Yet, how can a secondary thing determine how things move around, and how can what is a system that organizes be in some kind of crisis? I mean what is done after something is made by a man, or a collective of men, it moves from one place to another, or through a physical process changes form. So, how is it that there is a financial crisis, when this is simply a thing placed on resource?
The only reason a financial crisis actually exists is because someone, or something, a collective is placing conditions on that actual physical thing being moved around, like saying, “ you who live on this part of the earth cannot have this because I want this.”
What should come before any and all conditions is support of life, period. When one person or plant or animal, when anything on this earth, needs some kind of support this should be given, absolutely, because the resources of this earth are given freely, no one can own them, they are here, they are us, they are each of us, they are what supports us, all of us, the substance of this earth is what is life, what provides life. This drama of financial crisis is a drama, an illusion, and we are all accepting this as real, and it is fabricated, it is not real. All beliefs around this can be dispersed and the complacency with which we disallow moving out of this common sense must stop. The so called “ financial crisis” is a smoke screen, an avoidance tactic, a tantrum of greed”, because it is not what does the actual physical moving of things, it is something imposed on this earth. And all based on a belief that one thing can be more than another, when what is here simply is what it is.
If I talk about bubbles being around individual people, one does not have to use this to understand, if one never experienced this, what is happening on earth because objectively the technological system that is on earth, BUILT BY MEN, reflects, broadcasts, incessantly deliniates how a human supposedly “ should be” what is needed to be this, and usesmoney to threaten life being sustained should non compliance be the choice made by an individual. Thus fear becomes larger than life, and a few supposedly live, when they are not really life either, a burden is imposed that is what is born f their lives. They will sit in an interview and spout a belief in some divine force guiding them. This is a state of delusion, and it is an illusion that, as far as I am concerned, can sit and delude itself away in a castle box, until its fantasy rots. The miss Havershome, the ones who believe they “have some” can sit and watch their wedding cake turn to dust. The rest of us must stand and realize this delusion as a paper veil, and reorganize this world to become heaven on earth, as we humans can build this, we are industrious, we are capable, we are creators, we have been given the gift of life, lets stand up and be and become what it is that we are.
Organize, join desteni, join and support the Equal Money System. Walk with us, realize that the solution is through simple practical common sense. The communicationssystems are here, the transport systems are here, the hands of men, many idol, are here, the soil is here, the water, the plants and the animals. It is like we have been given a super fantastic toy store to “play” with and we are allowing some spoiled bully stand there and tell us what to do, when we can communicate with one another and solve organizing this world to be at ease, to be healthy, to be alive and breathing and doing and interacting. Every inch of this earth. On one level, would not this be the greatest accomplishment of each of us as men to stand and do? What else is there?
If efforts were put into taking care of this earth instead of voicing a scam, perhaps this world would be heaven on earth.
Because this financial situation is a scam, because it is not what actually physically moves and creates as it is men that move and create here within this system, it should be obvious that everything that is happening with this supposed financial crisis is by design, it is a game being played in self interest without any regard for life what-so-ever.
How money is being used, and the illusion within how money is being used is criminal, as it is denying life on earth. The financial situation is simply how money is organized to move the capital of the earth used to support humans ( and should consider the life of plants and animals too) and this is just it, it is what organizes the resources of earth, it is not what actually moves the resources, it cannot. To think that a piece of paper has the physical capacity to move something is a sign of delusion. Money does not move anything, the directives of men move things.
How money is being used is creating situations of lack, in people, in soils, in the state of the animal kingdom. All of it is being directed by illusions that are in separation from common sense of what actually physically exists here. There is a huge disconnect from reality here on earth by the human.
I also read some interview with a supposed elite person. This persona actually believes that they are elite by some divine design. Incredible. Of course as this illusion stand they probably could come and have someone shoot me, but this will not change a thing, they will still be a human that dies and so will I. No difference. The only difference is a belief, and even beliefs do not actually physically move things around, it is a physical action that moves things around on this earth.
The financial crisis is a scam, it is what allows greed to exist. Acceptance of this system is unacceptable, it is an illusion. We are all being controlled by ideas and beliefs and opinions that are not looking at how this earth, this physical world moves and simply is.
It actually is not even worth it to react to any of the ranters going on and on about this financial crisis, it will do no good, as the humans in the roles talking about this, and the elites benefitting from this, really think that they know, and that they are divine and special, and all in the face of how this world works. They are delusional, they have lost all common sense.
Standing up within this delusion probably would not be all that hard once this is understood by a large enough group of people. The screaming, crying, ranting voice of delusion really has no strength because it babbles on with no awareness of the physical world and how the physical is what is real.
We need a new structure for the global system, and all it involves is common sense, the removal of a delusion that some life has greater value than other life. If you notice the two words are the same, as we are all the same in that we are life, and this is the value. How we are using money is casting a shadow on life in allowing some life to be more than other “life”. And this makes no sense, and obviously is that of a belief only, a thought - not something that is real, and this is the basis of this present system. The human, is simply delusional and thus not really alive, living, being what the human really is, which is life. Greed is a byproduct of an illusional belief, which means that greed can be removed from the behavior of the human, within removing a limited belief and realizing self as mind, as how the mind functions with the physical body, a body that holds beliefs as words, and within this to realize that the delusion spoken as words on earth as beliefs, have become the voice of the program of separation from life that is causing sufferingon earth, and thus an earth that is not moving as life, equal and one. Step beyond the veil of word play, realign yourself and stand to realign this world, into and as what is best for all absolutely, in totality, to bring heaven on earth, as it should be and was the gift given, for all as one as equal, here.

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