Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 338 The " I don't know" Syndrome

The “ I don’t know syndrome”

Saying that “I don’t know” is being in a “ I have no knowing” “state of being”. And this on a physical world of people and plants and animals and soils, and other substances that exist with certain needs and functions, as their physicality reveals. Thus, a human , for example, has basic needs, clean water, sustaining food, education/programming and shelter in order to function. We all know this, it is obvious by the very form and functions of the human.

These needs must be constant, if they are beholden to payment, to a systemic form that places limitations on this, then moving with this physical world within implementingchanges , within being here, moving here, working with what is here, as physical beings has consequences that can accumulate as what sustains the physical is tied to movement within changing what is here. Conditioning basic needs limits flexibility and mutability with what is here. Thus, if what is here as what supports the human, the point as tools as wheels, as the fabric of this earth, do not remain constant in expression as what the human is, then making changes within this fabric of capacity as the human, becomes very difficult, because what sustains is not constant, not maintaining a stable, solid platform/surface/substance. It is to say that if one does not take care of a “ map” then the “ Map” disintegrates, this “ map” being the surface of the earth.
So, how would this “ fabric” this map, this substance that expresses as the expressions of the human, as the physical maintenance of the human, remain stable and flexible and constant, able to change and express? To realize that having the support of this part of this fabric as this earth in a state that is constant would enable change and flexibility on this earth. Each point strong and solid within and as what it is as an expression as a human. This being systemically constant would allow development on earth in ways we cannot even imagine from our present survival based mentality. To say “ I don’t know” is to be in a state of not looking, of not using what one is as a human that has the capacity to understand this in common sense.
For example, say a building is to be built, and within the process of construction of the building it is realized that something was not seen in the laying out of the details in the imaginative consideration of the structure, the pre-planing stage. So, if there is no flexibility within correcting this within the building stage because what supports us physically is determined by adhering to a plan that assumed itself to be correct, and changes mean loss in what sustains each of us individually, the ability to look and be flexible and correct becomes very difficult. Correction means a loss, and then a compromise, and then a insecure building. This is the same if one looks to the whole of men on earth.
If what sustains us is constant, then the flexibility within interacting with what is here, and becoming communicative with what is here and having the ability to stop and look at outcomes as one is in expression here, and to learn from this without a stress - a worry, compression, dis-association with here, removes the state of “ not being in the know” as in looking directly here.

The solution is to maintain what is here, as the very fabric of the surface of this earth as the human, to have this be a constant would allow flexibility, an ability to move with, to transform with, to express with and as what is here. For the human to be flexible, a state of physical constancy must be what exists, thus the very from of what sustains must be what exists. This requires sustaining food, shelter and clean water, this requires a healthy environment, and this demands an environment that is constant in its strength as what it is, and as it, at every point - so to speak- awareness, meaning being in the “ know” as looking at here and seeing here being aware of how here works. This requires an education.
All behaviors of lack in health, in ability, in awareness, in communication are because the needs of the “fabric” of this earth are not systemically made a constant. This is really the only way to get this earth in order. To give what creates a constant state of flexibility to express what is here as us on this physical earth is our responsibility. There is nothing “ to know” in this understanding, it is simply practical common sense of how this physical world works. Reactions of impatience are simply fixations on limitations because a system of economy that believes itself separate from the ecology, that moves as owning the ecology on earth for personal gain can only be a state of lack in practical common sense, thus any human that does not see this, must be in some alternate reality, dis associated from HERE.

What is here as this physical fabric as man on earth, must be cared for and given what sustains it. What exists as a system at present is one of inequality, which as the wordimplies when looked at the consequential outflows is an inequality to this physical world and what functions would create a constant expression of life. Sustaining what is needed to be, is what creates and develops life. Dividing and conquering, raping and grabbing, as the actions of war where the parts as the soldiers are taught.educated to believe that this is what maintains order, that this is what supports is not what is really happening, because had this done what is purports to have done, we would have a world that was stable and constant in its expression as life, flexible, constant, focused, calm, organized, fecund, healthy. The list can go on.

Systemically what would provide the basic needs of men to provide a constant stability and flexibility to express and move with, be in a state of understanding with, meaning becoming equal to and as what we are, is Equality. A system that realizes that this is the value, life is the value, being here, moving with here, equal and one, flexible, constant, communicating, interacting with here as earth as what we are is the solution. This system is, with what we have allowed thus far, is Equal MoneyStand up and supports what will create a constant on earth, humans who have the basic needs and thus rights of life as what we are, here.

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