Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 325 Self Commitments Forgiving Labels

Within being a pre-emptive strike against potential bullying, I create scenarios in and as my mind to deal with the potential attack, and within this I spend so much time away from here, from accepting what is here as life, here in my mind, as what i allow I am in comparison, judging, labeling, assigning a fixed nature to what is here, instead of seeingmovement and breath within and as the life that is here in the various functional forms of this physical world.
Thus it is for me to breath and realize what is here and to move within and as what is best for all. As choosing anything else is creating separation from equal and one consideration of life, this which sustains and is the gift of life, as the physical world, as all that is of the physical world, this that is me.
This is to essentially “own” the physical, to become one ( own-won-one) and equal to and as this, which means being here in every moment, bringing myself here, bring back to myself all the beliefs, opinions and ideas, that are parts made huge, not to be ignored or abandoned, simply realigned as equal and one to all aspects of this physical world, to become temperate with the actual physical, to become of a forgiving temper.
Temper is “ a character of mode of thought”. Character aligned within this definition as being the mode of thought of a person. Temper is also associated with anger, and anger is reaction, in fear of loss, in belief that something is being done to someone, nothing can be done to someone unless one accepts and allows this, on an individual scale and a collective scale, what we as a collective accept and allow becomes what is done onto the physical world. Thus if we allow a belief that some can have and others not, we accept and allow abuse, as we have assigned justifications in self interest without consideration of the life that is earth, a gift. If something is not working for all of life, than the method of operation does not work and must be realigned into what works.
The characters that support usury/ debt, the representatives of life that support this, are accepting and allowing a system that by its very nature accumulates debt, and we allow them to be this through giving a few control and then the consequence we allow as this state of owing to the owning of freely given material that no one can own, an illusion. This is abuse, as within a system of usury, there are never enough chairs to sit on with each division of the value into a less than, to minimize the debt, the waste, which is essentially what the creation of more money through debt does. So with each monetary digit created, the value of the total number decreases, making it impossible for some to repay their debt, thus we all accept and allow our friends and our neighbors to fall. We cannot blame then for having worked or not worked. Some work hard and will fall, and others simply realize the system by its very nature does not work and choose to give up. Do you blame them? It is not life to play this game of abuse. And participating in it is not acceptable either. The only choice is to stand and stop it. Our present representatives are not going to do this, it is like asking a hoarder to give something up, where their “temper” their “mode of thought” is so resonant within as being a hoarder that they are consumed, like Gollum in Lord of the Rings. They have wasted away in their obsessionof consumption. That which they use is consuming them.
Just as the imaginations within and as myself, imaginations that I believe are organizing my world, when they are really survival tactics to avoid being myself here. Being myself means considering all life, within and as the principle of what is best for all. So, I have to give up chasing limited values as what was taught, because they cannot be forced onto this world as all that there is. What happens within trying to fit into limited values is a lot of friction and conflict, and this accumulates into waste, taking the physical as myself and creating an alternate entity, a lesser shadow self, encasing myself into a less than awareness, a heavy, yet thinner presence, the “thinness” unable to move here at ease, as it has not the substance to more here, thus, being equal and one here, creates an ease with here, and then here is “easier” to move on and equal to and as. From my perspective, as mind, as what i was taught, this appears a dichotomy, a contradiction, and yes, it is a contra-diction, it is contra to the dictate of the mind, the mind reflecting the accepted and allowed systemic dictates of inequality, of ownership, of usury, of a more than and less than belief system that if looked at moves within constant comparison which is the weighing of more and less, a voice of judgement. A system created by men, existing within and as ego, a belief system that one thing is more than another, a system that believes directives can be only objectified, when it is self as life as the substance of life within and as form as object, being equal and one in realizing self direction in self honesty and self responsibility with what is here as the physical, being forgiving with what is here, which is giving to what is here, without judgement of what is here into gain and loss, as it moves with how here works in common sense.
I commit myself to slowing myself down, to breathing , here, to see, realize and understand what is here, to practice being here, equal and one within and as looking here,, to when the images of protection and defense as in countering potential threats, as in what might diminish a perception of what it is that I am, within and as/according to the values within class, culture, nationality, race, role play, financial status, I stop and I breath, and I do not allow such ideas, as beliefs presented through words, to define what it is that i am and then react within changing the topic, redirecting the conversation/going off on a tangent into another subject, within this using the limited viewing of existence as how the mind functions, where playing on the fears of another, the ego of another is used as distraction, leading another through energy, through belief, opinion and idea, which is following chains of thought of limited design, as how the mind works, as knowledge and information, to direct away from my own fear, my own self interest in protection and defense, and within this to remain here, breathing, re-moving myself from mind only, into moving myself into and as sensing here, which I must do slowly, here, breathing, learning to bring myself here, equal and one to what is here, in common sense of this physical world, to remember myself here, within and as the principle of what is best for all, to take what is good, to walk what will direct what is here as earth into and as what gives what is here as form and function equal and one, self honestly, self responsibly, in self forgiveness in and as expression of life, to own self as life expression, to won self as life, to become oneness and equality in and as life here.
I commit myself to, slowing myself down, to speed myself up, to be one and equal with and as the physical, to become at ease with and as the physical to realize a reaction in and as directing what is here in self interest only, within following dictates within a system of limited design, to maintain a position of survival within a shadow world destructive of life/of the physical, to realize the potential labels I fear being voiced, is an illusion, and such labels can never be addressed if hidden, never faced if ignored, thus it is to stand, equal and one to what is here, to allow/to face the storm of separation, realizing this is not all that exists, realizing that this can only be and become what i am if I accept and allow this, and within this whole scenario, as what presently exists on earth, it is to realize that what must be walked is this process of realignment, and that there may be manytimes that I fall, yet it is the only way to learn how to walk, equal and won to and as life here.
I commit myself to slowing myself down, to breathing, to facing limited beliefs, opinions and ideas, accepted and allowed, existent at present here, and to breath and move in common sense of what is best for all, to take what is good, and to not react, to realize a label as judgement is a shadow and thus limited, and must not be necessarily stagnant, and within this to also listen, to see, realize and understand the directives that come from realizing the lack in limited seeing as being what has not been “looked at” and to realize what might be pointed out within directives, where both scenarios actually directly and indirectly indicate what is here within and without through nonsense of space as what is between what is illuminated/made into import and how this becomes knowledge and information only. where a reaction, a physical reaction is of vertigo, as the pattern set, habituated to the point where it takes time to realize this as what self has become, and within this to recognize this emotion, this feeling leading into a trigger of reactive behavior as loss, and/or into chasing a more than, here the desire is the happy face presentation, a sheen of an energetic bling, where the heart quickens and loses all sense of forgiveness and equal and one realization into and as being directive leading to what allows movement at ease, the heart calm, un-driving as a will of temper and in -stead with being forgiving, here.
I commit myself to breathing, to slowing myself down and realizing, in detail, when and as I move in seeking distraction from here.
I commit myself to slowing myself down, to breathing, to realizing the distractions as imaginations in and as my mind, as self created barriers from being forgiving in equality and oneness to and as life here.
I commit myself to practicing accepting limited labels, name calling, delineation's, as being myself here, and within this becoming one and equal to and as these, to realize this limited value, or made huge value, can be walked into common sense, to and as what is best for all, that such labels can transform/change/move equal and one with this actual physical world, in common sense with this physical world, as the consequence of what is done with the physical world is visible.

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