Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 342 There is no escape from facing what has been allowed on earth. Period.

How can we have a system that allows a few to decide they own the resources of this earth? How can we sit and talk about what “ they” the corporation is doing, what “ they” our elected officials are doing without realizing that we voted these “ they” in” We allowed this, thus when we find we have to pay for out water, we have no one to blame but ourselves, as we ignore what is happening here on earth.
The “ they” is us, the people, and the “they” is us not looking at this world and making informed decisions about what we as the “ they” are doing. In this all abuse existent on earth is the fault of each and every one of us.
Thus the debt that is the outcome of usury, of interest lending on principle, this debt that will inevitably become greater than the principle as the interest can never fully be repaid, will become the burden we bear as we have accepted and allowed this despite having been told by a man with common sense, Christ, that this was enslavement.
So the corporations seeking profits, within and as claiming ownership of natural resources to create a constant profit, going and grabbing the land in their name purporting to develop the land, in the interest of profit, removing the life that is there, simply disregarding it and not paying a living wage, in the interest of profit, is the fault of each of us.
Those children sold into sex, are the fault of each of us for accepting and allowing this form to exist on earth.
Those children starving, they are the fault of each of us, as we have accepted this system of inequality, and turned that corporation into some ambiguous entity, not realizing it is composed of us, of men, of people, as we distort reality into objects of unclear understanding to become ignorant and abdicate our responsibility.
Our children existing in unstable homes and thus becoming the expression of their surroundings as instability, our schools unable, though many teachers try very hard not understanding themselves how the mind and the physical function in detail. Then, this is turned into a profit as America now has the largest prison population, where these prisons are supported by tax dollars as these prisoners are now cheap labor for the companies that make helmets and some appliance parts, a win for profit a loss for the development of that life. And we the people, accept and allow this. Thus we are to blame for all the abuse existent on earth.
The human is the outcome of what is provided for by a system that was created by men. Men are trainable, able, capable, as we see all children are able to learn rapidly and when exposed to stable environments and an education, they can become self perfected beings able to express themselves. We take away through non support and lack in the self determination development of others to feed a system of profit for a few. Thus our ignorance manifest as greed, a crime against life. and we are all to blame. Greed is a form of fear, because being removed from that value being life, being separate from this is a state of lack, and because this is a state of lack of awareness of the value being life, it has no self responsibility within the whole, within considering all life and respecting life thus this lack becomes an expression as energy in its limitation, this limitation breeds behaviors of fear, such as greed.
Just as the debt in the construct of usury leads to a greater debt than principle, is our disregard for this earth as being equal to us, here to support us, going to grow as a debt of pollution, the effects already here with the number of children born with birth defects and autism? Is this what we want for the life that is here? Do we really think that when we die we will be removed from this, from the consequences of this? Do you really think that our actions are not going to be faced by each of us?

Everything that we have allowed on this earth will be faced by each and every one of us, and this is how it should be. There cannot be any escape, as it should be, because we must all realize our ignorance, what we ignored, as this is the only way to become life. There is no other way, in all common sense. If we wait, the consequences of our ignorance are only going to compound until we wake up and follow through with a directive principle that shows us to ourselves that we are all willing to stand as life here, to realize ourselves as life, and this means being aware of what is happening on this earth in totality, on every inch, to making sure that what is here as life, is allowed to be life, here.
We all want our children to become responsible human beings, we would rather this than having to take care of them for our lives. We would rather our children learn to direct themselves, as being self determining is a joy, but in order for this to happen we, each of us, must realize that the present system is not allowing this and that it is a reflection of what we have each allowed within ourselves, we have chosen fear instead of life and until we choose life, the only choice, we cannot be life, we only pretend at life. Which is what we are doing here on earth, pretending to limited values and ideas instead of facing and standing up as life, realizing life is the value and creating a system that is the mirrorof what we are as life within, without.
If the greatest gift were life, would not you have your child face the consequences of the lack/ignorance so that they would realize themselves and become the greatest gift there was? Yes, you would.
Thus death is not the way out, as the consequences of what has been accepted and allowed on this earth that has not allowed self responsibility, self determination, self expression for every bit of life on this planet will have to be faced and worked with clearing up until it is done.
This is the only choice. And that is common sense.
Walk the desteni I process lite and pro. to get what you have accepted and allowed in being less than life, as what you are, cleaned up so that you can stand as life and begin to realign this earth into a system that supports all life realizing the value is life.
Consciousness was the outflow of our separation from life, as our thoughts that compound into emotions and feelings, our limited insight/values that are parts of life, that are what we pretend to in self abdication as life, collections of beliefs, opinion and ideas based on where we were born on a grid of separation into race, class, nationality, religion. We have become parts, collections of divisions that are reflected as mind, as consciousness. Consciousness is the signifier of our ignorance and thus it is the gift of showing us our ignorance for which we must forgive ourselves, bring back to ourselves to face ourselves as life, to stand up and accept ourselves as life.
Consciousness as mind indicates where we have not followed through in common sense of life of which the physical is the gift for and as. Heaven as an afterlife is a fantasy, what is real is the physical world. Thus what is real is right under your feet. Time to remove the hallow halo, it is the product of your separation from life. It is your hell, it is your precious pretend ring, it is the projection of our ignorance.
Let's get this done. Equal Money

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