Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 324 In unequal ownership of capital we all fall down

The consequences of human practice reveal what works and what does not work, and the system themselves are acknowledging that what has been created by humans does not work. In the medical world it is known that Chemo therapy is a temporary fix, one which does more harm than good in the long term. It is the same with CAFO production houses, and it is the same with the finance system. What we are doing is simply not working, it is creating more damage that support of life.
Despite awareness of this there is a complacency within standing up and changing this. What must be realized is that a web has developed on which we all depend, this “web”physically consists of transportation, communication, and man power- physical man power. What turns the “avenues” on and off is money. These avenues were created, built by men, thus they can be changed, reformed, transformed. What stops these avenues from being used is money. If not enough money is flowing into the hands of a few, then movement is stopped. It is an action of spite, yet it is seen as protection of ownership, and ownership determines how high one is on a pyramid, how much sustenance one has access to. All of this is a placement of relative values, thinking one thing is greater than another is a belief because it is a relative value based on an idea, and idea is a quality of this world being noticed. When this idea is made of more import, when a value is made greater than another, over produced, aggrandized it robs life because all the values, all the qualities of this world, are ignored. This is like diminishing the fabric of life, just as ignoring all the aspects that create fertile soils. Desertification is like deserting life.
Generations of ignoring all the values, making some more than others, is destroying life, within and without. This practice of making a few values our own is ignoring everything that is here, and realizing everything that is here is a composition of life, and everything that s here must be realized as us, as each of us, where we are nothing without it. So without life, without life being the value, and all existent as life, here on earth, we are at the point of being nothing. Here, there can be no fear of being nothing.
Those representing life, are representing limited interests because limited interests are what we have all collectively accepted and allowed, our interests are of limited values. And we know that our limited values are not working.
What stops us from moving out of this is not wanting to let go of ownership of such limited values, because the system is built on these limited values, so if we let them go, where would we be? We have allowed them to “ hold us up” so to speak. And the structure created is a pyramid.
So, we take the pyramid down. The medium maintaining the pyramid is money. To then take money and distribute it to all, so that all have enough to keep food on the table and keep a roof over their heads, would be a first step in removing this pyramid. In- stead of following limited values, we become stead - fast in supporting all life. Fashioning a system that is one and equal to how the physical world works, becoming aware of the physical fabric that is the expression of life.
The limited values presented within the consumerist society are idealistic , most of the pictures of farming, for example show bucolic cows munching on grass on a green field, but this is not what exists. What exists is confined cows in stalls, or in small fenced in lots of mud and feces.
What exists in my world, with the people around me consumed by cancer is that the majority of them die. The major majority of them die.
The taking of limited values and designing a system of owning them without realizing equality to what is actually physically here as this earth, is bypassing the very substance of life, and in so doing, an understanding of life is missed, passed by..
The complacency, manifest as an avoidance tactic, by the likes of those who manage the present profit based system, such a Bernanke, cannot see a way to keep what they believe they own, so they stall, and say it is complicated. It is not complicated, but if the belief that one can own something is all one can see, then there will be no solutionfound, because there is no solution there, inequality, ownership for a few, simply does not work. It will create an imbalance, where to one at the top of the pyramid, will perpetually want to control everything, until there is one single person against many, and that one single person will eventually stand against the many, all those at the base and then be consumed by them. This will be the lowest common denominator. The lowest common denominator we all share, each of us, no escaping this, is death. A life never lived, a live lived in diminishment, varying by degree as to when this occurs, for some it comes quick for others it lasts within seeming time, but in the end this lowest of this accepted and allowed common denominator is the outcome. A death, an absence of becoming equal and one, to and as life here. Thus we become what we allowed, a state of being in ignorance of creation, and since we are ignoring creation, we are not allowed creation, and are tossed back into nothing.
One can support a child within learning how to walk, but that point must come where the child must walk on their own. And all of us want children to be able to walk on their own. That is the joy of life, and each of us want this joy for ourselves as well.

Ring around the roses
A pocket full of POSES ( not poesies- or same difference?)
Ashes, ashes WE ALL FALL DOWN.

This is the outcome of a pyramid scheme.

The solution is equality.
The solution is a system that supports al forms of existence, allowing the expression of life, here.
The rewards are realizing ourselves as life, as we move in consideration of all life, that what is really a "more than" is simply being equal and one, forgiving ourselves as life here, with and as the physical, to birth ourselves into and as life, to stand equal and one in transformation with and as life, here.

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