Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 327 Orderly with Tulips yet NOT with men?

People talk about dogs as having had obedience training, I have even heard some say that “ that person has not trained that dog”, which means that dogs can be trained, and the dog’s behavior - dogs that are supposedly “less intelligent” then men,- is because the owner has not taken the time to discipline the dog. But then we blame a human for their behaviors! There is obviously a disconnect here in logic. A dog can be trained and the fault is not with the dog but the owner, or , for that matter the dog’s behavior is blamed on the dog having been neglected and/or abused. Why is not the same attitude used within looking at the human being? Obviously, if a human comes from a stable home, they are more likely to succeed, so a human that does not succeed, or is unable to “get a job” and take care of themselves, it becomes the fault of the human. Even plants are looked at for what they lack and what they need, even looking at the soils as what determines the health of the plant. But with humans, this is not practiced. What would make a healthyhuman is not what is sold in the stores, is not what is produced. Is creating an ideology that humans are “more than’ animals a ploy to hide the fact that they are actually the same, needing an environment of support and education to become all that they can be, and that it is the environment that creates the human? The fact that education exists admits that humans can change and develop , thus a lack of education disallows development, real education does develop the human, and that if this is not happening than something is not working within the system, something is not working for the human to be able to become self directed, self honest, self responsible. It is not being given.
This lack of development in the human, makes no sense, especially since we humans have developed a system that can cultivate fields and fields of seemingly identical and supposedly “perfect” tulips. This shows a systemic approach, developed and practically organized to consistently produce something. Yet, with humans, we have a belief that each individual human is to blame for their behavior, so on the one hand we blame the individual, and one the other we create systems to produce a consistent outcome overall. On the one hand we realize steps needed to create consistency and on the other we ignore this. But here is the “twist.”
Because we, as humans, are systemically able to organize what is here and developed what is wanted in an orderly fashion when it preserves the self interest of profit, would mean that the very behavior of the human, as it exists at present is of a systemic design. I mean, there are so many prisoners in the United States that it is now a profitable business, our prisoners are making all the war helmets, and the tax payers are paying for this, and a profit is being made, because these companies that now run the prisons are showing their profits! This would mean that prisoners are created in a systemic way. So, this can be nothing other than profit from abuse, profit from a measured disallowance of potential, which is a suppression of life.
Then we have this “star” quality we have turned into a carrot on a string, turning self development into some magical “state of being” that only a few have, as though we as humans are a hive society. Ironically, there is a place for all expression, but a forced expression, is not freely moving, it needs chains and dictates, and thus an indication that life is not understood.
With this system, we have allowed the “exception to the rule” a “rule” of separation from life, a “rule” of inequality, to be the norm, and the development of a person within self expression to be a special “star” quality, yet with our systems of production we show ourselves that we can organize consistent development. The two are at odds, and one admits the other ability, either being suppressed or allowed development. How does this make any sense?
This would mean that we are rejecting looking at what is here in common sense, and that we are all within limited insight of the actual physical world, choosing to look “here and not there”, it means that our media is selecting values and presenting them, building ideologies that can be deconstructed because they are not considering the life around them in totality. As long as money determines who gets what is for-life-given resources on earth for the profit of a few instead of being used to allow all life to develop as it is meant to function according to its inherent form, what will exist is abuse of life, abuse of the form of life here. No matter what is said in opposition to this, the evidence is everywhere in the destructive behaviors this present system creates.
Life is being completely rejected and then beaten with a stick - so to speak- and those doing the taking in self interest - are a robot of limited belief, limited insight, limited opinions and ideas. As long as we support this system, we, each of us, are to blame. And the solution is to change the system, to realize life as the value, to realize we can only be in one place at a time, and that we as the human being “form” can only deal with what is here right in front of us, thus what do we need to actually live here, in practical application here? What we all want, as life, is to interact here, with what is here, and in order to do this there are physical needs that must be met, and this does not need a huge home within innumerable cars and “stuff” for one person, and it does not need all the war machines we allow to be developed. The war machines are simply a bully stick in brutal suppression of ourselves as life, here. We punish ourselves as life in allowing this. This makes no sense. It reveals a lack in our sense of ourselves as life. And obviously, we know how to create “order” as we show ourselves this within the fact that a system exists!

So, as always, I look to the whole and then bring this back to self, as this starts with myself, as a human. This system is an accumulation of what I have accepted and allowed.
Within myself, in not allowing myself to be vulnerable, in fearing the voice of opposition to life, here and not speaking up in common sense, I become one and equal to the opposition to life, instead of allowing myself as life to speak. One of the things I have written about is that common sense is considered dirty. And as a child, I felt as though I was considered “dirty”, diseased, the bringer of disease. This was simply my parents wanting me to survive within the present system, being inferior to life, being in fear of survival, beating what was needed to survive through humiliation and denigration, which I accepted and allowed, as being a child, there really, as far as I could see within wanting to survive myself, no other place to go. In all common sense, one person cannot change this system, it takes many, just as the armies created to abuse life are composed of many men. And this is even turned into stories by Hollywood of one man being the salvation within some “created” conflict. This in the face of the fact that many many many men covered the beaches of Normandy. I mean really! Time to let go of an illusionary dream of being that movie star-super hero energetic orgasm, it is a sold carrot on a string, and within that carrot is a hook pulling you out of the water of life, taking you from yourself as your self as life. It is a marzipan carrot, it is not real, it is poison.

The solution is a system of equality, realizing the value is life and creating a system that allows all life to be and become , equal and one to and as life, here.

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