Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 530 Being in Charge.

I get charged up with being unable to answer to what is essentially objections. The thought comes up that I “ don’t know where to go” or that I can’t answer it”  and then I have no standing, I allow myself to become inferior and my fear is that of losing ground, which means I move into an agenda of wanting to be superior. But stability of remaining here, on common ground, as what I am, looking at the details of what it means to execute the physical mechanism that is the form of me as life here, my memory is subject to here, thus my memory to function must be a working memory of what is here as the physical in practical application.
If the measure of my working “ memory” as past experience is not of the detail of how the physical mechanism moves, and is charged with a value, it means that I am not equal to that which moves me, here, and I become uncertain, which means I require investigation and realignment to common sense.

Since the physical determines myself here, what I allow that does not regard the physical with every breath, with every objection,  will end up destabilizing myself as life. Thus to sense here I cannot have any charge, because I can only move in constant cross reference to the physical, which means to investigate and bring back to here, in common sense.

So, how to bring myself back to investigate what is essentially being normal, means looking at here, at the simple detail of how here moves, and to realize what brings stability in gifting what beings ease to another. This means slowing down and looking at details in common sense towards something that can remain a constant, that gives purpose, that is consistent in direction so that a structure is built that makes a sense easy to remember.

In so many ways, words that have no charge and that give direction opens awareness to detail here, so that the executive function of myself as a physical form aligns, here. Thus, it is to always bring the words to what makes sense in detail as not only awareness building of the measure of this physical fabric that allows me to exist here, but also, at the same time, in opening this awareness as a focus, to then exhibit a constant that never leaves, because the measure has become equal within to the without. No manner of loss be present, and no manner of discord need destabilize because the points can be brought back to what I am as how I can exist, here. Facing objections means to use executive function of sensing here, using a working memory of words as a collectively given name of how here, as the physical moves/exists - no added values necessary. As such, added values of measure as one thing being more than another, is a crime against life. 

A lie by omission, with a threat of gain or loss, as both are similar because they destabilize, must come to an end. This, as such, in our present system, moves all liability and ignorance onto the many at the base of the hierarchy that is a system moved by judgement instead of discernment. And it uses the gift of life as the wealth of earth and transposes this into money and then, places laws and borders to order that wealth in ways that separate each of us from our true potential, through omission of opportunity and what is needed to support a physical mechanism that allows life. Thus, for those who are able, it is time to stand and change the system within, through equalizing ourselves within, in common sense of physical reality, which means stepping out of our minds and coming back down to earth, realizing all resistance as objections to slowing down and aligning ourselves back into being normal, and as such, equal and one to here.

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