Sunday, July 24, 2016

Patience is more natural than anger Day 711

Anger is always self anger.

I realize more and more how much anger is really self anger. it is not having enough information. It is reacting as an event, as seeing the problem and reacting, taking the long road into solution. How many times have each of us regretted reacting in anger in past moments? I know I have many.

There have been times in my life where I was calm, and despite a short tempered reaction coming towards me, or myself reacting as a short temper, if I look, I can see that I was/am reacting within fear. Fear is having value judgements, fearing to lose my life, or an idea thereof. I hide in anger, resisting and pushing away what is in other moments more natural and less a cause of friction. These are more often than not, those moments where the emotional fire subsides, moves through its course and settles in moving forward without increasing accusation and a residual ill will.

Thus, anger has this quality, or I might say, dimension to it, that is rejection and resistance, a ‘ not wanting to know’ because resolution would mean facing an already accepted idea of impossibility blending into self pity, one a consequence of the other, building a voice of futility. Yet, that there is movement in limitation, as energy, as this, it means that the strings pulled as this, can change and self realize this movement and learn to recognize this and realize just how limiting such a construction is within. It also means that nothing can touch me as life unless I accept and allow it. It means that patience is more natural than anger. 

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