Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The supposed crack in the glass ceiling is an illusion of Hope. Day 712

This morning I am in a small supermarket. There are a lot of people because of the summer vacationers. The radio is blaring away. A voice comes through of Hilary Clinton, her words are. “ We have a crack in the glass ceiling.’ I stopped.  Meanwhile the cashier was asking me how I was going to pay. 

IN that moment, in relation to those words, and all the buzz of people and actions I realized that manipulation, is what we do to ourselves, constantly.  Not sure what Hilary was specifically referencing, I assume it is the Glass-Stegal Act. What ever it was, or is, the idea of putting a crack in it, if it is about the banks, and their practices, it is such a forgetfulness, as it suggests that there is this busyness of words on paper, created by men that is of such great strength that one can only move as creating cracks in it. This is the political mechanism of creating , an idea of progress ONLY,  within this paper castle of words that are only a code and never the real thing. IN this, change is likened to a battle, that takes time, as it spins in polarities of tiny actions filled with  hope when that very manipulative creation is the game, it is the avoidance tactic , it is a leader saying she is creating change and doing things, when she is not. It is more of the same that will not lead to any measurable change. 

The problem is that we are all in such a narrow focus, having spend our formative years in boxes of information, written by the same that spins the words ‘ placed a crack’    in something about something. Our parents are of the same, and since we are such absorbent beingnesses, we absorb all the emotions, values judgements, that in essence are a consequence of lack of presence in reality, the physical world - that are a separation from being present in common sense. We are riding the train of mis-information created from limited story - an imagination larger than life,  a business of  ideas that changing what we have created because of this, has greater value than what is real- the physical.

the ME-MORE- y of a tree is that physical mechanism of the tree, it needs to imagination, it is what it is, and that is composed of the very substance of life- the potential to be in-inform. The tree needs to be nothing more, and yet it is everything. 

Why can’t we remember what we did yesterday? Why do we lose our depth perception as we age? Why can we not see through the words that spin ideas about things, never really solving problems, just telling lies about playing cracks in things? Ironically, the words placing a crack’ are doing just that, this separation from reality, is placing a crack in existence because it is sucking the life force out, as life rejects what does not support life. We either make the decision to accept all life, as the physical, work with it, respecting it, and expanding our awareness in relationship with it, as it is us, as it is life, or we move to greater and greater degrees of separation, just like the behaviors of autistic children, who are the genetic, the generated consequence of our separation from being present and aware, self honest and self forgiving to what is real. Autistic children are a resonance of limited story, causing a static within, so busy with a false imagination that they it takes their while life to sort out, or at least for those who parent’s become responsible and take the time to give the child some structure to ground themselves. 

Our government is a trust, and our so-called Federal Reserve is owned by bankers who believe that they are more than another, when they are the same as us.  We are educated just enough to believe that we are more, based on the education, yet it is not an education because we are more blind than when we were born, because when we were born, we have enough presence, before the limited information accumulated, that we managed to learn to somewhat self direct our bodies as we began to crawl and to walk and to talk. From then on, forgetfulness set in and we no longer could remember what we did yesterday or the day before. Then we started to trip and fall in our separation into bias as value judgements, a false morality that bears no witness to life. 

Ask yourself, can you carry on a conversation without becoming emotional in some way? Do you at some point want to escape? Do you start to become tense and want to press a point? Do you walk away with voices in your head about the other person being an idiot, or, if the conversation was agreeable  with voices about how nice that other person is? This is really only substantiating your morality, a false morality that is only in self interest.

When you run into someone with whom you have  past of being productive in some way, are you suddenly happy to see them- a huge change from your general state of being?  Is this recognition of life for a moment, a moment of awe? Why is not every moment like that? Or, is this revelatory of looking only for that which was a moment of connection, of someone who substantiated you, such moments coming so seldom and so far in between, when such recognition should be every moment, as state of awe, a state of being alive and present, feeling that one can be open and sharing?

Is it getting harder to drive your car? Is it getting harder to connect with your partner? Is it getting harder to walk? These are all signs of a separation from life. No matter what, there is no one to blame, because the action of blame is not the movement of resolution. Problem solving means respecting this physical reality , and this means moving in ways that do no harm, to anything. It means being present and forgiving yourself as life, as presence, as awareness to what is here.  One, because of this, must really know one’s words, and have a broad vocabulary, because this is how we begin to hear the manipulations and the word constructions that continue a morality that one is more than another, words that appear to be solving problems under the guise of good, yet are really only that and not the real actions necessary to create a world that functions within the principle of equality and oneness, the principle of equality. You are life, accept the gift, stand up, clean up the train of mis-information as a memory of energetic biases, and ground yourself here. Start with breathing, bringing yourself back to yourself, as life, within focusing on your breath. Begin from here, in those moments when the tension builds, and you want to run, or complain as voices , as backchat in the mind, and let it pass, it peaks and then subsides. Come back to life, it is here for the moment, yet it will end. 

Support a basic income, let’s accept life. Stop the blame and the spite, it is the means of separation from who and what you really are. 

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