Saturday, July 23, 2016

Resistance Day 710

I am here, I am physical. What I think about is not what is real, yet what I think about can be a distraction from being present, from focusing here, from seeing life directly, from directing myself here, as the potential inherent in who and what I am.

I am physical.

Am I processing reality? Or, am I processing limited constructs of knowledge and information without a past of practical application? And, is this that I have allowed, as this that the very design of the present system, with so much knowledge and information flowing metaphysically on this earth, what causes me to lose all sensibility in being present in this reality?

What are the attention dis-orders compounding in our children?

Are not the churches, with all their colored windows, an earlier tech of the same as that television, that opinionated voice that is a busy work of making an idea larger than what is real?

How long have we separated ourselves from life. How many generations of separation  each accepts and allows within and as not standing up, have lead to where we are, where our children are so cognitively dissonant that they have a static resonance through which they must try and reach reality, this spatial reality in which we live.  Within this,  centuries of a disrespect of reality, the means of life, the physical. I mean why did we ever believe that we could know a tiger in a cage? How could we ever have thought that a child could be taught in a box ONLY? And from there, spend time watching another box? And, why do we not see that our financial system is by design a system of scarcity? Or is the financial system a reflection of our own accepted and allowed limitations?  Why do we lose our spatial ability as we move from childhood into  adulthood?  Why do we conceptually find it more and more difficult to process new information as we age? Why can’t we remember what happened yesterday?

Why is it so difficult to talk about politics at the dinner table? Why do we decide that what is important, as the policies we ostensibly support through voting ( that in itself in question) is not something discussed at the table? I mean, what happens instead of talk about family members, and their personalities that are in essence what determines the policies that then determine our lives, which, to come full circle, turns into a money system that by design is a system of scarcity.

Is this not reflective of very limited constructs of information that are not working? We discuss endlessly what we accept and allow and the shortcomings there of, and yet we cannot see what is so clear ; what we are within is not equal to the practical world as the physical within how that physical world works in common sense.

When we are directly seeing this actual world, we know what must be done in the moment when we focus here. And yet we do not apply the same to the lives that are on the other side of this world. Most of the families in Syria want to live their lives, enjoy their children. 

Before the King Phillip war in America,  the religious entities had declining members, because the colonists had - although not in accord with a more natural land maintenance system used by the native inhabitants of America-  the colonists had created systems of shelter and husbandry and agriculture that allowed for more leisure time. They felt secure and no longer needed to beg some imaginary god for assistance. They, the colonists had managed the land, with their hands. Nothing else did this but them. In their ‘ peace’ they also would come to realize that they did not need a sovereign to call out rules for them. They were the means of their lives.  And , perhaps, they had learned from the natives an idea that land cannot be owned, it is to take care of it, to work with it. I can only speculate, yet we are so absorbent that the attitudes of the native Americans must have influenced the colonists to some degree.

Why would a government become a corporation, with trade agreements done behind closed doors, that forced the states to use certain products of else be sued?  This is oligarchy, meaning this is each of us allowing a limited format to determine every inch of our presence and awareness about this world. Then that ‘ authority’ determines what is real and what is not, on a physical and limited planet. Why do we allow this game of separation from reality, into what becomes a cult of death? We allow an ego, composed of limited ideas, beliefs and opinions to be greater than what is real.  Moments in history have revealed this to us.  We do not need religion, we do not need a government saying it works for us, when it really works for a corporation of a few groups/individuals that bully a very very very limited form to follow. This is what we are allowing and accepting within ourselves and that shadow is the cause of great suffering to so many animals and plants and children. 

In such a short amount of time, this could change. To respect your neighbor as yourself, to realize they are a contract of information of such limited measure, that their faults are the same as yours, perhaps only different by a very narrow margin, yet having existed in such limitation, such tiny degrees of difference appear HUGE. That is the mirage of existing within very limited information.  Such inequality to life, to the physical practice of living, causes fear, it is being inferior to life, all life. The physical is life. It is the expression of life, it is the gift of life.

One has to deconstruct the beliefs, opinions and ideas layered within, as a perfect practice leads to a mastery that is significant in the degree of ease within processing the information, measurable in how this works as the lack of ease in the behaviors of projecting blame and spite outward that is the consequence of an imperfect practice.  This is invisible yet visible, as it is like a force that is the same as rejection, as resistance. Projecting blame and spite, criticizing actions and words and the things words form in another, is resisting being self responsible. It means one is not moving into solutions, into lending an ease in a moment where one can resolve what exists into a trust that no harm will be done. 

What are you wrapping your mouth around? What thoughts, as thoughts are things, are you allowing? Are you here, giving solutions that lend an ease, and move one’s self towards a mastery of living in equality to the physical? Will you move silent into death with no regrets or will you fight to survive as that ego that is a signature of very limited information and loads of protective and defensive behaviors heard so clearly in the words you speak that are of blame and spite and justification? Will you transcend the ego?

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