Friday, July 22, 2016

What opinions have I allowed to incorporate me? Day 709

I remember when a boyfriend of mine said to me that I had to try Buddism if I wanted to remain with him. I decided to try it for three months.

What I noticed is that this religion, this opinion about reality had many benefits for members of the society. The place being New York City, there was a broad spectrum of people from many different levels and placements in society. 

I ended up playing with the orchestra. It started to take over my life. 

If I took what was good about this structure, I realized that it gave structure to so many. Yet, was this a structure that rewrote one’s script, one’s soul, one’s order, one’s hard-drive memory, was it what placed one in awareness of the real ‘ corp’ that is this physical world, this physical earth, this instrument, this orchestra of incorporated life?  Did this system incorporate all things, giving one self mastery of self in relation to all things, as this physical world that has withstood the test of time longer and with greater synchronicity than the systems of opinion imposed on and structured as systems in the world around us? No.  An opinion about something cannot be what is real. It is a story, that if chanted again and again and again can come to be believed to be a truth of self.  And, why THIS repeating chant? Why not repeat being present and here? Why not place one’s presence and awareness and will into being here, to incorporate real life? To place the real corpus as a real relationship, as the physical? To practice ‘ reading’ and communicating with what is real?

lol, Religion, cultural in-doctoring, Corporate media, they are all opinions, they are all bodies of opinionated form, that can become what is your story within, or my story within, yet not one of them is the real story, a story, a storied layering of what builds and sustains and is life, as the actual sound formation of and as the physical. These things for sale, accepted and allowed, that can take over your life, they are not life, even with inherent good as the very means used to story those who follow such opinions, because this is how we work, we can learn anything, we can understanding anything we set ourselves towards uniting with.  In one way, the means to follow is the means to become self empowered. It is simple and it is right in front of us.

It takes 10,000 hours to master something, it takes 21 days to incorporate a new skill. With the violin, I would incorporate a new skill, the first week was like mapping it out, the more care and presence I placed within this, without distractions ( the chatter in my mind about some unresolved event- a past-time of not being present or not integrating something clearly, or racing to integrate something without realizing the process of integration with enjoyment and patience)  the more fluid the integration. The second week was to ingrain this with movement, and the third week was to practice checking it, so that the checking of it became what was automated as presence. This means, that I got to the point where moving myself through the new ability to measure, of awareness or skill, of mastery of a point,  moved with precision and ‘ flash speed.’  I owned it! 

Is this not what the religion, the culture of our parents as the story of information absorbed in the first seven years, the corporation of the media - is this not what they are doing? Does this mean that the means to the end is right in front of us? And does this not mean that because humans use words, that the way and means of real communication is to KNOW YOUR WORDS to the extent that you can process the storied information to assess what does no harm to this physical reality, and does this not mean that you can by the very design of what and who you really are, mean that you can understand this physical real story all around you that is you?

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