Thursday, July 21, 2016

Only You Decide Day 708

Outside the trees continue to grow. I sometimes forget that they are outside being trees. I remove myself from the physical reality around me. I move into an emotional polarity, inside my head, in my imagination; a blueprint of my experiences, colored with value judgements. I become a train of ideas, beliefs and opinions, that are in separation from being present and focused here, considering all things. What is here is me, I am individual yet a part of everything here. I cannot live without the trees. And, why would I want to? I mean trees are an amazing technology. And I, as a human, am a technology to. I am composed of cells that change every seven years. That is being an amazing technology.  

Just like a computer, I can become slow if I am not aware of what I accept and allow within and as me. If I consider only what is on my hard drive, my memory, and believe this to be more real, or of greater value than the rest of me, then I polarize my presence and thwart my will away from all that is me. I am physical, that is my starting point, all those cells, working so diligently to maintain this form so that I may be present in the magnificence of creation. This creation is all around me. It is the physical. The game of superiority and inferiority, that more equal stance that takes a superlative and qualities it as somehow being more, is the illusion. This is the game of playing with that memory, and separating one’s self from reality. This is the game of hiding in plain sight what is real, because only what is here can be used, because here is what is real. 

If I allow that memory to be the directive of myself here, in this reality, I lose my conceptual ability.  Ever notice how as we age, we have to walk slower and slower, because we are no longer present and here.  With this magnificent machine that can replace every cell within a seven year period, how can such a separation come to pass? Ask yourself what it is that is the cause of a loss of conceptual ability development in perfecting a presence in reality, this physical world?  Should not those who have lived here in this physical reality be the models of presence in reality? Would this not look similar to someone who has mastered a musical instrument? Is there anyone who has done this? And would this not be the simplest thing really, so much simpler than all the justifications against this being possible? Would not that busy work of this not being possible be a cognitive dissonance of a memory gone astray? Can we call this ego? Is this not a false morality, where all the parts are not necessarily something to throw out, as some are in alignment with practical reality?

We have a system where we have allowed a sovereign entity to determine what we think, how we maintain our health and what we do with our time. And yet, I have had a policeman say that a sovereign movement is a cult! lol, it exists, one can see this in the immunity some higher ups have, they get away with things the chattel, as the population of personas, as people, cannot. In a way, it is a cult, a culture where a few can do what they want, and the rest foot the bill.

Also, we have allowed our labor to be monitored and directed through acceptance and allowance, feigning ignorance- when we are so capable of doing the math via the incredible conceptual  ability and sensitivity inherent in the design in and as a sentient being -  that what is for sale by the sovereign corporation we have accepted and allowed - is meant to suppress and limit, otherwise the game of control of those who have abdicated their common sense, and those who have become somewhat more responsible as the beneficiaries of this corporate trust, would not exist. This game ends up limiting both ends of this spectrum, this polarity, this system of value judgments in separation from the physical reality. It is the mirror image of what we allow within when we believe our memory is greater than reality.  We have put our trust in God and that God is money, where we allow our efforts to flow, and that flow builds a castle that at present hides within the label of capitalism, that is really what was once labeled as communism, and is really an oligarchy held in place though a collective amnesia of one’s own acceptance and allowance. 

And meanwhile, that tree is out there making oxygen to breath so that those cells can attempt to replace themselves and sustain this opportunity at life as in-formation as the physical to self realize creation as what one is, and then stand equal to and with it, to conceptually be present, here , aware.   What if there were a dissonance to life, in the form of a picture show, within, visible yet invisible, called energy, that is a polarized self warped into limited ideas as a self  in self abdication of accepting a common sense of life, physicality, who and what one really is? Do  we read enough to understand that the density of the matter in our brains tells us the degree to which we are present, having payed, or paid attention to what is here in reality or not? What if this were a form of pollution, a death cult so visible in each and every human being losing all conceptual ability to the degree that they no longer can walk with ease at the end of a life that began without religion, without nationality, without judgement about race, ethnicity, or gender, without ideas within a limited morality and without fear to stand up and respect all things? That starting point of some greater degree of clarity before the resonance of the sins of the fathers sets in, that starting point that  could see with clarity that the proverbial woman made wicked in stories told in childhood, one of many seminal moments of planting ideas leading to the dissonance blinding reality, this woman, labeled as wicked, was really cinderella in another life?  

How can one begin to remove the chaos of ideas, beliefs and opinions, composed of value judgements, a false, as limited,  positive? One must master language, the words. And then, one must read a lot. One must realize that the spoken word is no different that the written word. Ask yourself, ‘ What are you wrapping yourself around as the words you accept and allow?”  What are you creating with the things you form with your mouth and the space in your mind? What are you forming with your thoughts and your spoken word? Be careful, because what you form layers in the flesh and goes to direct who and what one is, because what we practice automates us.  Are you present and focused here? Are you able to do the math?  The means to perfection is the same means towards a disassociation to reality. Can you walk with ease anywhere? 

I would suggest to start your journey back to life. It is time to master yourself as life, the cells are there and the trees are there to help you, to sustain you, to give you the opportunity to walk through the eye of the needle and remove yourself from the cult of death known as ego.  I would suggest, to practice self forgiveness and self corrective statements to program yourself equal and one to life. I would suggest to really get to know your words and take care within what you wrap your mouth around, and your thoughts around. it will determine if you really live or die. No one can do this for you, and blame is blame. Self forgiveness and corrective application is yourself gifting yourself life.

DIP Lite is a free course to help in your journey through self forgiveness and self corrective application towards your journey back to life. And there are many free interviews on Eqafe. You decide, and only you.

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