Sunday, July 17, 2016

Remaining Present Day 706

Remaining Present

What does it mean to take information and place it into physical practical reality?

Someone came up to me yesterday and asked a question about education. They asked me if I had any research studies done. Pause. Then they asked if there was any qualitative and quantitative analysis.

I realized at this point that this is where the person was heading, expressing their informed ideas only. The terms not bad, and not complicated. If I were to go into detail, I would at this point get a set body of information that would have difficulty moving outside of that. Data on a page was more important than reality.

This begs the question as to realizing that looking at a tiger in a cage can tell us nothing about the tiger. Of course we could stare at the muscles, the teeth, the hair, etc. etc. and make assumptions about the purpose of these mechanisms, yet without the context of nature, we cannot really know how that tiger works and why they are formed the way that they are. 

It becomes absurd to decide what something is in a box. It becomes absurd to measure in a limited environment. It becomes absurd to look at something ONLY in a box, because it is understood that in isolation, the observer influences the outcome. I mean, is this not why nature is considered symbiotic?

I find it interesting, that business uses the anecdotal. Meaning, business uses testimony, that real live, in the nature, in the real living world, situation as its measure of effectiveness. How have we allowed ourselves to accept studies in controlled and isolated environments to be considered valid?

Again, it is one of those situations where the parts realized in isolation may not be all invalid. Yet, they cannot become what justifies what is real, because what happens in the real world, where all factors influence everything, what is real and what is effective becomes what works. Thus, the real world, all those 1+1’s. the building of effectiveness, as the building of awareness in reality must be considered in practical reality. And, within this, that forms change, hence we as organize robots, can only really be effective in life with our presence being here, in the physical reality.
The quantity of our awareness and the quality of that exists here, in the physical.

Would this then become a grounding that remembers what one did yesterday, or the year before? 
Conceptually, we humans have allowed ourselves to become so removed and separate from this reality, that the idea of remembering where we were and what we did yesterday appears impossible. And yet, this state of being would be real living. 

Where are you? Are you here, or are you focused on a past and a future that as such focus, is a state of being that has no real relationships to life.  What is the real quantity and quality of your awareness?  Are you processing reality or a set body of information that in reality is a conceptual lack of real living here. Is this what you accepted and allowed to define who and what you are as this life? Will that set body of information withstand the test of time ? Will you move with and as what is real? 

One really cannot learn to perform in life, unless one can play the instrument of life, a physical instrument, that is not emotional, it is stable, it moves in transformative ways, it is creation. It is time to take the tiger out of the cage. It is time to live. That is quantifying and qualifying life to realize a potency so fulfilling it is a design of beauty to behold. Are you awe struck in every moment? This is a marker of real living.

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