Sunday, July 3, 2016

The shadow of the mind Day 704

For some reason this morning a memory is coming up of an afternoon when my one son had returned home from school. I stood there listening to him when suddenly I said to him, ‘ your teacher is in you.’ I could see the color/nature/signature/presence/outline/measure/quality/persona of my son’s teacher in him, like a cloud, around him, as him. I knew his teacher I had spoken with her many times. This has to be second grade, as she was his second grade teacher. 

I also, realize this presence around me of writing in the morning. Because it is a family holiday, I have stopped my regular patterns, and for other reasons, hence, I am seeing my own ‘ clouds’ of habituated patterns stopping and the presence of them here.

Also, in my life, I have purposely changed up things I have done on a regular basis with the purpose of, initially, getting out of set ways of doing things. For example, for a while I had a small tv on my kitchen counter which I would use to watch the news while cooking dinner. I started to get caught up in watching a show that would come on, inevitably after the news, at the end of my nightly cooking and extend the time watching tv past the cooking. One day, I realized what I had done, and took the TV away. Maybe the solution was to turn the tv off after the news, yet, I had also been reading this periodical on politics etc. for about three years, and noticed that instead of being informed I was becoming righteous about what information I had accepted and allowed in the bias of the perspective of the periodical. Thus, I stopped reading that periodical and watching the news, and started to investigate other perspective. This was when I could the same articles posted on both sides, with a few words changed. How had I missed this?

In all, I find that changing what I have turned into a scheduled habit can show me where I have become stagnant, and where I am not aware of what I am doing.

Thus, this change in pattern of late, and this memory coming up, is a reminder of how absorbent I am as what I am as a human being.  It makes it more clear that I can really only be here, and that i must with every breath, bring myself here, to become a reflection, so to speak, of being here, and to realize that I can so easily become a colored bubble stagnant in belief, opinions and ideas. Reflecting what I have allowed, that becomes a persona, and reflecting the measure another person who becomes the same as what it is that I speak, can make communicating with another, and problem solving very difficult. And I can see where a perpetual broadcast system, known as our media, whose space is bought by a few, who have allowed us to believe that not only do we take out loans to build value as living, but also charge us with interest to utilize that loan, thereby siphoning all monetized labor ( my understanding and way of saying this at this point) into the hands of a few, who then broadcast a limited story ( the parts not all bad) again and again, in self interest,  to the point where the story ( measure ) is believed to be a truth, just as I did in getting caught up in a limited story that I began to be righteous about until I investigated more words produced by this same system only to find that the same forms were being processed with changing a few words, to keep a system of conflict in place as a distraction from realizing the Machiavellian means now a tech soap box called the media! Me Dia, my god, my structure of following a limited story that is all I can see and thus what must be real, and that I use to entertain me, like a business in a narrow focus, where i do not even want to know what it is that I do not know because it would mean that I have to step off of my hamster wheel, and I might hurt myself!   The idea of jumping off the running train of thought that I define myself as, means that I might bump my knee! And I am so busy running around in this persona within myself that I can no longer see what is real, as the physical right here, hidden by my own acceptances and allowances by that absorbent ability that can be used to sense a mode of operation and take that which is good and relate it to what I really am which is a physical absorbent state of being. Okay, that was a long sentence! lol

Interesting enough, what legend am I leaving behind for my children? What am I passing down to the next generation? I mean the bible says that the ‘ sins of the father’s stands for seven generations” That is a math, one that substantiates this sense that I have of breaking patterns and remembering a moment when I had a sense that my son’s teacher was ‘ in him’ as I could sense the color of her around him. I mean, how does an animal sense something out of place? How do they see what is not readily visible to our naked eyes? Is it not the same thing?

Can we not see that what we accept within can become like a blue print at the exclusion of what is real as the physical, AND that this can be used on the self interest of a few? And, that we are the same as those few if we do not realize this? Because in effect, we are doing the same thing?

This begs the question as to what you, yes you a parent or a person in this state of being, are leaving or imprinting to projecting onto others? Are you as a parent enough for any child, if you believe that you ‘ know’ what the real score is? You are not enough, not even I am enough, because I have not realized how all of this works, no one taught me. And who am I going to blame? Am i going to blame the dead of seven generations back? That would be like existing as Plato’s wall, taking to a bunch of shadows of belief on the wall of my mind, or like believing the emotional fire walls generated within me, that ‘ persona thing my sons was generating in second grade” as being more real that simply being here, physical, in this reality that held that projection. Take the physical away and the projection no longer exists. Yet is can resonantly exist and be passed down from generation to generation. Look around and see if this earth is living in a balanced and respectful manner towards efficient use of the physical. Obviously it is  not. 

What is the disease in our children, growing in numbers every day? Would we call them attention deficit dis-orders. Is the idea of a ghost in the machine really such a stretch of any imagination?  Are we bulling an incorrect use of the imagination onto reality, an imperfect practice? Look, we all realize we need to get back to nature, we all sense this so we know the answer. Yet there is a bully impulsing a false picture show that will continue if we accept and allow it. And it does not want to die! Just think of all the jobs that are based on supporting the lack, or the limitation of this projected picture show.  All these jobs that are really an administration of this false contract that races like a train and is so caught up in a narrow focus that is of shadows and painted by projected electrical and magnetic lights that what is real appears to not exist! There is a reason why within the word administrator there exists the sound admitted traitor! 

I also ask myself why I had not learned to ‘ read’ the ghost in the machine and define it, to take that which is good and does no harm. I mean if I can see it, and people in time have described such things as ‘ shadows on the wall’ then I cannot be alone in realizing this, everyone must have the means to do this, as this would be the means of life, to use imagination to test how things move, to asses and investigate before actually taking action and bringing something into creation, into physical form. And would this not make it obvious how much this could be used in self interest?

Is it not ironic how there is a fear of talking about ghosts in our cultures? And is it not ironic how we have even within this talked about how deceased friends, lover and family members have come to visit us? is it not obvious that that ghost in the machine is of one’s own making based on how the machine, as our physical absorbent ability works?  We are allowing a mumbo jumbo, paranormal, metaphysical existence generated from within ourselves to appear to be more real that what is real as the physical, and the signs of it are all around us; how this is used, and how we, each one, is serving this because in effect we fear to live, we fear to use this tool to create!

It really is time to stand up and speak of this point blank, to say this directly to one another, to tell stories of the outcomes of such shadow chasing, and to realize that none of us are enough to build a structural foundation in the children to come because we adults are the product of this same system. The children and ourselves ( with a lot of cross reference)  to must allow ourselves the means to realize the shadows passed down via imprint and sent as messages via a televised system, to enable each the means to be grounded and effective in seeing the ghosts and where they are at, and what is real, as the physical, at the same time. Just look at how a person can instantly memorize a sequence of moves to solve a rubric’s cube and then do the sequence blind folded! That is the means to the end, and a reflection of our capacity as life! 

Those who only see the limitation and lack, without realizing the potential in the machine of a human being, are so separated from potential that they cannot be trusted to guide anyone! In effect, it is not what we do it is who we are within what we do. The structures are not the problem, it is who we are within what we do. We cannot be afraid to point this out, to describe the means of lack and give direction in the necessity to always ground and reference physical reality.

An economic system that does not give each the means to take the necessary care of being physical, is a crime against life. For this reason, our economic system must change. And, parents must realize, that because of the consequence of this system, they are not enough for the development of their children, yet they are the one’s responsible for what character as development in processing what is within and what is without and what is here.

On another front, I have experienced grief. I realize that I was extremely vulnerable at that time. I did not realize how much I could become entrenched in the ‘ measures/ghosts’ of those around me, especially because I myself did not understand how this all works. I realize, with hind-sight that it took me the better part of five years to begin to see the difference between having lost everything and moving into a new form that in itself was another shadow on the wall system.  It is so easy to fall into something like this. The pressure from peers is very strong, especially within a system all around us that does not understand this. And yet, the principles behind this remain the same. And the means of sharing how this works and being careful in sorting this out, remain the same, as the structures that are here, that have proven efficacy within the test of time, are the means to the end. Here, what really matters is who we are within what we do. Many shadow chasers will not hear. And yet, in time, perhaps within a subsequent generation, this will begin to be realized, yet the acknowledgement of this must be continued to be expressed, again and again.  The shadows can run but they cannot hide because what is real is the physical. 

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