Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 511 Tactical in War, Thinking Magically Everywhere Else. A Collective Abdication of Common Sense

If I look at the design of the military, I realize it is very measured, very tactical, it plays with physical objects in every way. There is no magical thinking here. Everything, from propaganda, to the building of armament, to preemptive strikes in countries with emerging more equitable societies. 
Reading about Chile is such a case. The president before Allende, Frei, was already distributing wealth back to the Chilean people. And Allende was in the process of transitioning into balancing out the wealth. Land was being distributed, with previous owners keeping certain amounts, and cooperatives were being formed. 
The more impoverished sections of society were being fed and organizing themselves. As this, they started to discover their capacity, and ended up wanting the change to happen faster. This, in terms of the present system of hierarchy, was a threat to the idea of ownership.
I think of the King Phillip war in America at the end of the 1600’s. The American Indians could not fathom that a man would believe that he could own the land. The land was what gave life, it could not be owned, it was life, one and the same as men.  The land was to be respected and cared for, as it supported life, was life. The Mapuche indigenous people in Chile are now being attacked for the resources within their reserves meant to allow them to continue their life styles. Even the word used here as “ reserves,” like in the U.S. as “ reservations” as though the protection of indigenous peoples was really a guise to “ reserve” natural resources in a tactical long term self interest. These people have cared for their land in sustainable ways, and now the capital flow system of control that we have all allowed wants that land to continue it paradigm. Which begs the question as to why such a system should be allowed to do this? Why has this system not taken care of what lands it has used in ways the are sustainable, and as such not needing to go and take from another area at the expense of the indigenous peoples?
I believe that there is some wording in the political environment that hides what is going on. Always, this happy face presentation that plays with dimension, when the action on the ground is other than what is vaguely presented. it is said that the indigenous people are a value, but if we look, that value is not what sustains them, as I said, but what rapes them of their way of life. Their way of life sustains and works with nature. Why is this area in Chile being raped? Why allow the capital to flow into a wealth that is not placed back into the land in ways that sustain that from which the wealth came?
And yet, a war machine, must be aware of this, because it uses the physical world in very precise, tactical ways to control self interest. And since so many support this, this means this is believed by the collective, despite the fact that so many do not have jobs, and the level of poverty with children in America, for example, is one of the worst in the world in relation to other developed countries. And America uses, by some accounts, more than half of its wealth on the economy of war.
And all the while, our news stations are not conveying this with every word spoken, pointing this out with every breath made. So, our information mechanisms are not giving the people the news. And would we listen? I mean it is all over the internet. 
This can only mean that humanity is extremely disconnected from reality.
We are no longer here. We are no longer listening. We are no longer hearing. We have become entities focused on  very limited values of what is good and what is bad only, creating an energetic bubble around us physically, I mean, the eastern religions talk of seeing through the “ veil” so such a thing does exist. 
Why is it that we have the very precise and measured tactical system as the military in juxtaposition of an advertising industry that impulses excitement and fantasy, an education system that teaches without direct interaction, and an economic system that does not give the physical body of men and animals, and plants and all of the ecology, what is needed to support it as a physical form? The two are in complete contradiction. one admits physical action and the other denies it. It makes no sense. And we can see that we are allowing capital into wealth to flow in ways that are not sustainable, and that there is an addiction to wealth accumulation much like some have addictions to porn, or sugar, or entertainment. Every addiction creating an energetic high within, where dopamine levels jump and crash. Sounds like our economic system, one that jumps and crashes. And meanwhile, the physical world decays.
Taking the resources of earth, dividing them unequally is a physical act, this is how it is done. And yet what we accept as practice is removed from physical reality! This means that we all know what we are allowing and as such we get what we deserve when we continue this abuse, this rejection of life as what we are in common sense. We will end up with-out life. Can we really justify why most are not paid a living wage? Can we justify why our health, in America, is getting worse with every passing day? Can we justify a reaction of indignation when pensions are no longer? 
The elite simply act out what each of us accepts and allows, they are ignoring what is actually happening with this physical earth as much as we, the collective are. We cannot blame them, they are the same behavior of self ignorance of practical physical reality. They are the reflection of our own separation from life. And war, is just the expression of the anger we each have within ourselves because we know we are not standing with ourselves as life in common sense.

It is time to remove the veil of separation, the judgements of good and bad, the comparing of ourselves based on how we look or what accomplishments we have achieved,  the belief that an object defines us, and just simply stop, stand up and realize our  angst is measurable to the degree of our own accepted and allowed separation from life. It really is time to pop the bubble of energy/ the - veil around each of us. It really is time to realize our emotional/feeling roller coasters are the accumulation of our thoughts that are a judgement of comparison that is a belief in a loss that became a separation of forgetting we are equal with everything as life as what we are.
The solution is to stop capital flow into wealth that accumulates into the hands of a few, and instead is placed back directly into practices that sustain the physical world, which can only be known by that which is there on the ground. Allende realized that the profits generated by the copper industry far exceeded what was placed back into the system and that this wealth flow away from the land was unsustainable for Chile and the people. Naturally, those receiving that wealth,  caught in an addiction and as such denial, reacted, and they used their wealth accumulation via what did flow back into the system, as taxes paid by the collective,  for armament - which in itself is a waste of capital. And yet, the mechanisms of this very precise tactical system, as a structure, can be transformed into what places labor and development into what sustains and supports the physical land and physical inhabitants. At this point on earth, there is not other choice but this. And, it is a solution that leads to the reward of life.
Time to place Life on Earth, time to end Wealth accumulation in un-sustaining measure and to realize the value is life, here.

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