Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 513 The Paranormal Veil as Mind Mis-take and the Solution as Income.

The habit of wanting to go into blame instead of addressing inequality, which is facing opposition, which is projecting  a “ wrong” assuming one is right - an act of spite - is myself moving into the impatience of forcing an issue, myself no longer addressing limitations and bringing them into what imparts a solid understanding.
For instance, I had a conversation with someone about history, and I held my tongue. I did not speak what came to mind, to keep the peace - so to speak. This person was complaining about how “ history” was not being taught - just as a general statement. I did not move this into detail. I wanted to say that history is not taught, meaning, in common sense, that the history of life on earth as a system of economy of ecology is not understood, that if we looked at the expression of life on earth, in these terms, there would be no iconic name of one person attached to a movement, but that the “ clay” of the earth as the physical would be described as the form created from freely given natural resources and how these resources moved into a from that determined the state of being of life on the ground, overall, on earth. In the moment, the jump to such a way of looking at history, I allowed to seem overwhelming. It is like facing a dialogue of terms that are a starting point of completely different terms. One of icons in relation to that which the icons are a composition of. 
I find myself shaking within all of this. So, I look at this shaking. This “ shaking” becomes smaller within me, but it is still something I have not “ pulled” together, like learning to control one’s vibrato on a string. I find myself becoming loopy and barely being able to sense the space and time of here.  And I have to look at what I am not addressing, and instead allowing myself to react to as a threat. I have to slow down and breath, because structurally, I am not moving with an absolute purpose that is one and the same as what expresses creation in ways that do no harm. I mean, this is there because this is how life is, it is what life is.
In reading about Chile, and the practices of supposed economic balance, through tax, interest, subsidy, currency adjustments, I begin to see an act of adjustments moving always in unequal measure, always wanting to move capital in unequal ways, a smoke and mirrors show that is really a wall of protection and defense for the interests of those same icons of self aggrandizement that are dependent on the ecology. Allowing these icons is like a giant vacuum, a golden calf, that sucks up everything leaving a desert behind, and everyone is so busy bowing down on their hands and knees in accolade or, lol, protest , that an ignorance of the substance building the idol becomes the movement of the ecology into economy around the idol worship, war - ship.
I find myself becoming very heavy within, very “ thick” like, as the best way to explain this. It is a form of righteousness.  And then I rush and want to explain, but the dialogues around me only seek one me-lode-y. The contrast of self pity and giving up is not what balances out this “ vibration” of forces of ignorance/separation wanting an object to define for us. The only thing that can measure structure is that which expressed/built the structure. Obviously, this cannot be the movement of those praying, nor can it be the movement of those protesting; these are in separation of a balance that is an awareness of the whole, this being the very ground on which we stand, this being the very ecology building the economy. In other words, humans are not echoing the ecology, the manifestation of life that is the expression of life, that unfortunately also echos the accumulation of accepted and allowed separation from realizing itself as life. 
I keep moving into the habit of explanation via a picture, an idol, a belief, opinion of idea in my mind instead of slowing down and learning to see the structural movement on the ground, which, is probably why, when I read about the various meanderings of economic re-FORM in Chile, I had to move really really slowly, and reread again and again. It all seemed overwhelming. I could not see the forest through the trees. And can I speak of the details? No. It seems, like a hodge-podge of fixes that just move around the dis-ease within this country, never addressing the real sickness, which is a lack of structure that allows ease to exist. In all, looking at Chile, shows that the wealth created from the resources HAS to flow back into the place from which the wealth came to maintain that place/ground/environment. Allende, who was a doctor and happened to experience “ on the ground” life, realized this. Of course, those distant entities in America, as the company of ego, in ivory towers - today shiny metallic structures ( from which men are jumping to their deaths) , are so addicted to their energy flow maintaining their iconic self definitions, that they are in sensed when someone stand and says, hey, look at what is happening on the ground, what has been taken has not been given/returned in ways that support the physical substance of life, thus, the profits made must be measured and deducted from what is needed to balance out the devastation left behind.
This is the point of tantrum. just as any addict reacts, the very idea of losing that which supports the accepted and allowed self definition, as the state of being within. This is where the self accepted obsession, which uses the - ironic- ability to focus - must change and transform, slow down and come back to earth, but when first encountered, a shock of insight flashes by, as one has to admit what has been accepted yet not grasped enough to direct because the belief is in full swing. It really is a simple as “ righting’ a perceptual mis-take. That is all. it is also, bringing self back to life, to realizing what we are all looking for, before we “ got lost” in ideology, is  enjoying  ourselves as playing with - so to speak- the substance of creation, of which we are all composed of, and as such the same.
Thus, it is as easy as stopping, looking around and realizing we are the organizers of here, and that we, each of us, can organize this world in ways that all needs are met, that the plants and the animals, and the trees and the wind and the sun, and the soils can be formed in ways that do no harm, that support each of us and the things that are here that support here, and that this would be incredible fun. The veil of separation from this is so very thin, and this veil is composed of pictures in and as the mind, an energetic projection of what I in simplistic terms would call a film both of icon and  electric like substance that is exposed and feeds the manifestation of personality. Thus, all is visible, to each, and to self. And we all know this, it is there in the undercurrent of self, it is there under the ringing electrical voltage of energy that is the voice of separation within self, that which is called the mind, that which many eastern religions say must be quieted to find peace. So, what we are allowing individually is obvious. In this ease of silence, can we then stand and begin to rebuild that damage of this self inner-rest/interest as a state of being that is a mis-take in becoming equal and one to and as the substance of life of which the physical world is a composition of and as, a gift of life, that can only exist, here and that can only happen when we realize we are all equal as life. And, also, to realize the suppression of life in so many, that will take time to rebalance, to refurbish, as so much has been dis-allowed and/or sucked out/diminished. 
Practically speaking, a Living Income Guarantee is to spread the wealth to all, so the many can slow down and stabilize, stand up from kneeling, become silent from protesting, and look at the ground, the animals, the plants, the soils, the water and begin to understand how it all works, and how it is all interconnected and able to function in ways that support instead of harm. A Living Income Guarantee outs an end to inequality and enables the ability to realize self respect as life through actions of respect for the ecology that is the source of the economy.

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