Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 515 The worth and quality of life is earth in equality.

I was looking at the word ‘judges.” and the verb of this word is ‘ to estimate worth or quality.” The noun being an authority who is able to estimate worth or quality. To judge is to form a critical opinion of something.
So, our authorities set these laws to follow because they have critical skills and authority, which means they see and they author what worth and quality is, and the form playout of this on earth.
Earth/worth. They sound the same. And the word ‘quality’ is very similar to ‘equality.’

We have so much authority in our system, it is the process of writing laws, deciding what is of worth, and how to create a balanced quality of life.
Yet there are protests all around the globe at present. So, our authorities are not doing their jobs, and we keep protesting and asking those who are not doing their jobs to do their jobs. Which means that overall something is  missed ( mist=insubstantial). Our authorities are not seeing the worth and the quality that is here and ordering this in ways that sustain balance. Were there balance on earth then there would be no protest.
Can’t blame the consequence, can’t blame the protestors alone. Punishing the protestors is not addressing the reactive behaviors, it is just seeing all this reaction that is happening around the globe/earth as some annoying movement that will not behave correctly. It is like the supposed authors/authority  simply do not want to look at the whole and realize where the problem is, a picture/idea has been authored and they ‘know’ and if things do not fit into that ‘knowing’ then it is the fault of this thing not fitting in, when it is to realize something is not being looked at. 
The answer is always in the sound, in the words. Worth. Quality. Earth. Equality. All things of this physical world must be considered. Humans can be ‘happy’ with enough food, enough room to become aware of this earth. Basic Income studies show that they will send their children to school/educate their children, and will take care of their homes/shelter and will be creative - meaning solve problems and find innovative ways of doing things when at ease, and some point out that humans work less with a basic income, a mis-take, because there is more to life than work that brings in income, there is the work of practical living, and in our present system, practical living does not always bring in money. So more attention is given to family. A basic income does not stop men from working, and what we have allowed to be work as bringing in money, is not the only ‘work’ of life.
We can look at our production capacity, it over time becomes more efficient, freeing one up from that aspect of reality.This is the process of creation, understanding and fine tuning new forms. But if a human cannot be this and is confined, naturally the life within will protest, will seek new forms to expand, will survey its world and realize the limitations. This is the nature of life, even greed uses this to move forward. Because creation is a physical manifestation, as it would be in common sense, creation would self regulate, seeing what has formed and how to form new things that are efficient and author full potential of life expression. 
So, one cannot suppress life, it will inherently protest and seek expression, but at the same time, it does not need excess to be itself as life.So, our authorities are stagnant and blame the consequences of life being itself, which makes no sense.
Our so called authorities have to give up the ‘golden egg’ and let it hatch. The structures of our government system must allow the potential of life to develop. This is life in self regulation, and the protests will end.
The worth and quality of life is the quality of life information as the physical world known as earth. It is each point of the physical manifestation of life that when allowed its life expression would regulate earth. It is the limitations imposed that are of limited values that thwart and cause discord. These values are not good or bad, but limited and as such suppress life because we need only look at earth and see that there are many many many values. If we ignore these values, and call them externalities than why can’t we see that these externalities will protest and that were they not protesting life as this physical manifestation of life as earth, would be in balance, self regulating as is the real nature of life because life would creation!
One cannot create a limited image and likeness of what man should be and then try to force that form as man into a monocultural ideology. It will not work. Moving all the capital of earth, as the resources into this ideology will create massive protest from life, of which men are a quality of and as.
Our authorities have to give back to all parts of earth what is needed for men to live in dignity, where each man has what allows the life that is that man to fulfill itself, and an environment that is cared for and allow men to self sustain themselves , which the human machine is capable of doing and being. It is only suppression that causes the expression of life that is that formation of life to react and become behaviors of venting limitation. LImiting life will end up as all focus being regulating that suppression. All expression moves towards regulating suppression and consumes the principle that is life in the process. We see this happening all over the earth. This is the consequence of a limited idea of what worth is, a selection of values that are not all values, and the physical is the value because it is the manifestation of life.
If one cannot see this, then one has become zombified with limited values, One must begin to see the limited values accepted as a self definition, an illusion as a belief that these values is all there is. This is an inner construct that pushes away anything that is not that monopoly of a limited collection of values. And our authorities are blaming life for not conforming to these limited values, when life cannot do this, it simply will not work.
Practically speaking, money must be allowed to all, enough to meet basic needs, to give life its expression back, because this is the best regulation of life. 
Regulation of the environment can only happen on the ground, someone in an ivory tower, built of the tucks of elephants ( thereby destroying the elephant), cannot see what is needed on the ground, and data that uses a means to decide ignores all aspects because it defines through division into what appears to be a common denominator on paper but not on the ground. This is simply trying to move earth into easily controlled bits, which is someone playing god, and one, or a few, cannot be a god, because ‘god’ can only be that which creates, is creation and creator at the same time, which is the manifestation of life, as the physical, composed of and as creator and creation in equality as the gift of life, in movement, breathing, sensing, being, here, all of this substance working in tandem as all as one as equal, where each part is individual, yet one at the same time. A measured  limited value system as being a worth of quality is limited,  life and creation as men regulates as self awareness capacity allowed full expression/comprehension, which is each individual part respected and individual yet one in respect of all values, as this is how one value can exist to join and create an expression of life, here.
I suggest those in ivory towers, come out and equalize with the ground as the physical earth. the story of the tower of Babel ( a babel of limited values - many call ego) is ourselves revealing to ourselves what we have accepted and allowed that is ourselves in separation from life.
Each human has an innate ability to see what sustains and as such what is of worth and creates quality, which can only happen with direct interaction with the physical world. 

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