Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 512 Why not use out ability to attend to detail to create Heaven on Earth?

I have been reading this really long article about a whole series of changes in balancing out money flow back into a country. It appears to me, that endless changes happen to move debt onto the public, and tweak profits that are moving out of the country, this is the capital flight game. I mean, the change in interest rates, and exchange rates, and taxes just seem to undulate all over the place. Then these small social fixes are made within the country whose capital is flying away in the form of profits when the balance gets a little too tipped in one direction. The entertainment/media/communications system is controlled by the one with the capital, so a one-sided story is what is told, naturally. And, even the cultural development is controlled. Humans use their ability to see detail, and patterns to grab and abuse, rape and justify, instead of using this skill to create situations of dignity and development for all. There is no sense within what we are doing.
As long as we allow a system where some profit more than others, which is allowing some to accumulate the wealth of freely given capital/resources from earth, we all allow the very limited focus of ourselves into the details ONLY of how to manipulate and grab this wealth with an idea that having more things defines us when it is really the opposite. It is how aware you are of the physical world, in how this physical entity, this earth and all that live on it, actually works to the point where one can understand every move with physical existence, to enjoy its expression, in balance in common sense of its surroundings. This is a real focus, this is using the ability to attend to detail to live. If we would think of earth the way we think of ourselves say, for instance , as a fashion show, then imagine the depth of attention needed to DRESS the earth. I mean would that be so much fun, to actually dress the earth, every single point  and piece of it in ways that no matter where one walked it would be this fucking amazing experience? Why limit ourselves, why not go the whole way?
We have the staff of the human race. What more would we ask for? Is it not time to come together and realize we are the staff and the earth is the stage? Why don’t we play “ dress up “ together? We could be like children, all getting dressed up, cleaning up the stage and actually practicing for a dress rehearsal towards the greatest show ever. HEAVEN ON EARTH. I mean, there is no utopia about this, it is simply what needs to be done. It is time to have some fun.

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