Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 272 Equal Money Capitalism will end lack of development in Children

The Problem
Behaviors of children in schools are not addressed within the totality of the present system. Consequences as to why behaviors such as acting out frustrations and throwingtantrums, carrying plastic guns, talking back to adults, not doing school work, truancy, and suspension, in totality, are not addressed. The absolute prevention of such behaviors will not exist until everything, as this total system, is looked at within how it functions, how it creates lack, to allow and accept such behaviors. Addressing the consequence, a con-sequence will not solve the problem. Such an action is only trying to force a presentation onto an already frustrated - due to lack- development. Obviously, this is what the present system is trying to do, face consequence without looking at what created such a problem. I have seen the word “ intervention” used within how school learning programs are described, as usual the words tell us what we are doing, as words describe. An “ intervention” is an inter-vent, like sticking a pipe into a polluted mess to allow the gas, the waste to vent. It is not different from dealing with the problems of our schools, where placing an intervention on a consequence, allowing a “vent” only, is not looking at why these children are not as ease, and instead eliminating them into a system that deals with elimination, as prisons. Which has become a norm, prisons are now profitable enterprises, as this has been accepted. In totality, this system is limited and it is not working, it is not creating ease on this earth. It is not developing human children, and it has accepted this non-development, which is clearly a crime against life. There is no way out of this, and this must stop. Period. Profit with consequence, as unaddressed problems that lead to survival behaviors, as what crime is, reveals the problem. Plain and simple.
There are studies all over the internet, in this age of information, about the importance of adequate foods, of stable home environments, of strong communities as what is needed to support children. Thus, within this system that states it is formed for the support of people, we are not actually living this if our children are not leaning how to direct themselves. And we have children that learn to direct themselves, thus this is possible. Since we all learn to walk and talk, and eat and sleep, we are all similar, we are forms of life able to be and achieve, live and move.
Obviously, these children are not being supported. It is known what leads to a life of crime, and it is known that drugs and sexual abuse are very profitable.
In common sense, the problem with children starts at home, if the home is unstable then the children become unstable. Thus, forcing children to behave in school within a system that has not supported them to become reasonable adults, a system that promotes foods that are addicting and lacking in nutrients necessary for a healthy functioning body, and even subsidizes these useless foods to make them cheaper than the true cost of production, thereby essentially controlling what these children eat, as the minimum wage is not enough to buy what is not subsidized - which questionably are foods that are less processed.
This is not a conspiracy, this is what actually exists. This is the directive of a hierarchy, as more than and less than system. This is the present system. And this must end. It is a waste of life, to not take care of life, to not take care of children, to not offer them proper food, to not allow them to come into a stable environment, is a crime against life. It is not supporting life. At present this system actually supports what is “criminal” because it has developed a system of profit from crime, from drugs, from sexual abuse. This list goes on and and on. Our consequences as a system of inequality, have been turned into a profit, for a few, ignoring life, and potential. Thus, this system is not working for life, it does not support life, it does not develop life. Our children, are the products of what we all accept and allow, thus, we must all stand up and together unanimously, as life, vote for what supports life absolutely. To not see this, to not use every breath within changing this system, is a crime against life. Period.

The Solution
How can we blame the child, the student in school for behaviors that merely exhibit a lack of development, as lack of understanding of themselves, of which we as adults are all responsible? How can we blame something that has had no chance at development from day one? How can we blame the child for the minimum wage earner who cannot afford decent food, sustaining food?
The solution is simple. We give as we would like to receive, we give as this earth gives, without judgement. Without judgement means, no matter what skin color, no matter what hair color, no matter what sex, to matter what, we give, we support, we take care of what is here. Absolutely. No excuses, don’t throw relative associations in my face, these are excuses and thus judgements, they are blame, they are the cause. They are steps within consequence, and addressing a singular consequence is not the solution. The solution is to look at this present system and realize it needs to be realigned, as not all of it is “bad.”
What would develop a human being, as a child, to be able to direct itself self responsibly? And what would such a developed human being mean within the present system of inequality? Inequality would not support the development of all children, because then inequality would no longer exist! Thus, we cannot blame these children. They are simply a consequence of a system of unequal life support and development. We are all every one of us, the developed and the non developed to blame. And this must end. It is a crime against life.
The solution is a system of equality, a system that supports life absolutely. Equal Money Capitalism is a name that says it all, it takes what is here, uses this to provide what is given by this earth, that cannot be owned ( the illusion is merely a signature on a piece of paper), and to distribute this to support life.

The Rewards
Our children are developed, communicating, living healthy beings on this earth. They smile, they laugh, they interact, they become interested behaviors, instead of frustrated behaviors, they exhibit their unique expressions, they thrive, they become life.
The reward is a self responsible human being. I mean, what else is there?

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