Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 275 Equal Money Capitalism Best For All Children

“Louise Casey, 47, told a meeting in Westminster last week that a headteacher had informed her one child had spent so much time alone left in front of the screen that they could not even chew.”

The Problem
We blame the families alone for the conditions of their children. Yet we are all to blame, as the condition of affordable, so called nourishment, foods we accept and allow collectively, and a system of health that seeks profit before prevention are not supporting life. What is best is second to profit, to what is real physical support that develops and maintains a constant state of ease individually.
Are the parents of these children placed in front of a TV, as the limit of their existence, the only ones to blame? No, they are not.
There are children from stable homes, where they are educated and fed, as they have the monetary means to live a life of relative ease. The parents were raised within the same environment, and learned what it means to take care of themselves and their children. This means that such can exist, and therefor should exist for all, to create a working society of humans.
The problem is that the present system is not creating a working society of humans. The present system has created a society where some are left in front of a television, lacking any other means of development. Cheap subsidized entertainment the only offering turned addiction. These addictions are simply the distorters of reality, they are what is promoted by our system, through advertising, and thus are conditioned into the human, as mind. And, with this, we blame the families, for this conditioning alone. Where does this make any sense?
It would seem that what is taking the focus of these humans, and creating the disease, as the addictions creating limited stagnant behaviors, are telling us that what we are promoting is unacceptable.
We simply stop promoting what we know creates these states of being that are incredibly separate from actual physical interactive living.

The Solution
Humans are programmable, and thus able to become something, thus what a human is is what is promoted by humans. If there were a “god” out there I think science would haveseen him/her by now. And they have not.
What we, the human, accept and allow on this earth is what has become of this earth. We have allowed a system of profit before life, where some have more than others, and thus control the program, maintaining a “more than scenario.” But is this really a “more than” scenario?
Have the fears of survival in a system of inequality, where money determines who lives and who dies, become so extreme that the treatment of the children produced is neglect, as the parents seek intoxication from non-development and the pressure of survival on a physical world than can be understood and that gives unconditionally, that supports without any claims of ownership? A visible world that reveals how it functions if we would only look? And would actual looking not be taught because this would mean that some would no longer have a “more than” existence?
If all humans and animals and plants were developed, cared for with proper sustaining food, clean air and clean water, the direction and support to be able to express themselves, to become self responsible, what would this world become? It would become a collective of self responsible human beings.
If money was aligned with absolute support for all life, then those who have developed some self responsibility would no longer have to accept what they know is unacceptable, they would be able to stand up within their jobs and speak up, no longer having to fear not having money to support their families.
Thus, it will take those of us with enough common sense development, to stand and to remove the profit of money, to taking the tool of money and using it to give equal support to all life, as life is the value. This would mean that all profit from the development of resources would be to support all, equally, realizing that the human is programable and therefor what is promoted and taught determines the outcome of life on earth.

The Rewards
The children born onto this earth would no longer be fed the mechanisms of addictions, Their lives would not start with images of the program of profit for a few. That child belted into that stroller, watching that television filled with advertisements of fantasy lived through alcohol, sex, and drugs, combat and competition for emotional highs, religion for feel good “high” , all imagery accepted because these “visions” are of products created by the few who own the resources and the dictates that make law the transfer of what determines life onto a piece of paper, this accepted and allowed by all of us. As it is the collective, of men that is the real power. The physical world working as all as one as equal in common sense of what makes sense.
Thus the rewards are the removal of a system that conditions the mind only in separation from the physical world and uses addictions to maintain this separation. This is conditioning what separates from awareness and making it appear as though it is a choice, when the choice promoted is one choice. This is why it is necessary to stand back from what is offered as a choice, because there is really no choice, but to be, and do, what is best for all. What is best for all manifests in a physical world existing at ease, totally, all of it. Not one cell, not one human, plant, animal, left behind. Equality is leaving no child of earth behind. It makes sense that there is no other way. Period.
Equal Money Capitalism. Get this world in order.
Stand up and vote.

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