Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 527 Remove the hegemonic eye, and become an earth that is a field of life.

So, this study suggests that an increase in a minimum wage, within a measure of digits in a study that is not present, has no significant difference.

Well, that is the problem then. The proposed wage is still not enough to make a difference on the many trying to sustain themselves on the present minimum wage that in essence demands subsidies in health care and food aid because the wage is not a living wage.

In this design, that person on that non-living wage, is dependent on what foods the food stamps buy. And we know that food stamps are a profit entity. So, this is a construct that forces people to not have a choice in the food they purchase, meaning they go to food banks and can only purchase what is in the food bank. Are there seeds for these people to perhaps plant and cultivate a garden? Is there a chance to have a means to help themselves? Can someone have time when it takes two jobs just to survive?

In all this whole minimum wage situation is a control system to force people to have limited health care choices and limited food choices, and limited means of being able to choose a way to begin to seek alternative choices.
A living wage is a wage that allows people to make their own choices in all that they do. I mean this is real capitalism, to allow people to choose what works, in health care, in time to investigate, in time to try alternatives and develop skills and awareness within space to make mistakes and experiment with others ways of doing things. Thus a wage that allows movement to create is the solution.

The objections to this, must realize that there are examples out there in the world where people were given a supplemental income and/or a basic income and that when this existed they stood up and became more careful with their lives - their children, their homes, their health. 

It is also to realize that because of what we have accepted and allowed, there are behaviors that are not going to change overnight, yet most will change. most crime is because of a will to survive and given the choice, would not be what any of us would choose.

The solution is to stand together as a group, as a large collective, because when we want someone to stand and be the face of change, that figure head is crucified and then the rest become scared and fall back, thus the power is in the many standing together within a principle, and that is the principle of give as you would like to receive, the principle of equality, as the equality of ourselves as physical beings that have certain basic needs to have our bodies function in their utmost potential and that it is the field of that body of parts that directly sees what works there at the starting point of common sense of that physical space.

The Living Income Guarantee is a solution that gives all a living income, and for those who choose to work, twice the living income. This system uses the freely given resources as funding, and creates a government system that is both automated to end corruption and governed by people who place into practice through educating the public and then allowing the collective to vote on issues, so everyone is empowered and allowed active participation in the process of restoring life on earth, as earth was meant to be and has been, and in so doing, been patient in waiting for humans to realize that life is the value. It is to say that the physical field of life  as all men, must awaken from a slumber and take a breath as this is how that field will blossom. You and I are the physical field of life, each one of us.

Our banks must become financial managers.. Our resources must be used in efficient ways and the land cared for post extraction. Our rivers and streams, our water, must flow clear and pristine so that animals and nature remain unharmed.

We have the capacity to leave no lot abandoned, no animal destitute, no child homeless. We have the capacity to create an economy that respects the ecology of this earth. It only means realizing that the substance of this earth is the same in all the forms that express life. 

It is time to remove the hegemonic eye, and become an earth that is a field of life, where each stands one by one, as all as one as equal.

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