Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 524 Leaving a dog to starve and the American Congress. Time for a change.

Okay, this story really got to me. I wanted to go into statements like “ she should he imprisoned for life.” Or “ she should be tied on a chain and left, without food, I mean she is certainly fat enough.” So, really nasty statements like this. I could even go on. There is no excuse for a grown woman, who holds a degree, to have allowed an animal to suffer like this. 
But, what does this do? Nothing. Does this solve the problem? No. Yet, how could this woman not realize that her dog was trapped on a leash in a kitchen? Why could she not call someone and simply say, look would you go and take this dog? Or, even let the dog go outside, where at least it had some chance of care. No, she left the dog tied up in her ktichen and went and stayed with her mother, for a week. Where else, are we humans so blind to common sense?
Are we blind to an American Congress that earns 174,000$ a year, plus expenses ( and so many being millionaires) while only working 113 days in 2014 while 1/2 of all Americans earn only 25,000$. Obviously, our American Congress is as ignorant, and as blind, and as disrespectful of life as this woman who left a dog to die in her kitchen and went to stay with her mother for a week.
American waters are being polluted, our children are dying from cancers at rates higher than  20 years earlier ( though this has been denied once stated) . The sperm count in our males is down and hidden by changing the accepted ratio of healthy sperm to unviable sperm as a norm. What is the difference here? There is no difference. Both are negligence and abuse of life, a delusional hoping what is inconvenient will somehow go away. It does not just go away, it suffers, horribly.
Such is not the behavior of a leader. I mean look, do you think that this woman is a leader, someone to give responsibility to in any way? Why are we allowing millionaires in a profit based system to make decisions for us, when it is very obvious that the decisions being made are shutting a door on life and walking away? Even actively killing children for self interested gain?
I think it is time to take collective control of our freely given natural resources, and our banks - as Iceland did- and create an economy that respects and cares for the ecology in ways that do no harm, and  as such gives everyone what is needed to live in dignity.
What imaginations would have a woman fear a dog that she had put on a leash? What would become so huge within that she could not face her dog and allow it to die of starvation, a horrible death? What is in her mind has nothing to do with practical physical reality, and our own disbelief tells us that this is so. 
What beliefs are in the minds, the very self direction within making decisions , of our congress men. I mean can they actually really believe that they are somehow different from another man? I mean, just because you can read and write, and do simple math ( because I can’t seriously believe that our congressmen are very good at math) does not mean that a lack of such training ( and it is training - even though most know that when you cut an apple in half you have two halves)  makes one man suffer less than another when not having any food, or any water, or shelter. What we are as humans is a fabric of cells and water, and many other substances. We are organic bodies that require certain things to maintain what we are as this. In this we are all the same. Even dogs and plants and everything of the earth are this. Anything else is a value judgement in accord of a comparison based on a decision to aggrandize one thing over another, and then tout that as being greater, in the face of what is right in front of us, that this earth works because of the different interactions of elements and plants, and animals and their functions. The very fabric of what is here is what holds this together. Thus, the ideas of one thing being more than another and the addictions to these things that are impulsed to be more than another instead of realizing what is here as being functional, is the delusion of men.
So, how does one solve delusion? It is simple, just come back down to earth - if we bring our mental delusions back down to earth, and equalize them to realizing that they are just parts made bigger than life itself, then our little very abusive and destructive humpty-dumpty world will be put back together. So, our little “ heavens” of delusion, that are energetic because they are of lesser dimension and as such a separate reality that must be constantly charged through validation in a game of good verses bad,  must stop. They are meaningless.
So, when someone comes and says “ I can’t” or ‘ I don’t like…” or “ but it is dirty” or “ they have no talent” or “ she is stupid” or “ I can’t bear to take care and face my dog” then know it is not the dog, it is not the other person, it is you, you are lost in your energetic mind of limited values, and that this is a complete lack of responsibility to life. You have in essence rejected life. It is that simple. Why should another suffer because of your separation from life?
It is time to realize what you have accepted and allowed as belief that separates you from life.
Walk the desteni I process lite. Know what you have composed yourself as that is not equal to life.
Listen to the interviews on to understand your separtion. begin the journey to life to bring an end to others suffering because we work so hard at being ignorant.

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