Friday, March 14, 2014

Day 522 The missing Limb and what we build in our children.

I came across an article about how someone who has lost a limb can continue to have “ feelings” that seem very real about that missing appendage. This is how strong the inner ideological map can be and become. So real, that despite all reality, one feels that what no longer physically exists is there as though it is real.
We have a media that impulses so much, and the values are carried into our way of expression, a sudden excitement about one dimension of value irrespective of the volume of values that substantiate physical reality to the point where an emotional/feeling body is built that is believed to be real, despite the damage that entity does through ignoring inclusion of all that is the physical world in form and in function. This is to say that the inner emotional/feeling body is in separation from being equal to a common sense of physical expression on which that parasite/ limited sight exists. 
Presently, in our world we have children that are disconnected from reality, they sometimes cannot speak, and manifest extreme physical agitation, clenching their arms and their whole physical form. A moan comes out like the sound of duress. What has been resonantly imposed that could cause such constriction as the behavior of the child? Is it a possession that is unequal to practical physical reality. I mean, if we look in this way, it simplifies things, and it means that much of what we do in treatment of these children has to change. When it comes to children there is always the child before the salary. Anything else is really a crime against life.
I was talking with someone who described young children as being  either more outward and explorative or more fussy as though this is character. Already a child is labeled as a character when just learning to walk. but this is accepting a justification without any practical application. A human is an instrument, built to be able to sense the world, to explore with sensation. If that instrument is caught up in being uncomfortable, then something within the instrument is not clear, at this age it can be what the child is being given to eat that does not sit well, and as such the discomfort taking the attention of the child. The human body is composed of the same things as the plants; water, minerals, vitamins, proteins, lipids, enzymes, cells,  etc. . Which brings to mind  one time a Pharmacist leaned over the counter and told me to walk out of the store, and never come back, in a whisper.
So, not only are our children not being fed properly, they are also not being connected with practical reality, this physical world. And, in America, the number of children below the poverty line has increased. Thus, this is how we are treating this world, this earth on which our ability to exist is determined. And, we become a belief that one person is more than another, without looking at how we have never respected the actual physical form of life, and have instead measured this physical world with an emotional/feeling entity that bears no witness to what is real and is even at present at cross purposes with being an absolute purpose as what equalizes to the physical so that the physical can move equal and one with the inner construct of movement as that which imagines that lost limb to still exist, to be equal with the physical world, as this is the way through the eye of the physical as the proverbial “ needle.”
It really is that simple. And the common sense of it, can be the guide that can withstand the test of time, and is the principle of oneness and equality, the principle of give as you would like to receive.

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