Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 523 A culture of division and a missing plane. The manipulation of an ability to measure here.

I had a dream the other day, where I walked with a man to a pool of water. The water was deep and down in the water was a cobblestone type of street,  a perspective view of a city, like there were cities upon cities in the water.  It was like the water was a glass ball and I was looking in. 
I remember reading years ago about another culture, how qualities were divided between the male and the female within this one culture. What fascinated me was that this was done at all, that the measure of qualities were distributed between the males and the females. I asked myself why this was done, and then I started seeing all cultures as this, as a decision to divide certain characteristics into the make and into the female.  How did cultures do this overall.
I was interacting with this couple, and I noticed that the man would move around in the background, flirting in and out, around what I was doing, but paying attention the whole time. At the end he came forward and wanted to see an aspect of what I was sharing. So I sat down with him and showed him. He could do one section, one way of division, spatial division, but we got to another and he stopped. I laughed, and said, do you know this way of measure as well as the other. He was silent. A stunned silence.
It really is like we have a lens in front of us, and that lens only measures in learned patterns of measure, and slowing down to see our own constructs of measure to deconstruct them and/or build on them to become divergent in  a rapid manner - so to speak, is our responsibility, each of us, and it is our responsibility with our children, to not do so is really a crime against life.
I mean, when one does this with a child, with a musical instrument, that child actually becomes calmer, and focuses on the instrument and begins to self direct and does not hesitate to play. The whole volume of the child expands in some way. Interesting, that in educational studies, across the boards, children who study music perform better in school, overall, and even companies like to hire people who study music, because they make good managers, I think it is that they have a more developed ability to measure space and time, a more divergent thinking ability. But I ask myself, how far can we go, is this just the tip of some “ ice burg” and we humans do not even realize this, so lost are we in a magic glass ball of limited measure?

We have these studies that say this, and yet we allow only 50 minutes of music in our schools per week ( average according to my local school district). And, we turn the music teacher’s position into 80% and cram the classes of a whole school into that 80% position. I have to say, it was more exhausting teaching music than in the classroom, because, at the time, I taught 5 classes back to back 3 days a week, and 3 classes back to back two days a week. I later found out that many musicians I knew did this for a short time, they said it was back to back teaching, for less pay and they did not have the students enough each week to really be able to develop them. The situation was too tragic and they got out.
For me, I realized how much awareness could be taught through music, and how this would help the children in other areas. I realized that music is a way to teach children to divide space as their bodies, instead of just in their heads. It was frustrating to not be given the time each week to do this.
But this brings me back to culture.
I woke up this morning thinking about leprechauns, as it is St. Patricks day.  And I realize with having moved to the Massachusetts area that I am more and more dealing with the Irish culture, one that I really have had very little to do with. Then it hit me, with the water dream of cities in cities.
Me with my cultural loving family, tend to measure in terms of culture and even use it as a segue into understanding the nature of people, the measure of people, you know , where one says, for example “ he is so Irish.”  I mean, there is no harm in this, but to make this an end game and to move into thinking one is more than another, when it is just a measure of character on a “ national/tribal” background  and that that in itself is limited, confining overall even though some qualities are open and giving, and how people are divided and controlled, and - on a personality level - used as a self definition in lieu of common sense in relation to realizing we are all the same as humans. When  such organizing is done with self interest - or common sense is only allowed within the confines of the divisions that define the group who accept and move within the divisions of character, and not what is best for all, bubbles of separation happen as each culture as the individuals holding this in place,  begins to fear losing the web of definition, not realizing that the starting point is that they are humans, equal and one, physical beings on a physical world, so the values learned are just this, awareness to some degree of values as insight, as qualities of being here, but not all qualities, and as such, are extremely limited.  We can end up becoming the voice of our own culture, and stop an innate ability to understand all life. It is not to become a walking tele-vision show of one’s culture, but to realize it is simply a measure of organization and to use this to expand understanding. I mean, if we started from day one realizing this, where would we go? Instead we teach children confines of measure, they become stuck in this, instead of realizing the ability to do this, to build this, means that, the human can build understanding within about the world without, and that that building must become equal to the actual real physical world. In this, a direct seeing here, of what is real all around us, as the physical is the starting point. Perhaps, if we realize this, we can see how limited our constructs within have become, and that this is done on so many levels. but the ability to have direct seeing is there right in front of us.

What I have accepted and allowed, and been trained to do to remain within a certain level of society, is to be aware of this division and to realize who is who within my world. But this can become a carrot on a string, like a sign post to protect myself within a system of survival that uses this to create borders of division, and overall creating the separation from practical common sense of physical reality. 

Again, is not that looking at this is” bad” , but when limiting me from seeing the life within the person, I hurt myself overall, because I separate based on a collection of values, instead of seeing the life that is within that is using these measures of reality as a self definition. At the same time, this is an opportunity, from my accepted limitation, to direct into realizing that this is a measure of here, and not the use of that which builds this, which is an ability overall to become aware of all measure that forms creation as this physical world, that is THE expression of life through structure and form, and that this is how, life exists. What does no harm is how life is formed, and transformed,  and that this is the overall “ quality of life,”  this is the absolute purpose of life, to build and express movement here. So, earth is like a huge machine that is understandable, that is composed of the same substance as life, and is in expression, and yet we believe in our bubbles of limited qualities.
I mean, look at the media, this story of an airplane missing. This is a story to make the masses believe that this world is too vast to manage and understand. In all common sense, this goes against what the NSA is and does. If we can realize and measure everything that is here, and we can suddenly send aid after much devastation, then what is here is being controlled through ideology. I find it hard to believe with all the technology we have, and all the people on this earth, that that plane is simply gone. Thus perhaps, this whole drama is a psychological manipulation to diminish what this age of knowledge and information has done, which is open up the world to becoming aware of everything that is happening all over this earth, thus the need to change the measure of understanding, and to place an idea that things can be lost, which impulses an idea that this earth is too big to be aware of. The misinformation game of limited awareness as the misinformation and cognitive dissonance media impulsing, is busy at work. Each really needs to use their common sense here, because the whole NSA thing is a contradiction of this charade.

Can we begin to see how stories can divide and limit, how knowledge and information can be used to limit awareness and development?
It is such a subtle manipulation, one that uses fear of loss, in direct contradiction of a practical physical world.

I would suggest walking the desteni I process lite, to begin to deconstruct one’s bubble of measure, that is not good or bad, but used as being good and bad in relation to a game of survival, a control mechanism that is over all accepted and allowed by each of us, as we are the starting point of this division in fearing to stand as life, here. It is like the thing that is feared the most, is the very thing that is what is needed to live without fear. Thus the solution is to realize self as life, and that this is the starting point and it is the same in everything that is here a this physical earth.

There is no god coming, it is us as life, this is the gift, and this is the ability of each. Look at the constructions of measure as your mind consciousness system and realize what is good, and equalize self to life using what is the substance of self that built the ideological character, and forgive the limitation so that life on earth can begin. Forgive yourself your accepted and allowed limitations and expand your awareness of physical reality. It is in becoming equal to the volume of life, here, as the physical that one finds full-fill-ment.
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