Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 526 Limited focus creates zombies

I was listening to a Noam Chomsky lecture that referred to something Adam Smith said about people. He said that having someone be a gardner or a butcher only lead to ignorant people, because people were too creative to be forced into limited expressions, and that the allowance of such would lead to a society of zombies.

I mean, is there anything else to say here? Anything else to say about this division of labor into manageable units serving a few who wanted some big estate, when the real big estate - that is freely given at that - is earth?

Chomaky also noted that at MIT there are doctoral studies where people learn complicated mathematical formulas to use with a financial entity that was formed to manage money, but has instead turned into a system to suck tiny amounts of money off of the money that is flowing around. The point in this aspect was how the very talent  for detail of our young is directed into useless professions that serve the self interest of a few, and yet, it is us the collective that allow this.

What would happen if the development of skill were given to all, and then what skill was developed was done in ways that produced ways and means within our existence here on earth that benefitted everyone? Why is not attention to detail, focused on what would balance out what is freely given, as resources, in ways that support all the life on this planet that is composed of the same things?

If we take the time to look, we can see that the structure needed to govern and organize the capacity of men is in place, but on top of this is a financial system that follows a law of profit while underneath is a structure that at least touts that it is for the people, but this undercurrent as a structure in place is swamped by a profit before life entity.

It is a halo system, by now a TRANSnational system circling the globe, building a halo that we are all supposed to believe is real and believe sustains us, when, if we take the time to look, is not sustaining us - and here it is to remember that what is here is the same stuff as us, so it is us. Earth is a circulatory system, so what we allow within the environment, becomes us eventually.

So, in essence we are developing people to place their creative/detail ability into a very limited and narrow focus, such as the mathematical formulation of  “skimming” ( probably called some other “holy” name) instead of supporting them in focusing on what would support all life on earth in ways that do no harm and, at the same time, allow them to use this ability to discern, to understand this physical planet. If our words were equal to the measure of here, would we become the living word? Is it really that simple. if so the answer is right here in front of us. We have only allowed a charge of values to excite us as an idea that there is more, when the more is to be equal to here, equal to the physical. Including the physical as being as much as life as any picture in and as our consciousness. It is to realize the mind as picture, an image and likeness of the physical, which means the picture as consciousness is the idol maker, the illusion, the veil that eastern religions tell us to remove, the mind that we must realize for what it is, a noise/static of imagery placed on the real heaven beneath our feet. Life is in reverse, and the actions of men are following that illusion of a more than. The real more than is right here. This earth is creation.

What we are doing with these freely given resources is not sustaining the planet. It is to say that the hierarchy system is not working and must simply stop. We are even building machines that use this resource. The irony is that the greatest piece of technology is the earth itself, the actual physical, the way and the means of expression, which is locked away from us because we ignore the essence of it, that is the essence of ourselves which is that we are creators, and that earth is of the same substance as ourselves, the very building block of what exists, which is sound. Yet, we believe that creation is pictures in a mind consciousness system, and we are  not asking ourselves how these pictures where formed.

The starting point is not the chicken and the egg, the starting point was nothing into something, and that something was movement, as sound.  If we think of the wheel as transforming trade, why not realize that if earth is to be lived as it was meant to be, then this ball must have the sound of life, as what sustains the physical, circulating, and that this can be done easily because the human is a creator, a perfect organic robot of same substance as all that surrounds it, that sustains it, to be and become an expression of life able to create life as itself. 

The immediate solution is to vote in an equal money system to begin to allow each the means to sustain themselves and choose what works for them. The human will choose what works given the chance. Each must stand and realize that what you are as life as a physical being, is able to sense, to make sense of how the physical world functions. it only means using your innate common sense as the very substance of what you are as the machine of the physical. Even of you cannot realize this through the static of the mind, the choice of a Living Income Guarantee is what will remove the stress of survival and allow one to slow down, breath, and begin the journey of self as life, to life, because this is what you are.

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