Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 480 Minimum wage, Corporate Welfare babies, the metaPHYSICAL tool of the mind in disfunction.

The programming of our minds has become of beliefs systems that are outdated, which reveals that we have not learned to use the tool that the mind is in fact. Our minds are not fluid, flexible, able to take an image and look at it from many many dimensions to discover what we have created here on earth, and actually “ play with it.”
Here we have a developing alternative energy source system emerging, and yet we have these systems that have collected payments from users, and as this there are many jobs attached to this industry. So, when a change happens - which is what capitalism is supposed to allow - the change as an innovation is considered a destructive thing, and the innovators are asked to pay to have their innovations, which makes no sense. We are holding onto a form in our minds that is trying to drag an image, a belief into what could be a re-order of what we as humans are doing on this earth. In this case, developing other ways of energy creation, ones that can be taken care of - a little bit at a time- by the individual in their place of domicile. And, I might add, becomes a way of educating that person(s) directly, increasing awareness of how things work, and thus not only respect for life, but self as well. Really a win-win situation for all of mankind.
In order for such change to occur, the way we look at work must change. These systems of entities that have received dividends in gross inequality causing poverty for many and abusing life, do not want to change the behemoth idea of what they are, or the job scenario as how we have access to money - because there is another belief as a behemoth that they deserve more despite the fact that no man is an island and thus a job-creator, because even that huge business, as the electrical business, was built by many, no “ one” person. The Rockefellers of the industrial age created the flow of money unequally, touting self aggrandizement and we all fell for it. if we allow ourselves to not realize that as a society we must become more flexible and use the image making capacity of our minds that is a metaphysical contraption, then we can use this to re-order the present system to one that allows innovation.
Within all of this, it is time to create a living wage, to enable change, to enable flexibility, which is to enable innovation. Those many hands are very capable.
I compare this state to what is now known financially with the present allowance of the minimum wage, where McDonald”s and Walmart welfare babies are using taxpayer dollars to subsidize low wages that have not moved with rising cost of living and production standards. How this behemoth came to be accepted was because once again, we humans had not learned to use our minds as the tools that they are. Instead that ability to look at the physical forms from multiple dimensions, has been built in accord with limited values, as one thing being more than another, and all the while, a common sense life has been pulled out from under our feet, as the two examples I relate above.  We have these huge companies that are so addicted to profits at ridiculous amounts, that the idea of changing this - because this is a value judgement that has no common sense of physical reality - is to charge anything or one that threatens this, and or slowly move the payment of labor to the collective, the taxpayer so that the profits - all based on an idea- move to a few power addicts.
The problem, is that if we look at the condition of earth, an addict can see nothing other than their addiction, and as this is propagating dis-ease with life. 
So, what must come to an end, is the taxpayer subsidies to workers and the implementation of decent wages/living wages by the company, and the idea that developers of alternative energies that no longer pay to giant electrical behemoths ( that I believe are also subsidized ) need to maintain the profits of a few who believe they own such entities and as such must pay into this grid or jobs will be lost. In both scenarios, what would solve this problem is the implementation of a living wage. 
Also, government subsidies for workers, despite being projected as aid, are another layer of this layered system, that direct profits through limitation in choice via government handouts that are really, just another route of profit for a few. Even food stamps are a profit based form.
This goes on and on, even within the health and education system. So much chaos and confusion and none of it creating a world that is functioning in ways that allow each of us to understand this world and how it works, and that enables us to enjoy all parts of it, meaning to be able to move around on it with ease. 
Also we go too far with technology in some ways, I mean, why replace the beauty and functionality of bees with “ drones”? These bees are there, and they work beautifully, why not let them be bees, and move human capacity into other venues? 
These layers of separation through touted ideas and beliefs must end, they are not serving any of us as life. If we take the time to look we will realize that we are not understanding our minds, and thus not using them in ways that support each of us and as us, this earth. Realizing how our minds work and realizing how this present system is all based on the idea of some being more than another is a system that moves as a value system of judgement. It is a system of our separation, having eaten the apple of good and evil and as such ignoring the tree of life from which that apple came. This being of each of us a judgement, is our inferiority to life, which means it is ourselves being unequal to life, which means we are not living as our potential which is ourselves as life, and ironically, this is what we all seek. Life.
It is right here, right in front of us. We need only forgive the veil of fear, of separation, of limited beliefs, and stand as what is best for all. Have we not had people that have come and said that a veil needs to be seen through/removed? Could it be that the behavioral problems on earth that are causing so much environmental devastation, the result of seeing a veil that is the accumulation of our fears that are  in essence a composition of judgement of good or bad instead of equal and one common sense as what common sense is as seeing physical reality directly?
Time put an end to inequality, and as such behemoths in the room as our various industries that do not want to change because that flow of money is believed to be a loss of self, a self as ego which is a judgmental self - a mental self of limited idea stuck in not using the mechanism of the mind as a metaphysical map maker as a gift to aid the human into understanding the physical universe and as such becoming equal to the physical, which is becoming equal to the tree of life. TIme to change how money moves, to give money to each and every person, to allow each person to have their basic needs met, so that we can get this world in order, the order of a tree of life, where all the trees, are standing tall without disease, in full potential because until each tree is in a state of ease none of us are, we are only as good as the parts, and as the parts we create the whole, and it is this whole that when functioning in full potential where there is no harm, does the extraordinary happen. That extraordinary if life and we as humans have never lived this in full potential. Time is running out, the earth is becoming weaker and weaker, and there in no place to go, thus the only choice is to do what is best for all, as this is the way for each of us to become equal and one to and as life, here.
Support a Living Income Guarantee. Become the extraordinary, by realizing each part must be supported and taken care of to be allowed to develop into the full potential of itself as life.

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