Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Day 485 The mass of christ is the word of equality. It is earth-heart-hearth as all as one as equal.

If our words are not of what actually exists then we are not what actually exists. If we do not look at what is happening in the world, we cannot realize what is actually going on systemically, and as this we abdicate our responsibility, we abdicate talking about it, looking at it and asking ourselves why such a thing exists, because we then must change what it is that is allowing abuses that exist all over the planet. This is really like not wanting to face solution which makes no sense at all, especially on a world where men have created the present system, generations of them, and as this, men, the collective must begin to work together to become what is best for all, which is a process of becoming aware of oneself. What other action is there that is of worth here on earth, an action that allows one to become aware of one’sself as life? Would this not fulfill oneself of life so much more than chasing that idea of fulfillment that never plays out and only leads to more desire of un-fullfillment?

We all know that having an expensive car is cool because the machines we build are cool in many ways, but that car does not give any real eternal sense of security. What happens is the desire for another car, or another thing because somehow there remains a sense of lack within. Also, the car cannot be enjoyed because the cost of it is such that something can be lost as we have allowed money and things, as objects to become more of a value that actually being here enjoying physical presence and expression as life. This is why there cannot be any real life until all people and all things of this planet are at ease equally as life, as that awareness of what we are here as. The volume of ourselves as life is so diminished that we keep wanting something to fill it with a substance that completes us, but this cannot happen from without only, it must be what one is as an expression from within, and what one is as life is this, thus we are really suppressing what we are as life and then taking on an idea, a very limited idea to be expression as ourselves, building an alternate reality called consciousness as mind of pictures to be life, when it is a reflection of lesser values and has no power to sustain itself because it is not equal to life.

The physical world is life, it is the gift to equalize self to and as life. The crosses we bear are our quantum minds built of various limited beliefs that separate us, these can be seen as class, as nationality etc. etc. and we are using the ecology of the earth to maintain an economy that maintains separation from realizing the value is life. Thus, are minds as the collective ideology and imagery are self built, self accepted and allowed crosses that we are carrying within, and these are our crosses that are the self built would( wood) of crucifixion, our minds show us the parts of our own fiction that separates us from life, from respecting the physical world, from doing no harm to this earth, to respecting everything that is here and realizing that the physical is equal to us as life. Behaviors  of destruction to anything here, are behaviors of separation, they are the being and the having of inner ideas as mind, that lead to insecurity and an inability to have a common sense of reality, the physical. 

There is only one gift to give, and that is equality, to give as one would like to receive. Thus a system must be placed on this planet that allows this. This is a Living Income Guarantee, where all life has stability, and within this the ability to help a neighbor as oneself. To have the ease from economic stress to slow down and take the time to look around and realize solutions that are sustainable and supportive. The really cool part of this, is that in the process each would become more aware of how the physical world is creation and how this works, thus an understanding of self that is solid and stable would be the gift. Is this not the best gift that we can all give to ourselves? This can be done, it is only the quantum mind composed of our accepted and allowed limited insight made picture endlessly looping around that separate us. The tools to slow down and realize this are here. The course of action through this is free and the only way is to walk through our own created valleys as mind of the shadows of death. These appear huge, but they are but the smoke from the friction caused by separation from self as life.

It is like we are building our own crosses of separation and spiting this action in a blind rage of fear. And all we need do is take a breath, slow down and stop and look. 

We cannot allow what is happening on earth, We cannot allow the devastation to nature. We cannot allow the frustrated behaviors of survival to continue, as these are the consequence of lack for which we are all to blame, because every part of this planet is us, what happens on every point happens to all of us. 

We are each breaking our own hearts within and as such breaking this earth without as we are allowing a polarity playout as mind of good vs. bad, which is the movement of ourselves in judgement instead of common sense and respect for everything, which means the actual real physical, that which is the means of expression. We each are not allowing ourselves to give as life as what we are, and using the physical world to be and do this.

Thus, the present system of hierarchy is a reflection of ourselves within as limitation as quantum mind. This limitation voices itself as thoughts, that accumulate into emotions and feelings, of good and of bad, the positive and the negative, and we as flesh deteriorate just as the earth is, as we consume the physical to maintain our limited alternate reality as mind. And as this, our hearts/earth/hearth breaks with us as us, and instead of giving as we would like to receive which is the joy of life, we build idols of idea about how we should appear and be just to survive the crying of our own accepted and allowed state of limitation.

The system represents the playout of this behavior, the extremes exit and the degrees between the extremes of this system of limited awareness of life. The wealthy are just one end of the spectrum of our separation and the impoverished are the other. Both exist because the collective allows this. Thus we cannot blame either, and it will take many of us to change this, to create a society that is constant in creating stability on earth. A child born into a stable environment tends to do better, thus children that are unstable and grow up to be used as a commodity, cannot be blamed, as they have had no exposure to development and know only extreme survival behaviors. All of this can change as we change what we have allowed as the sound of ourselves within, through self forgiveness, writing and corrective application, changing the very resonance of ourselves, and as this the very substance of what we are within can change, that is the power we have as life as what we are, we need only accept it and walk.

When ever something new is started , the turning, the changing of direction seems very very slow, and at moments it appears that the old habit will not move, and this is because it is stuck. But this can change, because it is of a substance as a sound, and that can be redirected. So, the beginning change seems slow and almost impossible, but with concerted effort, the slowing down and looking begins, and then the movement and/or state can be seen. We have all experienced this, in modern lingo I have heard it called a “ eureka “ moment. Then the new movement must be practiced until it is understood and automatic ( now within this realize what our media has been doing, as the extreme end of the spectrum as the elite that have cloistered the wealth from labor and resources created by all of us, this innate ability of ourselves as life is being used thus it exists). So, this ability to sense here, this that builds here, can slowly build awareness that is equal and one to the physical world. The physical earth is life, and self as life would leave nothing behind,  would never waste the very substance of life because all of it is the fabric of what builds here, thus all of it is of value. 

So, with a Living Income Guarantee, we can begin to realize the value being life and build a world that respects and takes the very stuff of the fabric of life to build a heaven on earth, where each heart can have a hearth to enjoy self as life and be life in thought, word and deed, as the principle of give as you would like to receive. This is the real mass of Christ as the message of equality.

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