Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day 481 What have I accepted and allowed as mind? What am I as mind?

How is the system  without what I have accepted and allowed within and as me? How have I accepted good and bad, instead of what is best for all? How have I limited myself into a dichotomy/polarity in a bubble limited picture/data association making  instead of equalizing to the physical substance, sound substance, sound mind and directing from here, always cross-referencing with physical reality, using common sense and critical reasoning? Is this an act of separation and thus limitation as a fear of life when I allow mind only, and free associate within this only? What are the learned associations I use that are limiting myself being an integral part that moves in ways that cause no harm and as this respect the whole of life on earth?

  In reality, at present, this inner made larger than life/physical existence,  has manifested a group who are few in number in relation to the whole, who are the belief/ideas touted as superior, and the impoverished  the inferior, and as this both are in separation from equal, respectful, interaction with physical existence. One is a few humans with an abundance of “ stuff” and the other is an abundance of physical humans that are in extreme lack - is this what division is and does, the very nature of judgement reflecting itself, an indicator of imbalance over all, which makes the physical a gift of life as form and function in balance? And the discord is the force of a separate mind as each human? Which means it all started with the human, believing an image as mind was more than that which they were, as the substance that they are as the physical, and this is being forced onto the physical world. This will not work. The physical is of so much more integrity, it cannot be forced into a more limited design. Humans  must  accept earth and align with it.  We either live our own self created destruction as what is happening on earth, as the consequence of our self interested idol as idea worship within that has accumulated great abuse to the gift of the physical without to the extent that the physical is becoming weak as we burn substance to maintain the picture show as mind. We need only look to the greater and greater extent of disease with each passing generation.

And yet,  a mechanism of parts divided does not exist, as all parts are integral to the whole: humans do not apply what they create in principle as is created/modeled in technological development to the very order and environment in which they live. Overall, as mind, humans/myself accept a more-than over the value being life itself; this is idea over substance.  This separation in total, as the polarities are us as a state of lesser being within because of this separation, manifesting a lesser world without, evident in the growing abuse/devastation/behavioral blame game on earth. 

In all this is how we are developing our minds, because a child is not racist, a child is not obsessed with sexual behavior, a child is not immediately aggressive and disrespectful of animals. And we know our education system brings a child into grade school at the age of seven, when a so called “ concrete mind” is formed. Thus, the mind is the reflection of what is the social information. And since children are not born as the limitations adults become, what we are informing ourselves as, can change. That “ inform” can either relate to all life, as the physical, or it can become hegemonic with its beliefs, then moving as constant comparison and measure of worth, instead of looking at what works practically,  the parts of the whole and as this to respect and understand each form.

What we are as how we absorb, as the imagery/construct around us creates/ news-feeds as mind, means that the mind is a tool, a map, and as this, the mind can be programmed to be understood as a map, and as this, who we are as that which takes in the form, can remain as this. It is up to us, all of this to change this. Within this, we can retain our ability to absorb this world, and how it functions and use ourselves to solve the inequality to life, because in all, one judgement, of another human being, an animal, anything as being less than us, is a separation from being equal and one to and as life form as earth here. 

And this begins in each of us. This realization and correction through forgiveness, writing out what we have accepted and allowed, and correcting this with a guiding principle, as the physical/including the physical, within what is best for all, as what does no harm, absolutely, because it is aligning ourselves as this that we find ease with and as life as what we are in essence.

So, if I judge another as less than me, I am not looking at that person as me, as the same as me, and looking to what was the consequence that brought that person to what they are as what they have lived and as what their parents have lived etc. First, I must do this for myself, understand all the values I accumulated as my world and have a look at how this defines me. Within this, to then realize how this has occupied myself to such an extent that I have lost connection with the actual physical world as what I am here. Then, I walk myself back into equality with the physical, as this is life, as me, one and equal. Then, will men, begin to realize creation , the gift of life here, that is us, as life would share absolutely.

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