Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day 489 The babble of limited association.A tool of suppression self accepted.

What is suppression and how does it work?
I look at myself and what I allow in total to occupy myself here, what values do I chase, what parts of here do I choose to look at, to see. What do I avoid? What am I direct about and what do I place out of the picture as though it is not something to consider because it does not directly influence me in the moment, or is considered inappropriate to discuss socially? 
We are taught in school to make associations and to use this to build understanding. There is nothing bad about this. But what if this is controlled within only allowing certain associations to be expressed?
Also, if we look, for example at our schools, using this “ not bad” practice in the setting of the school as our society overall, without addressing the developmental abilities of each child and their socio-economic conditioning, we allow a situation where there is already inherent inequality and thus competition and fear of survival and place this into a lesson that spends time playing an associative game to ostensibly build understanding or “ critical thinking” we end up with an agenda based learning system where those who have had more exposure to language to excel.  This just ends up perpetuating inequality and the distraction of such as we are a society that endlessly compares because we have allowed a profit based system that by design will choose limited qualities to chase because this is a way to manage inequality. If one has more, then another must have less, and then the less, the one’s in lack have needs, so we place religion and spirituality to have one believe there is a reason for suffering, and then have the jobs that pay a somewhat decent wage be those that serve the structure of inequality. And all done through constant association making without ever realizing the interconnectedness of all physical life in total. It is like a rhythm of a slow steady beat the slows down space and then adds all this babble of limited association so that by the time the whole is realized life has passed. 
I find I want to get angry, but this is not going to do anything. It really is to teach to see the whole, to bring in all consequence as everything that exists  on earth, how every move leads to an outcome and to use this ability to see to transform what is here into what would create interaction of life on earth that is supportive and values being an expression as life. It would make sense that this is the ONLY way to life. One must make the physical world equal to all, and as all, life. No rejection, no blame, no spite, no finger pointing. What is here as the physical must be considered as much life as any alternate reality as pictures as mind. If we allow limited association making we allow a construct of separation to build as mind, and then we end up in a tower of babble that bears no witness to reality. As such that tower will fall because it is not equal and one to the test of time as that physical ground on which it is built.
This has me asking questions. Is the testing done in our schools really to monitor development to ensure a controlled limit in moving beyond a certain ability to connect the steps of consequence through stringing associations in such a way that the whole is realized as being interconnected. By this I mean a controlled connection making ability, which is a suppression overall?
If I could read more than 250 notes per minute by the time I was seventeen, then why was I not taught this with words?
Why is our ability to process information not done in such a way that we develop the means to carry through with associations as the outplay of consequence to the extent that we can read the whole of what exists on earth? 
We must learn to understand how our human minds function. There are interviews on that explain this. Take the time to understand, especially if you want your children to be able to support themselves in this system until it is realized for the dysfunction that it is by design, within and without.
Parents need to realize that only a parent can ensure that the child realizes that knowledge and information without practical application only builds a game of limited association making as mind, and that this will lead to all kinds of mistakes that take money and time to correct. In a society where pensions no longer support us in old age, our pensions become how well we have developed our children and if we look at the falling status of American school children in a world where China and India are moving up the ladder and provide a huge profit stream for American water and gas and coal,  ( time for nationalization?) the interests of the profit model are not going to be an old horse put out to pasture. Just read up on how our veteran’s are really being treated. You are next.
Definitely, time to wake up before consequence ignored is on your door step. The power is in the collective to transform the system in a gentle humble way, which is to take what is here as the values created from resources which includes labor, and to create a Living Income Guarantee before it is too late. We can do this, and we can do this calmly and efficiently. But it will take all of us, and even if there is some chaos, it is going to be much much much less than what presently exists on earth because of our allowance at existing within a bubble of babble of limited association instead of looking out at earth in total, our home.
                         Time for Desteni I Process Lite!

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