Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day 486 Is our ability to sense the fabric of here suppressed? How do we read?

Sight reading
Sight reading (Photo credit: discopalace)

We need to read much faster, process at our natural ability to process just as I could read musical notes at seventeen, so should I have read words to see and realize the patterns of the words, the form of them just as I noticed forms of music, so I can see that lack of development that is going on, and realize that the inability of people to read must be designed to be such, because it is known and practiced differently in other areas of development. We are distracted from the very fabric of here, through impulse of limited design. Really an avoidance tactic within each that has manifested without.

And I have not wanted to say this because of fear that this will be considered some kind of conspiracy, but the fact is, is that humans can process symbols at greater speeds than the majority are taught to process them at. So, this really is a crime against life. A form of suppression is to slow down conceptual ability and occupy with less dimension, we call this being superficial. A facade of limited parts.
I would not consider myself as more intelligent than another, and not stupid either, because when I have taken the time to learn something eventually I learn it, because that’s what a human can do!
Thus, the ability of men to read is deliberately being diminished. Just look at what we are  capable of seeing when we look, we look out at nature and we can see the shapes of the world and we can process this, and we can learn to read this, the ability of us, just as with animals is to see what is before us, we just need to look.
So, we have a society that feeds numerous images at us. If we look at the content of these images we can see that they are very very very limited, and that there is all this drama around them in the form of music and the rhythm at which the images flash, all of this a stimulation. How is this done, with tempo, with colors, with music, and buried within all this fan fare is a very limited set of signs as pictures. So one could say that the language presented, if we see pictures as language - in some respect a compound one- our language has become of few symbols and though the speed appears to present more, the content is less.
If we had the time to stand back we would see the patterns and how these patterns begin to turn us into automatons of limited knowledge and information.
And yet, by the time I was seventeen I could sight read many many many notes at a time, and within this read tempo and texture as adding percussive elements, and see rise and fall of phrase and as such shape. And even here, I started later than many, those who started at two years of age who could do what I did at seventeen at say seven. Which means that so many are denied this capacity, and as we see in our schools and what media impulses, what exists is actually purposely slowing us down and at the same time rushing in a limited dialogue, and all in self interest. The problem here is that we are all allowing this, we know something is amiss, we are not stupid, we are stupefied by our own accepted volition.
Time to wake up and become life.
Economically, we are all caught in survival, this thus, must change. Support a Living Income Guarantee so we can all stop, forgive our separation and begin an organized process of walking ourselves into our full capacity as humans beings on a physical planet. 

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