Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 490 Our soldiers that are the living dead. They are us, we are them.

“But here's the thing: I may not have been on the ground in Afghanistan, but I watched parts of the conflict in great detail on a screen for days on end. I know the feeling you experience when you see someone die. Horrifying barely covers it. And when you are exposed to it over and over again it becomes like a small video, embedded in your head, forever on repeat, causing psychological pain and suffering that many people will hopefully never experience. UAV troops are victim to not only the haunting memories of this work that they carry with them, but also the guilt of always being a little unsure of how accurate their confirmations of weapons or identification of hostile individuals were.

Of course, we are trained to not experience these feelings, and we fight it, and become bitter. Some troops seek help in mental health clinics provided by the military, but we are limited on who we can talk to and where, because of the secrecy of our missions. I find it interesting that the suicide statistics in this career field aren't reported, nor are the data on how many troops working in UAV positions are heavily medicated for depression, sleep disorders and anxiety.”

Humans have a mind consciousness system that carries the images of what we accept and allowed physically within and as us as mind. These images can accumulate and replay over and over again. I think of medieval paintings of so called “ saints” that have a halo floating above their heads. Have we made the mind more than the physical?
Are these soldiers that carry their actions with them as imagery, as mind, haunted by their past as their memories are what actions they accepted and allowed in a world where there are limited choices within providing a means to have access to money to provide food, shelter, clean water and education for their families?
Is what we allow without accumulating within, which means there is no escape for what we each have allowed on earth? Is the covering of what is allowed done within ignoring what is actually happening on the ground and/or creating a wall of separation from this abuse through reiterating so-called positive thinking, which is just placing a sugar layer on top of what has not been cleaned up as the negative consequence of initial lack of awareness/respect for what is real as the actual physical world? Thus, the ignorance remains as the accepted and allowed abuses, where no manner of gloss as ideological “ good” diminishes the fact as the consequences remain both physically and within as imagery?
There is no denial that what desteni is saying is or is not true, when we have soldiers that are living everyday what the point of what desteni is saying in actual fact:  that we carry an imagination of what we have done as how we have moved on this earth with us, and that eventually our choices catch up to us and consume us as that underlying abuse gets louder and louder, and no manner of drugs, or at present systemic mental health can remove this.
Each of us must do this for ourselves, and we must all forgive what has collectively been accepted and allowed as the present system and create a system that respects and supports all life including all of the very fabric of the physical as life, as life is the value.
What is done is done. Crying over spilt milk as the saying goes does not clean up that spilt milk. Expecting someone else to do it is not a solution, this is waiting and not wanting to face what has been accepted and allowed by humans.
No matter where you are and what you do, as you remain in place, stand and support a system that realizes the value is life, and the actual real physical world is the fabric of life and as this, it is the only way through to becoming equal to life, as existing in an imagination of horror is not life; it is the road map of our separation - this separation the cause of the conflict.
Support a Living Income Guarantee. Time to realize that each man, woman and child, needs enough money to live in dignity and to have the time to investigate what is best, to stop choosing actions that we know are unacceptable but because we have allowed money to determine life, we are forced to make choices that we know are not supportive, which must come to an end if we want a planet that supports our children as life. As we are now, our children will not have a life that allows the full potential we see within them when they are young before the memories begin to accumulate and slow their own awareness of life, this that is their natural ability. In essence they begin to follow the imagery of the fathers because this is what is around them and placed within them, so each generation follows the sins of the previous generation. And so the separation from what is real, as the physical is lost.
We can learn to realize ourselves as mind and equalize this back into a common sense of physical reality. As we do this within we clean up our separation. To do this, we must also practically walk what supports the physical world absolutely. Once decided this will be much easier than we realize, because the physical that is right in front of us, will reveal what works and what does not support us. Many have investigated solutions, yet many of these solutions are withheld, because they do not serve what has become systems that we all depend on for money that we all know do not serve us as life, yet we fear not having a job to survive. This web must be allowed to change. No one can really own our national resources, they belong to life.
Changing the system to one that gives all a Living Income Guarantee, will allow us to  slow down, investigate, reform, organize, and all the while continue to move ourselves as what we have built as structures and to transform these into what does no harm. Thus not all that we have built is so called “ bad” but much of the structure can be used as is.
One example, are the many hands of men within our military, it is an organized group that can carry out actions that build supportive infrastructure that then leads to more self responsible governance, where all understand how the physical works and our ability to organize. In reality, that physical action is as important as that action of looking at a picture of something in terms of organizing pictures of measure as what administration is and does, one is not more than another, both are acts of measure to order this physical world. We have allowed one to be more than another, which is the separation from common sense of life as the physical. It is time to end this game of judgement causing abuse because it ignores common sense, this being the realization that the physical is the starting point of life, not what is the mind.
Start walking yourself back into equality and oneness as the physical. Self forgive the separation into a mind consciousness system that is the image and likeness of our separation into judgement, where a polarity game of good and bad becomes the measure of us, instead of equality and oneness to the gift of life as the physical. The physical is a story and a real “ game” meaning a real multi-sensory experience that is so much greater than any video game, than any fairy tale - so to speak. We need to discover what this means, because humans have lived as mind for so long no one can remember what this actually is, so great is our separation.
Walk the desteni course Support Living Income Guarantee. Time to bring ourselves to life. I mean what else is there?

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