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Day 229 Redefinition : Apprehension Character

Nails done with posse ppl!
Nails done with posse ppl! (Photo credit: coleypauline)

Redefinition: Apprehension Character
Apprehension is existing within uncertainty, as a “what if” scenario, which is to say that I am believing in a choice. Yet certainty would mean movement within understanding, within common sense of this physical world. If I am taught to move within limited insight, as being fed equations of thought as accepted consequences in separation from what is here, as the physical, than what do i have as understanding with which to move myself here? If I am taught to believe in some “higher power” as my guide, such as an “invisible hand” then I will be taken from what is real, here, and chose within the ambiguity of a supposed “mystery” as the illusion, as the words met as “ we cannot intellectually see the mystery”. Well, yes, as the words suggest, we cannot see the mystery, as this is what is placed on the table, an idea made of illusion. So, my apprehension is within this realm of illusion, entering into illusion, in ignorance of what substantiates me, as what is real, here, the physical. Within the development of illusion, and the division into more than and less than values within this actual physical world, I am lost within the illusion and busy with chasing the selected values, and all the while what is real, here, as the physical remains separate, and yet it is here, and tangible, and, especially with all the technology the human has developed to see the parts of this physical world, able to be seen and understood. And the information is here to allow support of this physical world, yet an invisible hand is blamed for the movement of the products, in inequality, of the hands of men. Does this make sense? No.
An example I have encountered in many articles, for example, is the whole vaccination conflict. The belief is accepted that vaccines prevent illness. Yet, there is evidence that this has no substantiation, that what stopped the spreading of disease was hygiene and proper nutrition and an existence devoid of stress. And the supposed science within this industry validates the need for vaccinations through correlations, of a fabricated collection of values made huge, an equation, a construct, eliminating what does not allow the presentation of a product, made by the hands of men, for profit through creating a limited picture of lack and then a supposed solution.
Yet, when this product suggests correlations within causing problems, such as vaccine deaths and no efficacy within the stopping the disease - even to the point of further promotion of repeated vaccinations - an act within itself that actually says loud and clear that vaccines do not in fact work- the answer given is that correlation does not mean causation. Yet, this is what the science is based on. It is like saying , “ I can measure but you cannot”, and what is it that does the measuring? The hands of men. I do not see any invisible hand in this anywhere, do you?
This is the voice of a forked tongue, and nothing else. and that tongue, has been forked for so long it does not even see itself as forked. So blinded within greed and profit, it conceptually probably actually believes that it can use statements, as correlation suggests causation on the one hand, and argue opposition as correlation does not suggest causation on the other! In all common sense, what is actually going on, physically, is not being looked at. If the words can be moved around within the equation as the words, to support both sides of an argument, then something is not included, and the defense is simply to hide what is ignored. And what is presented is a distraction from what is real, here, the physical. If common sense is not what is developed, and instead values as memories of limited selected values is what is taught, as what is the ideas, beliefs and opinions recited as memory, with an invisible higher power being a guide within this limitation of insight as being in a state of no substantive awareness of what is real, then it is easy to see how the human has become separate from life, and a program of limited connection to what is real and able to be understood, the physical. Thus prevention of abuse, where no arguments of efficacy need exist, is to align ourselves with this physical world, and to develop common sense in relation with this actual tangible physical world as this is the substance of life.
Imagine a paper pusher, being told to use common sense , when all that has been learned is to move words around on pieces of paper? In effect, a paper pusher is a vendor ofmemorized equations as words, rosary in hand, filling in limited templates of xeroxed sheets, having developed a limited vocabulary necessary to fill in the slot. How can such a programmed being have any common sense when this has not been developed? And imagine telling such a program that this is what they are? It is an organic entity, buoyed by faith and hope, believing and moving through knowledge and information only, without any actual physical common sense experience. And this is what is deciding what is for the common good of the people, not to mention the plants and the animals.
Thus, a profit based system, inequality, can never work and must stop. The only solution is to become one and equal to this physical world as what is real, and to value this. To ensure that all have equal support, as life, as being as life is the value. To recognize that common sense development is the only choice, and that this must be allowed and given to all existent on this earth.
So, within myself and my nail biting.
Biting my nails, is in essence, becoming the program of separation, where I move no where, and only spin around within limited values as taught programs, as memorized morals limited by faith in an accepted invisible force when questions are not answered, or answered as “ that is the way it is”, or “ it is a mystery”, or “ it is in the ( invisible) hands of god” as the forked tongue slips in and out, dividing, distracting, separating from the physical as the real movement of life, as the substance of life, as the gift of life, here.

I notice a pattern within myself, as being this apprehension as fear of loss, as uncertainty, and then I look, and attempt to stand, yet the forked tongue speaks and I become irritated, as I have no real development within common sense, and thus know not where to go, as my intellectual framework of memories lack intellisense with the physical as the substance of life. And/or perhaps in moments I do have some common sense, but talking to a programmed accepted human and expecting immediate movement from program to common sense is where I go into irritation, when all the program is experiencing, as reaction, is a lack of computation with the physical. Where the reaction, as irritation within myself is, I cannot compute that you cannot compute. lol

Thus is equal money, to remove all the holding onto programs as separation from common sense, to support ourselves equally as life, to realize ourselves in common sense as the substance of life, as the physical. Perhaps what will be found within this, is that the physical world is a “technology” far greater than anything created by men, where the hands of men, can work in tandem with the physical and realize our ability as life to create what we dream of, a heaven as earth, one and equal.
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