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Day 263 Are we aware of the Water Wars? War is about Self Interest Not Life.

This following article makes it clear that support of life on earth is secondary to profit, though it appears that this is the concern, the measuring of what is here on earth is in self interest as profit, before life.

Where are the checks and balances?

How can “land grabbing” be something that exists? The idea in itself makes no sense. This is a planet covered in life, this life has needs to exist, as the very form that it is, composed of mostly water. And now, evidently this water can be owned/grabbed. All buried under some premise that this is organization, as sustainability, yet the words are really about profit making.Yet, it is the practices of multinationals as private profit entities that have polluted and diverted the water disrupting the lives existent on this earth. As though these lives are somehow in need of less than the men who are the people that make up the multinational. The crime against life is this hierarchy, played out as profit, of some grabbing more than others, and then pretending to play god/big brother, when in fact, this is simply greed, which is fear. This pyramid of profit is fear. Fear is blind, it distorts, it is so busy grabbing that it no longer sees life. It becomes a character of spite and blame, as in fear it no longer can respond with absolute insight because it sees only its fear outflow, this a separation. To want more than another, to speak words that justify having more than another is the disease of fear. Thus, this system of division into more and less is the voice of fear, it is actions of grabbing, it is actions of disregard, it is action of abuse.
If we all stop and look, we will realize that this is not what we want to be, each of us want to be life, long to be life. This longing is ever present, the undercurrent buried beneath the fear - this division and separation from self as life, here.
Is the grabbing of water, hidden at present though war for oil, through land sales in countries with the most resources that are the poorest, moving into grabbing the water? Was Gaddafi killed because he was trying to develop a system for the people on the land they stood to actually take care of themselves as life? And the fear mongers pissing the fear that is what they are, did not want this autonomy to develop because they would then have nothing to grab?
In South America, those countries who started to develop autonomy, self sustaining practices, attacked by the war machine of profit? War is profit, War is the spreader of fear, so the grabbers can come in and grab. War is bullying in self interest, the bully at most fear. The greatest criminal the bully, hiding behind a presentation of purpose called “ development”, this being the farthest from the truth, the farthest from sanity which is equality, from self as life, giving as one would like to receive.
Any act that does not have the common sense of what is best for all, is laced with the self interest that is the manifestation of fear, as this is a separation from self as life. The life of self as fluid as the water now being grabbed in self interest only, this self interest an interest of accumulated fear, a dividend built on fear.
Given the amount of information about the human body and how it functions, what foods sustain, to think of owning the greatest substance of life, as water, and hiding behind managing this in a profit based system makes no sense. This is allowing a system of division where no responsibility has been actually LIVED in sustainable maintenance of this world within any action of prevention. Presentations of sustainable practice within a hierarchy of profit are laughable. The very presenters the cause of the abuse.
There is serious disconnect with reality here.
If someone drinks water from a river and then this water is in the body of that person, does this mean that person is owned? Is the human going to be taxed or fined if they pee on the ground? where the water in the pee evaporates and is no longer able to be treated in a sewage plant and then resold? I can see where lots of questions can be asked, absurd ones, and then the “owner” will bully and react because they cannot answer. Irritation is really not having an answer, meaning being at a loss of common sense! Check it out, it is more than likely consistently so. Common sense is poison for the absurd.
Land grabbing and water owning is absurd.
We are “grabbing” something that is a given! Thus there is no sense in grabbing.
There is no sense in a hierarchy in this day and age. What the life that is here needs to exist in ease, in health, in development is known. Denial of this is total criminality.
Monocultures do not work. Obsolescence is wasteful. Consumerism programs obsessive compulsive behaviors.
The glitch in the system is profit. Which is acknowledged in that government is to ensure that what is for the common good comes before profit. Thus, profit is the glitch, the great disruptor, the distortion within the system causing the abuse on earth.
That profit entities are the cause of pollution and now run and grab to turn this into a “cash cow” indicates a serious illness on earth. It is the illness of self interest. This is what profit breeds, self interest. And, the nature of this self interest does not see life as it is fear.
Thus, the boys with their toys must stop playing and grow up. Time to leave fantasy land. Time to take that pacifier out of your mouth. As this fantasy ignores life. Time to face those monsters under the bed. Time to stop the story board of memories from the past, they are ghosts in the closet as what the mind has become and bear no witness to reality, to what is actually physically real, here.

The solution is a system of equality, to take the capital that is what is here as earth and to use this to sustain life, as life is the value.
The solution is to give what is given.
The solution is to administer this capital in ways that are best for all, absolutely.
With the technology and the automation available, there is no more need for competition, what is here, all of what is here can develop its full potential and actually live, everything. All the committees created cannot function within best practices, absolute practices if the salaries are paid for by the grabbers acting in self interest. This will not work, has not worked as long as a system of profit for a few exists. Just as in the game monopoly, in the end one entity owns everything. This is a system of inequality, that by nature does not work. It is archaic and functionless, and this is what is happening on earth. Just go and look, investigate. There is what is good here, thus this must be used to support life, as anything else is a crime, and profit for the few is a crime, and the ignorance it breeds with liberal ideologies as its facade, are acts lacking responsibility if the ideas are followed without practical application, meaning if the words presented suggest the action, and this action is not carried out and monitored by all, then what is presented is other than what is created. Thus it is the responsibility of each of us to vote, to create a system that supports life, to no longer want representation. The technology is here for each of us to participate directly, to be a democracy, the voice of the people directly and absolutely. We even have the technology to educate ourselves about this world directly in our homes, to see what is on the playing field in fact, on this earth.

The rewards are so numerous and so simple to see, ignorance is no longer an option.
No more dis-ease, no more pollution, no more worry about that huge debt.
No more desire obsessions, no more fantasy, instead reality, actually living life and not some dream land scenario. Real tangible life.
No more worry about how many more miles your car is going to last.
No more worry about the education of your child.
No more worry about maintaining a personification.
No more fear of taking care of yourself in old age.
No more worry about getting the roof fixed, or that dental problem taken care of.
No more complicated tax paper work.
No more fear of losing your job.
No more fear of losing your pension.
No more disconnect from your physical body.
No more, meaning the stopping of a “more” that is ignorance.

This world can be organized to support life. The system of men are here, thus the structures that are here, can be arranged to support life, as most of the people on this earth are the labor creating the present system, thus it really is worth it to use this labor to support this labor, no need to divide and conquer anymore.

Even taking what is used in war, in terms of money, and resource, is enough to support what is here. The effort placed into the technology of war, being done by men, can simply be directed towards what sustains and supports life. It is so simple, and not as difficult as one might think.

This only takes a large collective to stand and support this, to place a system where the capital of this earth is used to support life. Where the value created by the hands of men is given to these hands equally. What is here has been developed by generations of people, thus no one person, or small group, can claim a title of being more than another, as it is all men that contributed, all hands that built what is here. In common sense, one person could not have practically done this, one generation would not have done this. Thus what is here was developed by man ( plural) and this development of the capital of this earth belongs to all, thus what profit is derived from the capital of this earth belongs to all hands of men. And all that is here, is a part of this development, and should be respected for this. This means the animals and the plants, the soils and the water. Treat all of this as you would like to be treated. There is no other choice. Become the life that surrounds you and sustains you.
Join desteni, join equality.
Support Equal Money Capitalism. Become responsible as life. Bring yourself back here to reality, forgive your fear, as it is fear that was the separation from self that was the falling from self as life, that turned Humpty Dumpty into a thousand pieces, and it is only your self as life, that can piece this back together again, thus we all know what needs to be done. Our stories tell us.
Know what your emotions and feelings and thoughts consist of, they are the signature of your fear, they are the pieces of your separation. Desteni has a free course to walk through to understanding of this. Desteni I Process Lite. Join us.

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