Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 270 Equal Money Capitalism will end Pet Abandonment

Horses sent to slaughter in England as owners can no longer afford the high cost of feed.
Left Behind. The problem of abandoned pets.
Pets abandoned in the foreclosure crisis.

The Problem
Across America and in England people are no longer able to care for their pets. They do not financially have the means to take care of their pets. In America people who have lost their homes, due to the housing crisis, have left their pets behind.. In England, horses have been sent to the slaughter house because there was no longer enough money to support the purchase of what sustains a horse.
A system that allows money to determine what lives and what dies, a system that creates an inability to care for animals, for pets, is a system that has failed, a system that is not working. Such a system must, in all absolute common sense, stop.
Blaming the individual ONLY, or the politicians only, or the financial market only, without looking at everything that is here, in detail from the stance of each human being to the form of this present system that has placed a belief that life must be bought, is being myopic, as it ignores the fact that all the parts are a product of the whole scenario, the whole system. This also believes that one part changing will have some kind of magical effect on the whole. And it will not.
The animals of this earth, must have care within the form of this system that has been created by men. That we are leaving our pets behind in abandoned homes, and sending horses off to be slaughtered because we can no longer afford to feed them, is unacceptable. This is a huge red flag. This is an indication that we must stop what we are doing - what we have accepted as a system, and realign, reorganize, reform what we have created to ensure that this does not exist.

The Solution

Presently, money determines what lives and what dies. The tool of money serves an idea of profit. This profit idea rules the land. This is not working. This lacks principle. What supports life is known, what allows life to exist in ease is known. Studies of communities given a basic income grant have shown that people will care for their community, for their children and their homes. Thus, as humans, it is the nature of ourselves as life, to care for what is here, to enjoy what is here and to participate in life. If the means to exist are taken away, the behaviors as this life become behaviors of frustration and fear, leading to addiction and dis-ease, abandonment and abuse, greed and hoarding. Even a small amount of investigation will reveal this, as this is what is compounding on this earth. Life existing against the very nature of itself.
The principle of the nature of life, is to give as one would like to receive, which means to care for what is within one’s environment. This earth is our environment.
Thus a system of unequal distribution of the capital of this earth does not work, will not work. What is needed to support life, absolutely, is, in common sense the solution.
Equal Money Capitalism is a system that places this principle in practice. It is a solution based on the common sense that this physical existence has basic needs to exist. If these needs are taken away what is left is the behavior of destruction. Thus all behaviors of abuse, are due to lack. All behaviors of abuse are compounds of systemic failure. This means the present system is not working. And the solution is simple, to take what is here on earth to support what is absolutely needed for all life to exist. That support of life breeds behaviors of life, where life will stand and become autonomous as the life that it is and thus will care for what is here, as this is the nature of life in support. The value is life.

The Rewards
The rewards are that existence will become the nature of life, one and equal. That each individual part will become the nature of itself as life.
Animals will be cared for.
Homes will be cared for.
The environment will be cared for. If homes are cared for, they will last for generations, as we have homes on this earth that have lasted for generations. This leads to less resource use.
Children will attend school, meaning children will have the means to develop into their full potential as life, as what they are, all of them, equal and one, individual yet the same, as what is the value is that they are life. Period.
This means what is sustaining will come to be what is practiced, absolutely.
Equal Money Capitalism is the practice of respect for life, is the practice of supporting the  prevention being the cure.

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