Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 492 The extremes of suppressing life. The solution a Living Income Guarantee

John Perkins from the documentary The Four Horsemen
“I have met many terrorists. I have never met one terrorist that wanted to be a terrorist. They all want to be with their families back on the farm. They are driven to terrorism because they have lost the farm. Its been inundated with water from a hydroelectric project or from oil from oil derricks. Their farm has been destroyed, they can’t make a living for their kids. Or, in the case of the Somali pirates, their fishing waters have been destroyed. And that’s why they have turned to this, it is not because they want to be pirates or terrorists. Now, there may be a few crazy people, there are a few crazy people, people with their nuts loose,there will always be serial killers,  there will always be crazy people, maybe Osama bin Laden was one of them, but they do not get a following unless there is a terrible injustice going on, and people are starving and their deprived, and then they will follow these crazy people because they seem to offer an alternative. If we want to do away with terrorism, if we want to have what we in the U.S. call “ Homeland Security” we’ve got to recognize that the whole planet is our homeland.”

Within a systemic form of inequality, extremes from the consequence of inequality play out, as the lack at one extreme and the decadence from the other as the accumulation of wealth. The extreme manifests in the be-have-ior of men because this is what has been the accepted design as a form of our society. Not only is this visible without as poverty and extreme wealth, but also in the accumulation of attitude as the thoughts, words and deeds of the resonant body as the human within. Thus what we allow without becomes what we are within. 
Our so-called psychopaths and leaders of terrorism and leaders of finance and government  are this manifested. They become the voice of the program, the action as the extreme within the bell curve of unequal distribution of resource; from the objects created from the resource, and the ability to be creative with the freely given resources of earth via opportunity, for which, the human physical form and inner map making ability as mind, are a structural form, as a perfect instrument. 
In the order of inequality, this ability is suppressed. Thus the extremes of behavior as that which expresses the friction that creates the separation from equality. Equality would be a behavior of ease, of direct interaction with earth. A “ master” is a master of something because through reaching understanding of the subject, it is where the subject and the object become one and move in agreement because all aspects have been understood which means all aspects are in communication.
The behaviors of terrorists is a lack of communication that leads to mastery with the earth: the resources - which is stated here as being able to work the land, have a farm and care for a family. Doing a repetitive job, day in and day out does not lend itself to mastery. Thus, monopolistic systems do not lend the human, the perfect machine to become a master of the environment of earth, to reach the very nature of the design of the human as an instrument to become a steward of earth. What behaviors we have are those of friction and conflict, which is the behavior of suppression.
Thus, the very design of the system must change to a system of equality, as it is equality that is each human having the opportunity to become a master of understanding the actual physical world called earth.
It is here that terrorism and psychopathy will end. It is here that every inch of earth will become as good as, as beautiful as the isolated botanical gardens that exist in areas of extreme wealth.
The human, as an instrument of life, re-sounds what is placed within it. Thus each of us is responsible for what is placed within us collectively by what we support that has been developed within out society. Also, each of us is responsible, individually for what we accept and allow that is presented by society. If we participate in what we know is not supportive of our bodies and what causes the behaviors we exist as without really taking the time to introspect what we are in thought, word and deed, then we cannot blame another and within this, realize that the act of being blame does not change what we re-sound as, because we become what we speak, as what we think, as the limits of our thinking. It is to see the limits of our thinking that are not of a resounding solution that is voiced until it manifests visibly on earth. I mean, this is how we have created what exists. So, the way out is to change in thought, word and deed within each of us.
The reward is to become a master of self as life within our human form, to become intimate with the earth to such an extent that each lives a life of ease, where the tree is strong with age, and the roots so deep no frost can upset the strength that can only come from being equal to earth, to life in manifestation as earth. This would be men in a fest with life, here.
You decide. It will take all of us. Would you not rather live a life of ease, than a life in friction and conflict, suppressing yourself, worrying about that consequential behavior of your own accepted and allowed demise done because of a fear of letting go of ideas that have no eternal strength?
Support a Living Income Guarantee. It is gifting yourself the opportunity to become a master of and as life.
Investigate how the mind works, listen to the interviews at Many are free.
Begin the walk of your journey to life. This is free and many are giving their time to allow each of us to becomes masters which means, simply, becoming equal and one, to and as life. The earth is right here, gifting life with every breath. DIP Lite.

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