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Day 502 What is paranormal?

What is the Paranormal?

I remember walking around in New York City and looking at people’s backs. I remember this sense that there was something there, inside. I have two specific memories. One is of myself walking towards home from having done street performing. I am on a corner of eighth street and I stop and think, what is in that person’s back.

Around this time as well, I encountered a demon. But the event did not match, and yet did match, everything i had been told, as knowledge and information only about demons. I am not going to tell the whole story because I have told it before. What I saw before the behavior of a demon, was a man. It was like a split second before the demon anger came. By this time, it was too late, I had seen the man behind the curtain of emotion, lol, like seeing the paranormal world before it projected excessive emotional reactions as what we have been lead to believe a demon is. What was very clear to me, was that this man could not touch me, no way, unless I allowed it.

But, the problem with all of this, is that this is a separation from here. None of this is equality with life, with here. It is all the behaviors of separation, it is all paranormal, it is a separation from what is constant, what is eternal, what is normal. What is normal is here, equality and oneness with and as the physical. This is to say, that were there a “ god” he has to be here, right here, moving equal and one with the physical world, in balance with here, this is normality, because it is in being normal, here, that one moves and directs as a physical being, the physical being the formation of life into creation. Thus, life can only exist here. The physical is life. That other existence, as demons, had to equalize to here, to the physical. And this has been done. So, the process of equalization to physical reality is the only solution, and yet the rewards are great, if we humans decide to realize inequality does not work.

On the economic front, I notice in looking at the history of countries , is that there is a point where that country was taking care of itself nationally. Then our so-called economics came in and things started to fall apart. This was with the advent of a GDP, which was also when some sort of - usually American backed- committee - economic or under the guise of democratic or economic development  ( both susceptible to ambiguity ) was formed measuring only international resource movement via money. Here, all measure was about turning the wealth of the country into exports. Domestically, workers lost a living wage, and austerity set in. Inflation came about and then more committees came, using more of what caused the problem in the first place. What is being ignored, is life as the physical means of creating value, which is the labor and the environment. And thus, this begins to exist in a state of neglect, and a state of neglect is purposely created to force more of what causes the problem in the first place. And then some say this is the way it is. Which makes no sense, because at some point these countries I have looked at did live a very high degree of self sustainability, And Syria is one of them. Thus, what is happening in Syria is an constructed imbalance for personal gain. It is a crime against life.

One thing Allende in Chile did was subtract all detriment in lack of care when nationalization transpired. Which, ended up negating any compensation to a supposed  owner. In so many ways, this must be done on earth, because the present system of inequality has caused so much harm to earth, we will be lucky is we can balance out what we are doing in ways that do no harm, that take that which is good and order the disorder we have allowed in believing that someone who moves digits and letters around on a piece of paper is more than someone who moves seeds and water around on the ground. One is not more than another, they are the same, they are a human  ordering and realizing how the physical world works, and building new structures and ways of physical existence that bring efficiency and new standards of physical being. A Living Income guarantee will allow the innate ability of men to be fluid. This is the real nature of the human, to organize and self discover to understand physical creation, as the physical is the manifestation of creation. The paranormal, is the mind consciousness system, or a cognitive map, that is believed to be more than reality, when it is just a map, to reference, and as such must, with every breath, cross reference physical reality. Which, to add, is why a system of representation that is so separated from the ground and yet allowed to make decisions with very little communication exists, because open communication brings in all factors, and as such does not allow a division into inequality.

So, what is in our backs? It is the accumulation of our inequality to life, it is the weight of our separation from life, it is our accumulated values of limitation where a self interested gain pushes away the bad which is what was ignored, to grasp that gain in a belief that it creates a more than, when it is in fact life in reverse. We see this every day, we see this in the constant self validation as the stories people tell of what they have done, as their experiences, which is really a cry of guilt and a maintenance of holding onto a separation from self as life, consuming and weighing down the physical body. In the back, it looks like this heavy stiffening thick thing. This is the real monster in existence, this is the real demon and it is the cause of the geopolitical and economic structures that move all that is freely given for self discovery into what allows accumulation of value/wealth in self interest.

The problem is that we all see it. We choose to ignore it. Which is an abdication of life, and abuses the animals and the plants and the soils. Our system reacts to the problem outflows, instead of addressing the problem, taking the problem into solution, to then become the reward of life. We can no longer move as problem reaction solution, because a solution to a reaction is a quick fix and not a solution addressing the problem. Because of this, no solution has been found, only quick little media bites telling a partial story, which is just more of the same.

We have technological programs that allow imput from all dimensions of existence, to ensure that what we do respects and cares for physical creation, as the physical is creation,  we need only forgive out separation and realize within this that all that will happen is that we will fall to the physical ground. For this we must implement a structure that is one vote per person on all decisions, to educate the human back into equality and oneness in direct seeing and understanding with self as life as physical existential awareness and  become the sound as the voice as the manifestation of a democracy. For this, our natural resources must be nationalized, as they are freely given as the physical to support the physical.

Stand up and support a Living Income Guarantee. Time to balance ourselves within. Walk self forgiveness, writing and corrective application, to equalize one self, to life. Become a normal actual living being. It is the gateway to life.

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