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Day 500 Addressing the Paranormal: Our Cognitive Maps

Addressing the Para-Normal, our cognitive maps.
In my life I have encountered entities floating in the air, voices coming out of a white light, neon crystals floating above my head, bluish neon lights in front of the eyes of children as they spoke  as though they were reading but did not read the actual words on the page in front of them.
I don’t know where this comes from, the only thing I can think of, is that i have studied music for a long time. I mean, the study of a musical instrument demands looking at subtle movement, and concentration on the form to shape it. I have mastered this on some level, which I realize could even be greater than the levels I reached.
I also have a history in my family of seeing paranormal events, namely my father. My mother completely ignores this. I really could only talk about it with my father. And he has told me of other members of the family on his side that also has some of these abilities, and interestingly enough, this side of the family was heavily involved in music. 
Before I found desteni, I was working with children. I had taught children violin and knew that point where a stable understanding of the instrument, an awareness of the instrument, got to a point where that child could then focus on what was played to begin to shape it and form it, without being overwhelmed with the physical mechanics of the instrument.  They had accumulated enough understanding of the structure of the total to self direct. Unfortunately, at this point they would often stop playing. Usually this was the preteen years. I think of some recent films where the behaviors of animals change once reproduction desires step forward. Somehow, all control is lost, and focus on this becomes bigger than actual self development. And it is self development that leads to greater stability in the long run. That a child walks from a growing self directive capacity into all the trappings of how to look, becoming more focused on how they look to match what is a commercialized idea of how we should look, is an unbalance that is disruptive of a development in overall focus of our capacity.
But, if we look at what we are allowing to be impulsed in the media, which effects all of us, and has for generations, then we can begin to understand that our cognitive maps are  unbalanced. And we know that we develop an inner map because we all have memories swimming around in our minds. So, the images in and as our minds are a paranormal existence and this is so, because when our children are born they have no language, no religion, no education. They become the measure of what the collective allows, as all the divisions of value measure that defines behaviors and personas expressed in the various cultures and belief systems around the world. We all know this to be true, because it is considered a value to travel and expose oneself to other cultures, to realize more subtle ways of measuring things, meaning looking at things, which overall creates a deeper awareness, that leads to more capacity in communication, more flexibility. All of which begs the question as to why, if our awareness can expand, this is not granted and purposely given to all children and humans as men on earth. 
If we look at the economic web, and the resource extraction  and development web, we can see that it is a system of measure, as division as the resources into goods and services and the transfer of these values into money. The transfer of the values created into money have created a para-normal existence, which divides opportunity for men to become aware as in being exposed to the abundance of expressive capacity of the human via direct interaction with the total of what they are doing, why they are doing it, and the effects of what they do. 
If the manifestation of division into limited scenarios of exposure goes on the some generations, this begins to generate its own limitation, as that limitation becomes the para-normal picture, as a cognitive map within that human as the memories of previous generations as what was lived becomes the model for the child.. 
If children do not have the opportunity to place their sensibility into an awareness of the structure of here, as in our world in total, as if this world were an instrument, no different than a violin, and another behavior is impulsed out of balance, because it is a commodity in a system where money has been allowed unbalanced division and that idea/image impulsing was a limited depth perception, this would become the directive of the child. And, that paranormal ability of men, as memory builders who build cognitive maps, made larger than the norm, as the physical vehicle, could be used to hold a division from that norm, as the physical, to allow a diversion ( interesting, di-version) from what is real, because it is only what is real that can be used to create, which is the physical earth. it is only what is real that can be used to create excess for a few, because that paranormal map, is not what is real. That paranormal map can warp the map reader’s directive, render the instrument out of normal order, for an idea of a more than, that is only an idea, and as that idea, it limits a fully sensual interaction as life. In this way, what is right in front of us, that is normalcy, that is the ultimate fulfillment, as the norm is being life, the vehicle of life, is the physical. In other words, there is no real peace on earth until our cognitive maps are equal to the physical reality. Being equal to physical reality means moving ourselves in ways that create a mean that does no harm to any living thing. This “ mean” can only be a mean of equality. There is no other way. And this “ mean” is of an awareness that is so much greater than any paranormal picture could ever possible be.
Our cognitive maps must be concretely grounded with physical reality. This means building an understanding of how our present system moves in every division within every child and that this is the responsibility of each of us. This means that no one adult can expect another adult and the collective of adults within the systems of this present paranormal existence made bigger than the physical as what has been accepted and allowed,  abdicate looking at how the child is developing and actively participating within that development. Thus, the real responsibility of  everyone, which is the same as saying not one parent can expect any other person to direct their child. It only works with total focus and involvement of the parent. And as we have allowed a paranormal existence for generations, to get ourselves/our children out of this, to normalize their awareness and thus build their self directive capacity, will take efforts beyond what the present system offers. But this is already known, were it not, then there would not be tutors, and private music lessons, and very expensive private schools. In our created world, either one has the skill and teaches this to the child, or one pays another to do this, and the costs of this are great, because that person teaching the skill beyond the lowest common denominator required by the general education as what a public school can afford,  is worth its weight in gold - so to speak - because it is understood on many levels what we are allowing, and that the way out of the limitation within the present system is so valuable that the costs of really developing a child, more than pay for themselves in the long run. A child that is more aware, whose cognitive map is more equal in understanding and able to read the subtle values of division that build the separations and abstracts this into a whole, has a much greater chance of survival, is more stable, and can stand and  become that which would begin to balance out the whole. Of course, conversely, the suppression of this natural ability would eliminate competition.  Those that have maps that are also of limitation, that have an impulsed directive that is a belief that they are more, are also in separation from realizing the value being life, and the means of this being that all have  in essence been following what is a para-normal cognitive map that is unequal with the physical world. The physical world is what is life. The physical world is what is normal. The physical world is creation, it is what we accept and allow. As we can see, what we are allowing is destroying it.
In the end, the only way out is that each become self responsible.  It is self in abdication of normalcy ( which is the real abundance)  in not being involved and aware in every detail, which simply means looking at the physical, and the accepted systems of not having looked directly and instead using a paranormal map, that has caused the present system. And the present paranormal fabric in place as a directive can only be equalized to what is real as the physical, from every point holding the separation in place, and that is each and every one of us.
It is not as difficult as one might think, and the step of becoming self responsible, is what alleviates the burden of limitation, because it is the limitation that each is trying to make real that is self in a stagnant sludge of heavy impossibility that on one dimension is a layer of neon lights that can be seen if one really looks, that clogs the free flow gift of life - as a common sense to here- that is that inner map imitating the limited values impulsed as ideals of more than creating judgement of less than and behaviors of comparison and competition instead of being forgiving and thus thankful/grateful of self as life. The irony is that it is in equality and oneness, being equal to the structure of the physical object as this earth, that exists the real expression of self as life, which has no sense of burden, no weight, no heaviness in the body,  no bitter after taste, no separation from the ability of each of us to become equal and one in understanding one another and the existence of earth as the value being life, here. The structure must be one of equality with the physical. This means democratic movement, at every point with every person, on the ground directly. This means one vote, for every person, within the choices made for the use of the natural resources given freely as earth, because it is the physical that allows the expression of life.
In all, it is to stand equal and one with that para-normal cognitive map, and to realize it is composed of energy that can be brought back to what sustains self as life, of sound mind. As this, this wall is flexible, not stable as reality, not clear, yet visible because its lack of stability is transparent. The sense of joy, is the movement of self, realizing that one is not alone, because one is all one as the substance of self as life, considering and respecting all life, as being self, and that this is the value.
Our para-normal cognitive maps are a mind consciousness system that is formed using limited values, structured as hierarchy, dividing insight from form and function of the physical in common sense, which is the self that built the map, that is self as sound. It is time to build as sound mind, that is self in equality and oneness with and as life, as what self is, equal and one to the physical.
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