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Day 495 Minimum Wage and our Children: An Addiction to short sounds bites of knowledge and information.

Many understand that the minimum wage is not a Living Wage, does not take too much to understand this. A person who is going to work every day in any of the steps required to get a hamburger, for example, onto a plate, must have enough income to pay their bills and exist within a degree of stability to have the peace of mind to observe their surroundings, as worry and stress are a major cause of dis-ease, and dis-ease comes in many forms, behavioral, and physical illness. Dis-ease is a separation from practical common sense, response-ability to care for here, the physical. If one does not have money, one cannot be responsible. If a human physical body has not been trained to be responsible, then the object blame does not solve the problem, what solves the problem is structure, which leads to responsibility. Thus a system of profit for a few, and consequence of  abuse in order to have that profit, takes responsibility, as structural access within and without, away, and disease manifests, meaning a dis-ease with here, communication with here. So, systemically, as we stand now on earth, does not, cannot, will not work. So, we are collectively to blame for any disease manifest anywhere on earth.
In a profit based system, where profit is the law, the cost of distribution and processing can be taken from the profits,  and does not regard this value of the human worker being in a state of ease, when it pays a wage the is not supportive of the human being and remaining stable within a state of ease, as in lacking dis-ease physically and behaviorally. The cost of process has not been paid in full. Period.
Such dis-ease, is then passed onto the children, and in turn causing the same discord to reverberate within all the systems. In the case of the child this reverberates within the schools, and this in turn effects the development of all the children, because it is a sound as a behavior or disease existent within the environment of the school, so in effect we all suffer what exists within our environment. Even the act within of ignorance, is a movement within self as what self is, and this takes the focus of the person, the self, and does effect concentration and development. Therefor, even those who do well are being influenced by everything that exists. Thus the dis-ease of every individual is the concern of all of us if we care about the development of our children. Do we even consider the “ no significant difference” each of what appears as “ little tiny discords” all along the way, in every day, of every year of our lives? if we allow one we allow the cumulative effect of the many “ no-significant differences.”  Is this perhaps why more children are beginning to die of cancer than accident in the last twenty years? I mean,we know that tumors are filled with pesticides, and that many cancers have to do with our “ state of being.” 
And, we cannot blame the object of the dis-ease, because every human is dependent of the system,  a web held in place by the collective, so what is allowed within the system that is not supportive of the human, of which a minimum wage is not, then what is a consequence of that lack, is the responsibility of every single human being participating in the web, which is all of us, because we are on an earth where no matter what is put into the water, on any part, comes to effect all of us. As such, any dis-ease can probably be traced to a conglomerate of causes, so if there is even the minutest indication that something does harm, it cannot be allowed. Also the consequence of an accumulation of ill-effects hidden in the words “ no significant difference” must be realized  as, yes, there is a difference, thus this small difference can accumulate with all effects and create problems over time. 
We can see the problems growing. I mean, even within my local environment, in the last two years as far as I can see, and it is a small group, there has been at lease one suicide a year, last year there were two, and a death of a child from cancer. In a town of about 3000 people, this is of concern, especially when the numbers of residents within towns grow, are the numbers somewhat the same? And do we not notice because we are removed as we are busy in our lives? Do we not look unless it effects us directly? And/or do we live in end game short bites of information, where we end our involvement as our attention, when we say things like, “ she is concerned about this because it directly effected her”? And then the subject changes in the conversation, as though we honor statement making instead of follow through to solution.
 So, there is avoiding follow through to hide practices accepted, and there is social conversational non-follow through because we accept short bits of information and do not even realize that we rush to closure, which is itself a dis-ease with the environment because perceptually we move into the next story, to rush into the tension, the high and the resolution, which means we within and as ourselves have no real stability, here. We remain in a constant state of highs and lows. Reminds me of the weather in America at the moment, where the temperatures are moving from a few degrees above freezing, and then plunging into very frigid temperatures, as though the environment mimics our accepted and allowed short attention span, small information bits to move through a dopamine high of tension release, as an inner energy fix. This addiction to this is causing a dis-ease, because it is not paying attention to the consequences of our actions in total.
And we wonder why our children cannot read and write by the time they leave the education system. And we wonder why  children are labeled and not dealt with in the schools. How can teachers that are products of this system be able to deal with the consequential frustrations that are composition of lack in perception when they themselves are the product of this as well? And as such limited in space/time as the format of the school where the children then go home to parents who do not have enough to have a peace of mind , a mind also used to short bits of information, to monitor and direct that child? And even here, our educated, have not solved this problem. Which means they are not realizing the whole. Had they, then they would see the structure of the form of our society as a collective and stood for a change, instead such is marginalized by the few, and these few probably looked outside the box, went beyond the short sound bites of information that had no extended shelf life ( or one could say that extended shelf life has not value, meaning it is dead and what is missing is what cycles the life within)  as what extends in a physical planet is a cyclical process as the physical that must be maintained and cared for without any harm in order for the lack of disease to exist, which means that the physical is what is real. The physical is the real story and not that short information, as an equation in our minds based on a limited awareness of physical reality, choosing idea over common sense - this meaning to include what we cannot exist without.

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  1. I recently wrote an article about how an increase in the minimum wage rate increases unemployment. You can read it here:

    1. The assumption that workers won’t meet the skills necessary for the increase in hourly wage, is not addressing the issue that not having a living wage leads to the poverty of education creating this problem in the first place. In order to become educated a human body needs proper food, clean water, consistent stable shelter, and a proper education.
      Even to be that productive worker, that then improves production ( for the so-called job creator who has accumulated wealth enough to create the environment of opportunity for the worker to even move up some ladder of which is built on that input from that labor that is given that actually creates the value from the resources both physically and intellectually - which you admit to - and I am beginning to spin around in ), the physical body requires certain input because the human is a machine in many ways.
      Also, the increased efficiency that worker creates as automation, takes jobs away from the market- which we see happening.
      Yes, when people have purchasing power, and are not restricted in what they purchase, they will choose what works for them. Within this, the uneven accumulation of wealth limits innovation because it buys the space of what is presented, thereby eliminating that innovative ability of the human you admit to when you suggest that that same labor has a value, as increasing production.
      A living capitalism would respect the human labor that creates the values from freely given resources, and real - alizes the innovation of the worker (s) . This is like saying the real “ monopoly” is the ability of the human, when living in full creative capacity to be involved as a collective to choose what works best and to innovate as a collective, which means, because of the present system of money, that that worker needs money to make their own choices.
      The accumulation of wealth is dependent on the labor of men, and that accumulation of wealth happened because of the labor of men, so what really creates the values here?